Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Acts of War and Terrorism Resulting From Seditious Conspiracy

A previous post alleged various members of the U.S. House of Representatives are engaged in seditious conspiracy to overthrow the government. 

The incitement included many comments from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calling for illegal migration by making a comparison to fleeing the Nazis, to Rep. Rashida Tlaib agreeing with her calling our detention facilities “concentration camps,” to Ayanna Pressley calling the President “the occupant of the White House,” and a “thug,” the group calling CBP “radicalized, criminal” and finally Ilhan Omar saying CBP should be “eliminated” together with other “rogue agencies.”

Previously, New York State gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon called ICE “terrorists.” 

And nationwide over the weekend, there were numerous calls from Democrats to protect illegal immigrants by employing every possible method of shielding them from ICE.

Now we see the “fruits” of the conspirators’ labor:

1. July 12, 2019: Ripping down the American flag and raising the Mexican flag over a USG (ICE) facility - not a legitimate protest but an act of war.

Hundreds of protesters gathered in Aurora on Friday evening to march to the ICE detention facility where illegal and undocumented immigrants are being housed. They also removed the U.S. flag, replaced it with a Mexican flag, and spray painted graffiti on a Blue Lives Matter flag before it was seen flying upside down on the flag pole.”

Taking down the American flag and raising another nation’s flag on American soil is not a peaceful act; it’s an act of war.”

2. July 13, 2019: “Armed 'anarchist and anti-fascist' attempted to firebomb ICE facility in Tacoma, killed in confrontation with police.”

He had invoked Ocasio-Cortez in his “manifesto.”

3. July 15, 2019: “Antifa praises 'martyr' who tried to firebomb ICE facility — and urges others to take 'direct action'”


4. President Trump calls out the conspirators, saying that they hate America and can leave, and the media and Establishment brand him “racist”

5. Meanwhile, the conspirators refuse to repudiate either the ICE bombing or our enemies in any way; in fact Omar laughs when she is asked the question.

Occasionally-Cortez won’t even the condemn death threats that forced her impersonator into silence.