Friday, June 7, 2019

D-Day and The Storm

I know I am spooked because of the 4 tragic deaths in recent days, but the scope of injury from that West Point training accident seems really high. There are almost no details. And it happened on the 75th anniversary of D-Day, to cadets (students). 
Q said on 4/24/18 that 

“His (Macron’s) sole purpose [WH visit] is to convince POTUS, on behalf of the EU, to remain in the Iran deal.
You decide (if he is an ally).”

What is happening now with Iran? 
Zarif tweeted as proof of the war — a photo of a male child whose mother can’t afford to get him a prosthetic leg.

Zarif’s talks with Feinstein and Kerry lend credence to the notion that his “Iran” is a Deep State puppet state as Q said on 2/13/18. 
Nobody wants a war with Iran - Q has stated on 3/7/19 that the people are truly part of the worldwide movement for peace. And we stand with them. 
Q stated on 2/19/19 that the Iran deal like the Iraq War was a ruse intended to pipe money to Deep State bank accounts in an unaccountable way. 
Q stated on 1/6/19 that all these Obama “deals” and “accords” are crooked and @POTUS is working to undo them: “(IRAN DEAL - PARIS ACCORD - CHINA TRADE - SYRIA - ………………….)” 
2/14/19 Q said that the CIA is behind the attacks on Q, funding media fake news. One would assume the purpose is to prevent the public from connecting the dots. 
8/28/2018 Q alerted us to the fact that Obama hid the Iran deal specifics from Congress and that the money trail was unaccountable. Rouhani knows.

“[WHO] did the money go to?
Did Rouhani keep 'unknown' comms as insurance?” 
Q alerts us to the fact that Edward Snowden was actually CIA-trained, pretending to be an NSA whistleblower, so as to discredit the NSA around the same time the Iran deal was executed. 

The NSA had proof of what Obama was doing. Brennan controlled him not the other way around. 
6/27/18 Q reassures the Iranian people that we will help their own military rise up and fight the Deep State that has them in a stranglehold. 
8/28/18 Hassan Rohani is working with us. 
6/19/18 Iran will be free. 
6/11/18 Iran deal needed to finance EU because EU is a front for the CIA Deep State. 
Macron works for the CIA 

That’s why Macron is deputized to save the Iran deal 
Q predicted May’s resignation ~5 months prior, on 12/12/18 (this is a QProof) 
What is D-Day

“the day (June 6, 1944) in World War II on which Allied forces invaded northern France by means of beach landings in Normandy.”

“the day on which an important operation is to begin or a change to take effect.”…
There were casualties on both sides on D-Day.

“On D-Day alone, 4,414 Allied troops were confirmed dead, with more than 9,000 wounded or missing. 

“The precise number of German casualties on the day is unknown...estimated to be between 4,000 and 9,000.”

What did President Trump say about the Veterans he met today? 

“Your spirit - brave, unyielding, and true - will NEVER DIE!”

4/15/19: “The VA is delighted to ensure no Veteran ever dies,” said VA Secretary Robert Wilkie. ‘It’s a mindset that every one of VA’s employees emulates.’”…
If you are the President of the United States, what is the best way to make sure that we forever remember the honor displayed by our great military in WWII?

Our great military, which took on a madman, backed by a powerful, power-mad money-making machine.
Wouldn’t that be to show, once again, that we mean what we say, when we say we are committed to keeping the world safe for democracy? 
The Deep State whispered to President Trump: “You cannot withstand the storm.”

The President whispered back: “I am the storm.” 
10/5/17 “What storm, Mr. President?” 
“You guys know what this represents?" Trump said gesturing to the commanders surrounding him as he made looping motions with his right index finger.” 
The President and First Lady were surrounded by military leaders at this event on 10/5. 
28 days later, on 11/2/17, the White House posted: “We hear you.”
Dear Patriot.
We hear you.
We hear all Americans such as yourself.
The time has come to take back our great land.
The time is now.”

“Rest assured POTUS is backed by the absolute finest people alive who are all dedicated to the eradication evil and corruption from the US/World.
Find peace.
God is with us.
God bless and be safe.
-The WH”

That same day we saw the first message signed “Q.” 
Now go back to the article.
“At 7:18 p.m., reporters were led into the lavish dining room where the military's senior leaders and their spouses were lined up on either side of the president and first lady Melania Trump”
“"You guys know what this represents?" Trump said gesturing to the commanders surrounding him as he made looping motions with his right index finger.” 
“He dramatically paused and then said: ‘Maybe it's the calm before the storm.’” 
“the officials and their spouses continued to pose, their faces frozen in toothy smiles, even as many of their eyes began to dart around the room.”
<<“What storm, Mr. President?" 

"We have the world's great military people in this room, I will tell you that.”>>
<<“Again, a reporter asked: "What storm, Mr. President?"

He responded: "You'll find out.">>