Thursday, June 13, 2019

What’s taking so long?

This post was written in response to a thread that starts here:

H/T Martin Geddes for sharing it on Twitter.

My thoughts posted in 17 Tweets, interestingly; 17=Q):
  1. I agree that we are watching a controlled demolition as @martingeddessays. I also think we are seeing a parallel war in Israel, and the Arab nations, to our own undeclared civil war. Our fates are tied. 
  2. Q has been clear (and before Q, FBIAnon and David Seaman At @Fulcrum__News) that the Deep State situation can easily devolve into war. We don’t want that. 
  3. Q stated as much. The truth must be kept mostly silent, because if we knew, we would kill each other en masse.
  4. David Seaman (based on his law enforcement sources) compared the situation in January 2017 to a sweater with a thread out. When you pull that thread, the whole thing unravels.
  5. We know from basic logic (just watch that video I, Pet Goat II) that war benefits the Deep State and not the angry mob. 
  6. War justifies even more social controls than we have now. We are living in a police state already. Wait until they want to chip the children to prevent kidnapping by traffickers. Wait until you can’t get a job without having your brain microchipped.
  7. Israel (like the Arabs) = convenient scapegoat. The Israelis do the dirty work of spying and blackmailing. The Arabs play the role of terrorist and victim of Israeli “colonialism.” (How anyone can argue this is mind-boggling. Look at a map.) Good-guy, bad-guy, reverse.
  8. There is an unseen hand at work here. @SaRaAshcraft has alluded to it many times. That hand plays all the others like a puppet master. 
  9. The question is how do we fight the Deep State effectively when they control the resources and when they populate all known groups. 
  10. I would argue that the Trump Administration is attacking it on many levels, through an implicit partnership with the aware public. 
  11. President Trump went into this with military/intelligence backing. They were going to put down the coup anyway. 
  12. Team Q focused on: 1) raising public awareness around the corruption of the DOJ/CIA 2) highlighting fakenews and #fakewood(Hollywood/pedowood) which “bridges” the action in DC and the public psyche 3) laying the legal groundwork for the takedown.
  13. Separately the President has to undo the economic traps laid by the Deep State to bankrupt us; the immigration loopholes designed to crush us; and all the other sneaky ways we were being enslaved without knowing. 
  14. The Iran situation is actually an internal situation being played out “over there”; the enemy is always just a 20 minute drive from the White House. It’s about money and power. 
  15. The keystone (“find the keystone”) is mind control. Specifically control over children, who are then weaponized for the pleasure of the ruling elite. Just like in “The Hunger Games.” 
  16. We should not be passive and patient now. What we should be is active, alert, preparing, praying and committed to unifying against all the false divisions they seek to place on our minds/hearts/souls. 
  17. We need to remember that Satan/Lucifer/demons have no independent power but rather are God’s servants, here to test us, and it’s over as soon as we decide it’s over. Reject evil and turn to God.