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Vayigash: When Are Your Friends Not Your Friends? (December 16, 2018)

1) When are your friends not your friends?

It’s #BibleStudyCoffeeTime
December 16, 2018
2) This tweet from @SaRaAshcraft is playing on my mind. "Rachel Chandler."

3) As I start to re-examine all that I once knew and trusted.

4) "is Barney a sexual predator icon for real? it makes complete 'visceral' sense..."

"Both a sexual predator icon & an agent of Lucifer. The 2 always go hand in hand. Pedophilia actually has very little to do with sexual desire, & everything to do with subversion & dominance."
6) GWHB. Younger.
7) Sesame Street is about...children, symbolized by puppets.
Puppets are controlled.
"Who are the people in your neighborhood?"
Does this mean "who are the people in our circle of control"?

9) "She burst onto the scene with the absolute banger that is “Pon de Replay” in 2005, so young and breathtakingly beautiful. 

"But the first time it felt like she made everyone sit up was with “Umbrella.” It crossed her over to every platform and into everyone’s lives."
10) Adele wrote that piece on Rihanna, by the way.
11) Look at all these figures in our lives. Adele, Rihanna, Time Magazine, Sesame Street and the Muppets, President Bush, Mr. Rogers, Barney.

But what about Friends?

and what does this have to do with Bible study?
12) Think about the word "occult."
14) The occult is UNDETECTABLE to the ordinary eye.

15) Because most of us are not into the occult, most of us know someone who has made a gesture like this in a photograph, thinking it is cool. (This is one of my new Facebook friends, and I guarantee she doesn't know.)
16) You can find pictures of me on Instagram, posing with a pumpkin, clicking together my red Ivanka Trump shoes that look like witchy shoes, blissfully innocent of it all.
18) "Warning: the analysis of this song deals with disturbing subject matters."
19) "The vocabulary used in this song is not about a relationship between two lovers. The fact is, Umbrella is about a subject matter that is sinister, dark and disturbing: becoming possessed by evil."
20) "What does 'under my umbrella' mean?"

Rihanna starts out good.
The devil seduces her.
She winds up "under his umbrella" -- possessed.
21) Rihanna surrenders herself and in return gets protection.
More than protection, she gets wealth and influence.
22) Hollywood keeps telling us that a friend is not always a friend.
26) The Bible portion we read in synagogue this week presaged current events.

It is the story of the Jews' descent into Egypt, thru a friendly pharoah.

At first, an experience of prosperity.
And then, the most abject humiliation and death.
27) But we started this with @SaRaAshcraft's tweet, and we need to connect some dots first.
28) "In the cult, everyone is your "uncle." People pimp children as their "neice" or "nephew" (remember Rachel Chandler? So many "nephews" on her Instsagram (sic) page). "

29) Rachel Chandler in Vogue: "Here comes the night."
31) What is purple?
32) "Purple represents the royal bloodline of the Hive. 

If Barney is purple, and thus royalty, then what does that make the children? 

Property. Loyal subjects."

33) "Soros Purple Revolution, & Hillary purple outfit after election, symbolizes (sic) this?" 

"Yes...Phoenicia means 'purple'.In ancient times, the Hivites were 1st to create & wear purple dye.They owned the market on it,& only the "elite" could afford cloth dyed that color."
34) Links to quotes in #33

Link to Vogue photo of Chandler
35) What is "Purple Diary" online publication out of France...a diary OF, exactly?

36) What is "Purple Institute?"

(Note: I don't see Chandler on the list of "Contributors" anymore.
37) In 2011, according to the website, Rachel Chandler was a contributor.
Here's a photo dated April 21, 2011.

"The Purple contributor RACHEL CHANDLER at the office, New York. Photo Olivier Zahm"

38) Is Rachel Chandler our friend?
Is the world of Rachel Chandler friendly to us?
39) In this week's Bible portion "G‑d appeared to him (Jacob) and told him not to be afraid to go to Egypt, because He would be with him & eventually turn his small family into a great nation; then He would bring them back from Egypt and they would settle in the land of Canaan."
40) We must trust in God, because God is God.
But can we always trust those who profess to be our friends?

"When Joseph heard that his father was coming, he prepared a big reception. All of Egypt was celebrating the arrival of their govenor’s father."

The same people who...
41) ...would brutally enslave them later.
42) Under a leader who at first welcomed them, and even received Jacob's blessing -- and then refused to let them leave.
43) In the movie "Priceless," two sisters are enticed to make a cross-country journey to repay their father's debt, by working as household help.

Then they are locked in bedrooms.…
44) I was struck by the way @SaRaAshcraft referred to "Rachel Chandler," because I know of her from Clinton/Epstein/Q, but thought of the TV show "Friends." With "Rachel" and "Chandler."

Who cares?

I guess b/c I think of the characters as my friends. Sort of.
45) I was curious (although this upset me) as to whether there could be any occult messages in Friends.
46) Let's talk about that for a minute, and then go back to Rachel Chandler.
47) The theme song of Friends is "I'll Be There For You," by the Rembrandts.…
48) Everyone can relate to this: 

"So no one told you life was gonna be this way
Your job's a joke, you're broke, your love life's D.O.A.
It's like you're always stuck in second gear
When it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year"
49) This is the part that struck me, because of Rihanna's song, "Umbrella"--

"I'll be there for you
(When the rain starts to pour)
I'll be there for you
(Like I've been there before)
I'll be there for you
('Cause you're there for me too)"
50) The problem we face is that sometimes, a lyric is just a lyric.
But's not.
51) So what follows is all speculative. Go with me for a minute here.

The character of Rachel = her full name is Rachel Green.
52) Rachel's father is "Dr. Green."

Real name: Ronald Liebman.
(This is not about the real person, only about the fictional persona, and whether it contains a hidden message.)
53) Nazi torturer Josef Mengele.
54) "The memory of this slightly built man, scarcely a hair out of place, his dark green tunic neatly pressed, his face well scrubbed, his Death's Head SS cap... remains vivid for those who survived his scrutiny when they arrived at the Auschwitz railhead."

"green tunic"
55) "Polished boots slightly apart, his thumb resting on his pistol belt, he surveyed his prey with those dead gimlet eyes. Death to the left, life to the right."
56) "400,000 souls - babies, small children, young girls, mothers, fathers, and grandparents - are said to have been casually waved to the lefthand side with a flick of the cane clasped in a gloved hand."
57) In another case in which a mother did not want to be separated from her 13yo daughter, & bit &scratched the face of the SS man who tried to force her to her assigned line, Mengele drew his gun and shot both the woman and the child."
58) "As a blanket punishment, he then sent to the gas all people from that transport who had previously been selected for work, with the comment: "Away with this shit!" (Robert Jay Lifton, The Nazi Doctors.)"
59) "There were moments when his death mask gave way to a more animated expression...the moment when Josef Mengele, the geneticist, found a pair of twins."

Photo: Twins András and Károly Brichta, Mengele victims, w/ father, 1935
60) Geneticist
61) We're all friends, right?
63) "...The model attracted some serious investment from companies such as Google, which had poured around $7 million into the fledgling company by 2009. (At the time, 23andMe cofounder Anne Wojcicki was married to Google cofounder Sergey Brin)."


66) The twins Mengele selected were treated bette,r because they were useful.
The Nazis we took to Fort Bliss after the war weren't executed, for the same exact reason.…
67) Whatever happened to Mengele anyway?
68) Mengele was known for trying to change the eye color of twins.

He later developed a nickname.
69) DR. GREEN (Dr. Joseph Mengele) 

"The most significant programmer, perhaps one could give him the title 
of the father of Monarch Programming."…
70) Katy Perry sings: "I'm wide awake."

What is she wide awake from?
71) True friends tell you things you don't necessarily want to hear.
Because they care about you.
73) On Friends, Rachel Green was highly suggestible. She could never really choose between Ross and the other guys. She couldn't focus on a career. 

Usually she was an emotional hot mess.

Which is why we love her in real life.
74) Rachel's father, Dr. Green, disapproved of her. 

I'm not saying she was his victim, but simply noting the dynamic, and the fact that it brings mind control to my mind. Like she was a puppet trying to break free.
75) Meanwhile, Chandler (recall: "Rachel Chandler") was another mess.

- Rachel Chandler
- Friends - "I'll be there for you" - rain theme - protection
- Dr. Green
76) So much purple in Rachel Chandler's world.
77) The Jews entered Egypt VOLUNTARILY.

That's what we read this week: It was a choice, based on economic incentive, based on famine, based most of all on God telling Jacob to do it.
78) Rachel Chandler, who are her friends?
79) Bill Clinton, was he a friend?
Jeffrey Epstein?
80) "Epstein's plane.
Who is she?
Follow friends.
Friends lead to others.
Open source."
- Q

April 6, 2018
81) Branded by her friends?
Are NXIVM's victims branded?
Was Stormy Daniels branded?
Did the victims of the Colombian sex trafficking ring get branded?
Do pimps routinely brand their prostitutes?
82) Ref.--

NXIVM victim branding

@benszemkus account of Stormy possibly being branded at NXIVM mixer

Colombian sex trafficking ring victims branded

Sex trafficking victims branded
84) Friends who are models? (offensive graphic redacted)
85) Friends in the music industry.

Eminem: "I'm trapped, if I could go back, I never would have rapped / I sold my soul to the devil, I'll never get it back."…
86) Friends who are...young.
87) ""The Handler" Chandler (#RachelChandler) shut down her Instagram account after #QAnon's drop today .... guess she forgot the nasty #ChildTraffickingEVIDENCE she posted to Tumbler." (sic) - @SemperVigilo, Apr 7 2018

88) Yes, everyone knows everyone.
And we're so close!

89) Anons found a lot.
90) Your real friend is the one who tells you the truth.
God tells Jacob to go to Egypt, knowing that it will be horrendous suffering, letting him know that he needs to do this, implicitly warning him of pain.
92) But did you watch Less than Zero? (1987)
93) Did you watch it?
94) Did you watch it?
95) The thing is, the dark path starts out so good.
Even your lifelong friends -- your real friends -- sometimes don't see it coming.
96) But you are young. 
And innocent.
And what the hell do you know?
97) You're hungry, and you get into something.
And before you know it, you're screwed.
98) You are a slave.
And your friends, now a lot older than their years, can't save you.
99) In the Bible portion Pharoah says to the tormented Jacob, Jacob who has lost his most precious and wonderful son, thought him dead and buried, 

“How many are the days of the years of your life?” 

Because Jacob looks so old, from all the grief.

100) Why did Pharoah say "days of the years?" Why not just "years," or "how old are you?"

Because (the commentators say) a few days have most of the meaning.

For Jacob, the day he believed he lost Joseph was the end.

"Few & hard have been the days of the years."

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.