Wednesday, June 5, 2019


1) Are pumpkins a symbol of something? At first this seems harmless enough. But then see #2
2) See this analysis from Reddit 


5) Airport is selling the “Trumpkin” T-shirts - same theme symbol as the repulsive Tom Hanks sketch. 

And this display has the following other T-shirts.
6) Since the display is in a DC area airport it’s all the more frightening.

- “Trumpkin” (diminutive; pedo symbol - more in a moment)
- Obama “miss me yet”
- “We shall overcomb” - obvious; and bird shitting on Trump head
- “Air Force One” - Presidential safe place
- “Bribe Me”
7) This T-Shirt alludes to abortion (DC; D and C)
9) Occult - pedophilia - chaos (overthrow gov)
10) Projection/reversal - they want to destroy the government and then say @POTUS wants to do this
12) They normalize it - Halloween, “Fyre Festival”
(End for now)
It’s a @nbcsnl skit. I watched it a few times and it seemed unremarkable until 2:56.
At first the joke seemed to be ordinary enough, like you go to the Halloween event and pay a lot of money for nothing but a dopey guy “scaring” you.
But then I went back to the Reddit analysis and focused on the part of the skit where Hanks is physical with the skeletons. Why is he slapping them on the butt, exactly?
Actually it’s 2:47 in the video. Hanks slaps the skeletons - very loudly (enhanced sound). 

One of them says “Ow.”

And then he says as if playfully “What’s my name?” 

They reply in unison, “David S. Pumpkins.”

Hanks goes, “Any questions?”
It’s not really funny or even understandable.

Tom Hanks himself said:
“I don’t exactly understand it”
Colin Hanks freely says he doesn’t like it: “5 times more surreal for me”
Kids imitating this are saying really scary things in a scary setting. They don’t seem to know what they’re saying.

Again it’s up - “Haunted Elevator”
In fact I think Hanks actually has an alter ego and he does not realize he sounds just like...this person, who sounds just like Podesta torturing a child. “What’s my name?”
Loud sound of hitting.
“You will call me your father.”
This is the link to the tweet above (the “fatherhood” video). It sounds uncannily like Podesta. 

David S. Pumpkins —> David S. Pimpkins on SNL
Hanks thinks this skit is a big hit - so he isn’t defensive here. He credits @SNL Lorne Michaels with the idea.

I have been watching SNL my whole life and over the past few years (roughly 2016?) the skits have grown more and more vulgar to the point where I can’t watch them.
“The world’s most evil invention” - child molesting robot. Hanks and the Rock are in this episode.

“A journey through time” - in a skit talking about Messianic times (essentially), the character played by Kate McKinnon brags about getting digitally gang raped by prehistoric cavemen and women and molests a helpless Paul Rudd.
The Redditor who wrote the long thread about Hanks did a very thorough analysis of how he portrays himself in his alter ego. It’s not just the Pumpkins character, but several other deeply unnerving things.

This thread is changing.
Colin Hanks was talking to Al Roker about the pumpkin character. Roker suffered a widely reported freeze on live TV that some interpreted as an MK Ultra glitch. Go to :30 to see it.
Instead of only focusing on specific people, which I think is dangerous for a lot of reasons, perhaps we should look at the organizations and institutions that produce them.
Perhaps we should be looking at Saturday Night Live, and NBC, which harbored the disgraced Matt Lauer and his office which NBC paid for, right? — which allowed him to lock it from the inside.…
I wonder if Hollywood celebrities are perhaps so programmed that they literally go into a trance to perform, as well as do other things. As Beyoncé said about Sasha Fierce, her alter ego.
This would align with the notion that a secret shadowy occult cabal works through Hollywood, as opposed to really convincing or converting them. In essence these stars are spies who do not know they are spies - as I believe Cathy O Brien or Sue Arrigo pointed out-not sure which.
This would be the whole point of inducing dissociative identity disorder thru early sexual trauma. Or coercing bad acts. To create someone who must live multiple lives, some so suppressed the subject doesn’t even know they exist.

This is to explain, not excuse, bad acts.
Addendum - as a sociologist I am showing my bias I know - but I think they want us to pin the blame on a specific person rather than the system.
Maybe there is an opportunity to offer a kind of redemption to those who were either tricked or forced into the evil system. Not forgiveness - not absolution - recognition that their souls are destroyed, and we know it and they know it, even if we don’t know all the specifics.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.