Sunday, June 16, 2019

Sleeper Cell

1) Already 4 years before Obama, “Sleeper Cell” was an award-winning show about radical Islamic terrorism that addressed cross-border drug & child sex trafficking, bioterror attack plans, and more. 

2) I am currently watching this show on TV(Video on Demand). 

3) This guy, Farik, is the head terrorist. His cover is that he is a Sephardic Jew (“Yossi”) with a leadership role at a synagogue in California. (The actor is actually Israeli.) 

4) It is 2005 - so many years ago - and Farik is leading a cell that plans to release a bioterror agent into the shopping mall.

5) There is a moderate cleric who preaches a return to genuine Islam, not the hijacked kind which promotes terror. The cleric calls this a kind of Satanic movement. Guess what happens to that guy.

6) Darwyn (Michael Ealy) is the hero of the show. He is undercover FBI and infiltrates the cell. 

7) The FBI is headed by Mueller at the time this show airs. We see his photo on the wall of the FBI office.

8) We see radical Islamic terrorist Farik in cahoots with Mexican druglord child sex trafficker Felix. In the episode “Money” we see that Felix sells children to clients on both sides of the border. 

9) Felix sends a little girl to Darwyn as a “present” to “make him happy” and Darwyn helps her and the other children. He learns, horribly, that she is the OLDEST and that people go to Mexico to get away with what they can’t in the US.

10) Ask yourself how we are the crazy conspiracy theorists, Satanic Panic freaks, Islamophobes, QCultists, etc. if we are simply asking — 14 years and 2 Presidents later — why this s*t has not been stopped. 

11) This is well beyond cognitive dissonance. It’s not even incompetence. Decisions were made back then which allowed cross-border organized crime to proliferate (the terrorist went through the northern border too).

12) Why was it considered a sound law enforcement practice to “follow” such terror cells interminably? What was the need for “informant” after “informant?” Just shut it down!

13) If we knew that Mexican children were being kidnapped on their way to school, imprisoned, tortured and raped, day in and day out, by American people, why didn’t we shut the border to illegal immigration entirely, by building a physical and virtual wall?

14) If Hollywood made this show about the FBI, it consulted with the FBI for accuracy.

15) All of this, viewed in historical perspective, leads to questions about why the FBI made the decisions they did, while Mueller was in charge. And why contemporary politicians,who know the truth, continue to gaslight & blame @POTUS for solving these horrific problems. 



* By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.