Wednesday, July 24, 2019

7/23/2019, Helicopters Near The White House; "Be Ready"

Just heard/saw 3 large helicopters flying overhead. This is 1. Near White House.
Another one
This article was posted yesterday
I know that feelings aren’t facts, and that I am immersed in research relating to the coup. But I do sense danger and appreciate your prayers.
This tweet from the Air Force was posted exactly at noon. This is 4 minutes after the 2nd of the 2 brief video clips I posted today. 

“Be Ready AF,” interesting.

I can feel everyone’s positive energy like a massive wave. Thank you all so much, I was really feeling nervous before.
Yesterday 7/22/19 at 11:48 AM Q links to this video of stealth bomber doing flyover National Mall on July 4th

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