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Repost: The Maintenance of Power (Originally Posted October 2, 2018)

1) They maintain their power by pretending to be one of you.

It’s Friday, October 2, 2018.
2) Yes, #coffeetime :-)
3) The more I see of the rich and powerful, the more I understand their hands are soaked in blood.
4) You only see the traces of their crimes.
They cover their crimes in "good works" and public service.
They pretend to speak in the voice of the common man.
5) Their "common man" (or "common woman") pose is how they maintain power.

It is how they control you.
6) Let me give you an example from five minutes ago.
7) I walk into the coffee shop and the place is pretty full.
8) It's a wealthy part of town.
9) I find a long table and there are two ladies sitting on the other end of it.

To be polite I say, "May I join you?"

I am not really asking of course.
10) Immediately one of them responds. She actually tries to say no!
"Other people will be joining us."
11) The second one says to the first one, "Well, I guess we can scoot down."

They haven't reserved the space, but there is this mindset that they own it.
12) With the 2018 midterm election, we are confronting a fact that @DineshDSouzafrequently alludes to: The Democrats, not the Republicans, are the party of oppressing the people.
13) The Democrats see themselves as liberators.
It is a delusion of necessity.
A delusion of convenience.
14) I can give you example after example of the sickness that has infused the Democrat party.
15) I want to take another example from real life.
16) Pulling this straight from Facebook. Will take out the names.
17) My statement: "Many of us ❤️ @POTUS @FLOTUS but they ❤️ us *all* back. (Even the haters.)"
19) Someone, not a fan of the President (I believe a Democrat) responds. A lot of my FB friends are Democrats. You can see my response back to that.
20) I want you to see how the conversation typically goes.

The Democrat asserts a kind of moral high ground, typically in a sarcastic way, without getting specific.

The supporter of the President brings fact after fact.
21) What is remarkable about this conversation, at least for me, is how the very mention of "Trump" sends (at least some) Democrats regressing from thoughtful, accomplished professionals into this infantile state -- where they can't even seem to think straight!
22) As is typical in these discussions, when the Phase 1 approach doesn't work (subtle hint), and neither does Phase 2 (sarcasm), the Democrat moves on to Phase 3 (moral reproach).
23) Democrat, re: POTUS: "that doesn’t have anything to do with his hateful language and how he minimizes people. He does nothing to bring us together. He does nothing to show that he loves everyone."
24) You can see here that the second Democrat jumps in to reinforce the first one. She can't articulate what it is about @POTUS that has her so triggered, but the "mob mentality" allows her to fold in with the hive.

She tries to add something in about Obama creating the jobs...
25) Here, again, the @POTUS supporter (me) floods the Democrat with facts.

The response is...blame Fox News?
26) I say: "Hillary Clinton openly makes racist and antisemitic statements (data) and people ignore it....the policies advanced by Obama and Hillary were antisemitic, misogynist, exploitive of people of color. We know they used the office to benefit themselves and their causes."
27) I say: "They are traitors"
28) I say: "But you prefer them because they talk nice?"

It's like somehow a person has to look like *this* for people to realize how bad they are.
29) Although it may seem obvious to those of us who are part of the Trump-supporting community, the truth is that many Democrats actually believe the lies they've been told. I believe these lies are spread through cult techniques (like controlling the message and repeating it.)
30) The response to me is a request for evidence, but it's really not a request for evidence: "what evidence do you have that Obama & Hillary Clinton are anti-Semitic. Sounds like more Fox News nonsense."
31) When we are not here in Twitter world, this is how the Democrats shut us down. They shout us down.
32) The response to me, shockingly, blames President Trump for the recent domestic terror attacks we are seeing in this country, most notably Pittsburgh.

"As someone said to me earlier today, Hateful speech from the top leads to hateful thoughts and hateful actions. Very sad."
33) Notice how the President's own way of talking/Tweeting ("Sad!") is flipped around sarcastically.
34) Notice how there is this vague accusation of the President:

"Hateful speech from the top leads to hateful thoughts and hateful actions."

But Don Lemon, Antifa, Maxine Waters, Hillary the witch, Cory Booker, Keith Ellison, Kamala whatever her name is, 1/2000 Warren...
35) With the classic, baby boomer, wealthy Democrats (NOT the Bernie Democrats - not the true progressives - there is a group here that I think is very close to the MAGA movement) - no amount of logic can dislodge their bias.
36) Me: "Where do I start w Hillary: “superpredators” “they all look alike”...Obama - calling Netanyahu a “chickenshit,” promoting the Muslim Brotherhood 2 the Intelligence Committee & honoring Linda Sarsour. W respect I think you are not informed fully."
37) (I stopped to read your comments for a bit. If you have time, hang around I'm going to keep going, it's my day off.)
38) (Just before proceeding - I am not uncritical of the Republican Party at all. For me the current situation is only temporary. I am actually a Libertarian.)
39) Sometimes I actually wonder whether Don Lemon and Jim Acosta are on the Trump payroll.

This is what I wrote: "Media bias has created and perpetuated the falsehood that Trump is racist etc. Most recently (and then provided link)"

40) The Democrat, having failed to win through mind-trigger hinting, sarcasm, or moral reproach (because their platform is devoid of evidence), can only wish me a passive-aggressive "good luck" to close the conversation.

Therefore I do a bit of trolling.

41) Why is my response trolling? Because the Democrat never intended to have an actual dialogue - and does not wish me well.

They say polite things; they are thinking nasty things.
42) This very small part of a micro-conversation is emblematic of all that is wrong with Washington, and why I appreciate @POTUS so much.

"Clear talking is clear thinking," and the President is bringing clarity to a very muddled town.
43) "Muddled" of course means "gray area" which leads to "ability to fudge numbers and avoid accountability."

That's YOUR money being wasted under the cover of "trillion-dollar accounting gaffes."

44) Why do I call out the Democrats today, but also refuse to truly side with a political party?

Because the bigger problem, as @POTUS notes, is the Establishment.

45) To defeat the evil Democrats, all you have to do them being themselves.

It's November 2. Thank you @HogarthsP
46) Correction to #1 - it's November, not October. WHEW
47) Let's return to the Facebook conversation.

Here is someone who really, really, really, really, really hates @POTUS. Hard core.
48) Trump hater: "Anyone w/ children should be terrified. He's aiding in the destruction of our planet, pushing our nation toward bankruptcy, &setting an example that lying, abuse &theft are perfectly acceptable."
49) Democrats like to make these big sweeping statements as though the statements alone were evidence of fact.

This is the Julie "sweat socks Swetnick" Michael Avenatti tactic with the whole gang rape allegation against Justice Kavanaugh.
50) if you read Justice Kavanaugh's response to this (this is from the transcript of his discussion about it with the DOJ), his response is priceless:

"Isn't Gaithersburg (where Swetnick is from) off I-270?"

Like he is wealthy, he didn't associate w/ Gaithersburg ppl.
51) Even if you think the midterms are somehow "locked up," please be assured that they are not.

The Democrats believe that they will win.

If they win, they are going to move to impeach President Trump, declare him mentally unfit, etc.

It's over.
52) If you have any ability to talk to people on the fence, please do that.

Here is how you can do that without falling.
53) (sorry for the pause. I took a break to read replies. As you all previously helped me realize what actual month we are in :-)
54) So my friend the Democrat -- who is a good person, who totally hates Trump -- actually asked me a substantive question. To me this indicates she's on the fence.

Here comes her question, followed by the process I used to answer her, followed by the response itself.
55) If you learn the formula you don't end up sounding like this one.
It would be funny, except it's very sad.

56) So my friend sends me an article, from USA Today, which is totally misleading and of course biased against President Trump.
57) The first thing I did was digest her question. I took it seriously because she started with "I’d like your thoughts on this."

People who say this are genuine.
58) My friend clearly feels guilty 4 even contemplating that President Trump might not be such a bad guy after all.

This explains the 2nd part of her question, which has nothing 2 do with anything at all. "It is just one thing after the other with this guy he is a liar"

60 Consider what a sorry state our country is in when the media is nonstop propaganda AND we don't even know what they're saying.

Thank God the President is a stable genius, and he has good people working for us.
61) My process:

1) Determine question is sincere
2) Isolate that substance of the question
3) Assess that I don't understand the topic
4) Read the article
5) Find the factual version.
62) Bottom line up front:

1) President Trump supports 2A
2) 2A is about resisting tyranny
3) Obama is a traitor
4) He tried to take our guns
5) He used every pretext, from the deadly to the merely tricky
63) The article states that President Trump reversed a good thing Obama did.

It was a lie.
64) Obama created a pretext for seizing guns.

He said that people getting help filling out forms were somehow mentally ill.

And that those people should be barred from ownership.

The President reversed that nonsense.
66) The point for you is that I am not a policy expert. But I do trust the President. And I see that he starts with the big picture, and then aligns specific policy actions against the overarching goal.
67) This is me explaining in my own words how the USA Today article is a setup.
To do this, I had to go back to Fast & Furious.
69) I worked for DHS at the same time as Agent Terry did when he was murdered.
I worked for USAID at the same time as Ambassador Stevens (sister agency, State Dept.) was murdered in Benghazi.

There are no coincidences.
70) I want to talk about the Democrats having no regard for human life.
This conversation is about to get upsetting.

No this is not about abortion, or child sex trafficking - yet.
71) I want to talk about what happened to Ambassador Stevens.
My emotions are starting to get a hold of me.
If you are a trauma survivor, please be warned now.
What follows could be triggering.
72) Please do not think I am a crappy person who hauls out sex trauma images in order to convince you to vote a certain way or another.
73) I want to talk about what happened to Ambassador Stevens.
74) Let us first name all the victims of the 2012 attack in Benghazi, Libya.
Glen Doherty, CIA, fmr Navy SEAL
Tyrone Woods, CIA, fmr Navy SEAL
Sean Smith, Information Officer
Chris Stevens, Ambassador

Ambassador Chris Steven
75) This is the person who was in charge at the time, who famously said "what difference, at this point, does it make?" about their deaths.
77) When the Ambassador died, and we saw pictures that were disturbing, they said the pictures did not show what they seemed to show.
78) But even Snopes had to admit that the Ambassador's death may actually have been as brutal as the rumors said.

79) Part of me says (or maybe wants to believe) that the Ambassador was not actually harmed in the way it looks.

But I cannot look away from visual evidence of a man whose pants are down.

And so I am going to share with you the rape story.

You can make of it what you will.
80) Does the Ambassador even have any pants on?
81) Here, he has pants. It looks like they are taking photos as some kind of evidence. Maybe celebration?
81) Unconscious
82) I don't know if this is him. If it is him, I don't know who's standing over him. That looks like a torture picture. Found it here.…
83) One more picture because the cellphone is relevant to the narrative explanation.

Now we will get to the explanation, words only.
84) " Arab newspapers have been reporting they did to the Ambassador what they did to Gaddafi. Basically, rape him, stick at least a knife up his bum, and cut off his personal parts while he is alive."…
85) "Look at the second photo, see the guy holding the cell phone, what do you see in the cell phone picture?…
Let me blow it up for you.…
What you see in that cell phone picture is Ambassador Steven's (private parts)!"
86) Who wrote this?
I don't know.
87) "Does the guy holding a cellphone in his mouth look like a rescuer?

In the 2nd picture, do you think all those people standing around with cellphones are his dear friends there to help him by taking cellphone pictures?"
88) "Who are you going to believe? Obama and Fox News or your own eyes?
Why is this so important, the detail of him being raped?
This is important for two reasons."
89) "#1 – He was still alive when they did it, as the Arab newspapers have reported such, I believe them more then my own lying dog of a government. "
90) "If an airstrike or any air support had been sent, not only might the Ambassador be alive, so would be the two Seals that gave their lives trying to prevent this."
91) "Obama can drop a stealth drone into Iran's lap to be reversed (sic) engineered, but, will not send ANYTHING to cover people begging for help? But, you can send drones to watch it all?"
92) How do you understand the hypocrisy of Obama and Hillary, who drummed a nonstop LGBTQ agenda while hanging out a gay Ambassador to die by rape at the hands of a foreign mob?
93) "#2 Reason this is important.
WND is now breaking a story about how Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was brokering a nuke deal with Obama through Hillary."

Why is this reason relevant to the torture of Ambassador Stevens?

Look at this evil.
94) "For the true radical Muslim, this must be very tough to swallow. First off, the USA is promoting 'equal' rights of women every where, worse, 'homosexual' rights too, including in Pakistan. This drives them insane!"
95) "Then you send an open homosexual Ambassador to Libya, after helping to overthrow the local government. Then you send a woman from the great sexually immoral Satan to broker a nuke deal."

So they sent a message back to America.
97) Ibrahim writes: "According to the Arabic website, Tayyar, “the American ambassador in Libya [Christopher Stevens] was sexually raped b4 being killed by the gunmen who stormed the embassy building in Benghazi last night [9/11]."

(Link doesn't work.)…
99) "Nor are men immune from such rapes. In fact, the photos of Ambassador Steven—stripped clothes, bloodied and tortured right before he was killed—very much resemble the photos of Gaddafi right before he was killed."
100) Here is Hillary Clinton laughing about Gaddafi.

Over and over, she is instrumental in creating a brutal situation, a brutal rape happens, and she laughs about it.

101) Regarding Gaddafi.

"One U.S.-supported 'freedom-fighter,' for example, can be seen sodomizing Gadaffi with a rod as others dragged him along."
102) "The al-Qaeda affiliated men who sexually abused and killed Gaddafi are the same sort of men who sexually abused and killed America’s ambassador."
103) "Why was the American ambassador killed, who had hailed the revolution and was there helping to “build a better Libya“?

"These are the questions the media and the Obama administration need to be answering—not obsessing over a second-rate YouTube video."
104) I keep thinking the same thing: "It's shocking."

Like, it's shocking that the Democrats went completely insane about an allegation from 30+ years ago that could never be proven in the slightest.

But ObamaHillary got a total pass for the gang rape of our own Ambassador.
(taking a quick break to get a refill.)
105) Ok I'm back.
We're going to segue into the last part of this thread, and then will stop.
I want to talk about this "common man" pose.
107) Sexy people in flashy clothing make you pay attention.
108) Jews who observe halacha (Jewish law) are prohibited from participating in Halloween.

This is partly because we're supposed to maintain a distinct identity.

And also in part because this "common man" holiday = idol worship.…
109) The entire purpose of Hollywood is to get you to do things you know you should not do.
110) As an agent of the state, the entire purpose of Hollywood is to transmit the messages of those who are in power (or who seek to retain their power).

This is not conspiracy theory.

This is basic, 101 sociology.

This is why many religious Jews don't watch TV.
111) I am not sure why Jewish schools have such a hard time explaining the true nature of idol worship to kids. The danger.

They tend to reduce it to nothing.
112) In general the religious schools tend to be insular. I don't think the rabbis really get it.

But any child who interacts with modern American society is definitely being targeted with "occult is cool" messages from celebrities -- all the time.
113) Christians do a much better job at explaining the horrifying truth about Halloween than we Jewish people do. So let's learn.
114) "witches...gathered at Stonehedge on October 31st....practiced human sacrifice, hollowed out pumpkins and turnips, carving faces in them, and then used candles made from human tallow to illuminate them.

"Human tallow."…
115) "The druids played games such as bobbing for apples, as they floated in a tub of October ale."

Floating in a tub is a theme of "spirit cooking" too.
116) "The druids also practiced ritual sex known as the 'Great Rite.'"
117) "Ritual sex has a number of different purposes besides the Great Rite – it can be used to raise energy, create magical power, or find a sense of spiritual communion with a partner.

Magic is witchcraft is forbidden.

118) If I told you to go have sex with strangers you would probably say no.

If I told you that all the celebrities do it would you think about it differently?

That's how "common man" messaging works.
121) Consider that the college dorm experience is a relatively new invention, and traditionally has been quite sober.…
122) The new normal.
123) The point is, all "normal" social institutions, all "common" beliefs and ideas and attitudes, are deliberately engineered in order to make you serve a ruling class.

This is classic Marxism.

Society evolves as the ruled class rebels.
124) When you start to see that culture serves to indoctrinate you, you understand that your decisions are to an extent programmed by others.

When you turn to God and never man, you are freed from this slavery.
125) Even the seemingly benign act of bobbing for apples links to the five-pointed star of witchcraft.

So a society that promotes Halloween, the occult, witchcraft, devil images, and the like -- is a society that is indoctrinating you to evil.…
126) @POTUS is the common man's answer to the evil common man messages we get from traitors Hillary, Obama, Brennan and their ilk.
127) I use the word "man" advisedly as part of the plot to destroy the United States has to do with destroying men as men.
128) As part of his campaign to liberate us, President Trump is liberating our minds.

This is the essence of the #QAnon campaign.

This is the reason why he talks about the fake news media so much, and why he calls fake news an enemy of the state.
129) Why did President Trump have trouble with his umbrella?

@AndreVanDelft shared this recently.

130) As Jewish people say, you should teach a child according to their level.

The argument in this video is that the President communicates with the Deep State at their level (Q refers to this - e.g., "signal sent" - in coded terms).

The umbrella means mind control.
132) Again, mind control and psychic warfare is not a false conspiracy theory but an established fact. The techniques are by now assuredly far beyond the intelligence community itself. (MK Ultra, Operation Stargate, much testimony/writing on this.)
133) And I was thinking about the umbrella. This video was posted on October 27. The Pittsburgh shooting happened on October 27.

@POTUS seems to deliberately leave an open umbrella outside the plane.

134) As usual the media puts him down for it. But then I thought to myself - what famous thing in popular culture references an umbrella?

Rihanna's song "Umbrella"...featuring Jay-Z.

135) (Note - the umbrella also refers to bulk data collection - start roughly at 7:00 here.)
136) The President may have been referring to MK-ULTRA as the UMBRELLA program of CIA mind control.

The below is a clipping from the CIA website.……
137) The President may have been sending a message about his awareness that such programs never stopped.
138) But before there was MK-ULTRA, before there was the CIA, mind control was already in use.

And we see this in Rihanna's song Umbrella.

Which is not a love ballad.

It is about a lady giving herself to the devil to be possessed.

Control of body and mind.
139) The 2nd century mystic Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai got a demon's help (the demon recognized his holiness) to get an edict lifted from the Jews. The rabbi "drove" him out of a Roman princess, and the Jews got relief.

Demon possession is old news.…
141) Rihanna is enormously wealthy and powerful.
143) Whose "umbrella" of protection is this influential pop culture phenomenon under?
144) John Ramirez, reformed Satanist: "And the devil came and accepted the sacrifice I offered him, my life. And they put 5 beads around my neck, the 5 worst demons’ principalities under Satan. "

145) John Ramirez: "My childhood was stolen, my childhood was to worship the devil, to go in satanic churches. I went to the satanic churches from 7:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m."
146) "I was trained by witches and wizards to know the invocations, demonic principalities, rights, which owns the area, which is in this region, which manages the principality, what is the name of this principality. I had the powers of channeling."
147) John Ramirez: "At the age of 13, I was doing astral projections, I left my body at home, and I was going in different regions and I threw curses."
148) John Ramirez: "I cursed neighborhoods, I put the spirits of prostitution and drug minds in these neighborhoods. Homosexuality minds here, demonic spirits, spirits of murder, suicide spirits, I knew how to call all these spirits in neighborhoods."
150) John Ramirez: "And I climbed the ranks of Devil worshipers, I climbed the rows with the principalities and demons, to the point where I could sit and talk with the devil as I do with you today."
151) John Ramirez: "I loved the blood, I killed animals to drink their blood every week, and if I do not have time to buy animals, I cut myself to drink my own blood."
152) John Ramirez: "The circle of people with whom I was in this evil world, there were doctors, lawyers, managers, judges, police officers, they were all in witchcraft and even singers who are known today."

153) John Ramirez: "I remember the first time I was going to make a human sacrifice. The Devil....said "there is a guy on the roof...if you love me kill him for me."

154) John Ramirez: "I had lots of money, nice cars, beautiful women, I had everything, I lived in the world. My neighborhood was terrified of who I was."
155) John Ramirez: "I put Christians on their knees, preventing them from praying as they were without power. It was not because their God was not Almighty....(but rather because) they had no relationship with God."
156) John Ramirez: "I thought, 'it's over,' when the cross of Jesus Christ appeared to me in hell. There is no greater love than the cross that appears for a sinner like me in hell. ....He said: 'have a plan for you, I love you more than you can imagine.'"
157) John found his way back to faith, but what happened to Rihanna, who has so much "common man" influence over the masses?

Look at the song "Umbrella."
159) "The song pertains to a storm about to take place and she is offering her lover protection under her umbrella 'you can stand under my umbrella.'

"Thus indicating that this person offering you protection has superior power than you. Takes control of you. It can possess you."
160) "Before I break down the music video I would like to talk about Jay-Z’s rap at the beginning of the song: He portrays as someone who is already possessed and already “under the umbrella” of this evil entity who we could say is the Devil."
161) Jay-Z: "Let it rain, I hydroplane in the bank
Coming down with the Dow Jones
When the clouds come we gone, we Rocafella [Rockefeller - ed.]
We fly higher than weather...
an anticipation, for precipitation. Stacked chips for the rainy day."
162) "Jay-Z is talking about that when the financial crisis does strike, he is above the problem. And back to the fact that he is already possessed, he enjoys the protection that makes him invulnerable to the storm."
163) Jay-Z says: "Rihanna where you at?" --> he is calling her to be possessed.
164) Rap of course is the music of the common man.
How is rap being used to enslave people in a lifestyle that harms them?
165) "Rocafella is the name of Jay-Z’s record label but also the name of John D. Rockefeller and his family, whom happen to be the biggest industrialists in American History....the song says that when the storm comes we won’t be here to suffer it."
166) "at this moment Rihanna is still innocent and not yet possessed and that is why Jay-Z refers to her as ‘Ms. Sunshine’. Jay-Z also calls himself ‘Rain Man’ who is already possessed, so he already is bad and he is calling for Rihanna to join him."
167) "He (Jay-Z) is implying that he is part of the 'chosen', the elite, a group that cannot be harmed by the tribulations of the 'small people'. ....This group bows down to evil and worships it. Which clearly says, Rihanna has a do the same."
169) This of course is the devil seducing Rihanna:

"You have my heart
And we’ll never be worlds apart
May be in magazines
But you’ll still be my star
Baby cause in the dark
You can’t see shiny cars
And that’s when you need me there
With you I’ll always share"
170) It's all about protection:

"When the sun shines, we’ll shine together
Told you I’ll be here forever
Said I’ll always be your friend
Took an oath I’ma stick it out till the end
Now it’s raining more than ever
But we’ll still have each other
You can stand under my umbrella"
171) "You may find the Ella ella eh’s very catchy in the song, I admit I did also. The repetitive rhythm of this chant makes it out to be very reminiscent of spells or summons." -- I actually find this song very hard to get out of my head. (The Devil's song.)
172) The video imagery connotes not protection, of course, but POSSESSION -- control.
173) This idea of "possession" is in fact a common message when it comes to the Hollywood concept of love.

A person is obsessed (can't stop thinking about the other person), consumed, obsessed, "I must have you," etc. etc. -- all of this is modeled on demonic possession.
175) That is why MAGA thinkers are free thinkers. We are truly a diverse lot.
176) But with the Democrats, at least right now, you have to be all-in, or you are nothing.

And that is why there are so many ads showing the women naked.
177) The Democrats' (Communists') need to totally control their followers, and all people, is also why they don't really care about pedophilia.

They just don't care especially much.

When you break the child you break their ability to fight back.

179) Children are "adults"...…

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.