Tuesday, July 9, 2019

7/8/19, Panic On The Metro

1) July 8, 2019.

The storm is here.

Total panic on the Metro.

My photo. 
4) Today it's a zoo

Stock Photo: Adam Fagen/Flickr Creative Commons - 
5) Before I saw the water, I heard alarm after alarm go off on the train 
6) It was getting more and more scary. The train was full, and it stopped and started a few times. They held us up with muttered explanations. 

And then they cut the lights. 
7) Soon thereafter, I smelled something faintly burning. 
8) The people on the train started to murmur. I said, kind of loudly, "It's time to get OFF this train."

I knew today was disclosure day. 

I thought maybe we were having a terror attack.

Yes, I started praying. 
10) I tried emailing my boss but there was no service. 

After what seemed like forever I got out, we connected, and then I jumped on the train (the smoky train) the other way to telework at home.
11) Things are so peaceful outside, now, but when I got out the skies had literally split open and there was no space in between the raindrops. 

It was pouring and there were lightning bolts all around me, and thunder. 
12) All of this set the stage for the day that was to come.
13) Let's talk about Q, because there's a new drop, and then we can go back and discuss the rest.

Oh, those pesky Huber and Comey reports. 
14) If you want to know what people are thinking in DC, it's this.

Some - a few - many? the majority? all? -- have really woken up.

Maybe they were already awake, and they just kept it to themelves. 
15) Some are not able to face the truth (they are the 4-6%). It's a shame. 

I resigned from the Federal Communicators Network today.
16) My issue with them was that I brought up the lie about "concentration camps," saying: How can we stand idly by and listen to these lies, without responding?
17) I don't have a problem with debating the facts. I did have a problem with being told: "This is not an appropriate venue to discuss such things."

If the Federal Communicators Network isn't the place to discuss facts, we are in big trouble.
18) Already the FCN will not acknowledge the possibility that @NSA_QIL2 is a real government account; they blocked me over it.

This, to me, is shocking -- again, not the disagreement but the closed mind.
20) But then, today, there came a "rules of behavior" email.

I realized, there and then, that I couldn't do this anymore.

If we can't agree that overstuffed and underfunded detention centers are the furthest thing imaginable from the Nazi Holocaust, then we are screwed.
21) So that was another storm today, letting go of 15 years of my life, a group I volunteered with, led, and cared for. 

So it goes.
22) An emotional day.
A roller-coaster day.
23) Finally, humanity, decency, normalcy was uttered to the entire world.
No, we cannot accept such behavior! We cannot stand for it! 
24) This is the defining visual. This will be etched in my mind forever. 
25) This guy saying people look the other way.
It's not the victim's fault.
Call the FBI, you're #1 on the priority list.

Oh my God! 
27) The nation today could talk about nothing else.

And yet I still have to hear from lunatics like Mia Farrow.

28) Okay, I'm back. Sometimes I get knocked off of Twitter in mid-thread. 
30) You don't need to read codes to know that the Swamp is so screwed 
31) Anyone with half a brain (or at least half an open brain, an open mind) can see; but crazily enough, so many are still unable to deal with reality.

This stuff is nuts! 
32) If you were just going to traffic children why would you need this loony gold covered temple?
33) How can you explain "brackets in jackets" and "unseal Epstein" and Kappy signing his suicide note with a date of JULY 4 a month before?

34) Look at this sexed up photo of Clinton and a teenage girl.

Come on!

Even if you know absolutely nothing, you know this is not right. 
35) Repulsive 
36) So back to DC, this is my Facebook, and now there are these crazy conversations, where unhinged diehard Trump haters are sitting there drawing imaginary lines...with weird narratives and immoral equivalencies....no matter how much you speak logic they just can't deal. 
38) The problem, in my view, with much of the civil service is that it has lost touch with the people it serves.

It serves the people.

But the administrative state somehow always serves itself.
39) A true civil service would essentially participate in its own destruction, through process efficiencies and technology improvements, and then reinvent its return on investment through new means of adding value.

Like knowledge-sharing.
40) Q is an example of this.

Q is the new government communication.

As is @NSA_QIL2.

Temporary, operational, highly focused, and galvanizing.

Not to mention truth-based. 
41) We need Q to remind us what's coming, because of a few haters who have been secretly resisting and calling the President a fascist behind his back. 
42) Why do people think they're going to know everything every minute or are entitled to? 
44) Mind control means they want to tell us what to think!

That we SHOULDN'T connect or we are conspiracy theorists? 
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