Friday, June 28, 2019

Notes on Press Conference With Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan 6/28/19

(DHS) Acting Secretary Kevin McAleenan Holds Press Conference on Supplemental Funding Request:

McAleenan: Change the law. “We want to be able to address immigration the border” to “keep families together.”

McAleenan: Apply for asylum from the home country.

McAleenan had a third one but he said it too fast.

McAleenan - recommendations come from task force are not arbitrary.

McAleenan - not waiting for Congress - working with Mexico to stop the smugglers

McAleenan - Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador helping to stop human smuggling criminal networks

McAleenan - anticipate 25% fewer illegal crossings in June

...when they tally the numbers

McAleenan - “for months warning of increasing numbers of children arriving at border” - 7 testimonies to Congress since May 1 - “breaking point” 14,000 in custody - “facilities not enough”

McAleenan “unsubstantiated allegations” re Clint Station - actual conditions clean

McAleenan - $500 million invested - care of migrants - “contrary to reporting children are receiving access to key supplies”

McAleenan - “real story” is about Border Patrol agents and numerous others “working tirelessly” - story is about “vulnerable populations” “smuggling cycle” “children in danger”

(Valeria - this is the child who died with her father Oscar)

McAleenan - border enforcement has to happen not only at the border but in the “interior” - that is a “balanced” process

McAleenan - the story is the children and families victimized by smugglers

Question about El Paso (this is going fast) - “huge area, logistical challenge”

Question - what will you do if supplemental is passed - how will you spend the money

McAleenan - identify children crossing without passport - “Guatemala addressing that”

McAleenan - stop human smuggling at the source - DNA testing, children trafficked from Guatemala and Honduras are “rented” and sold - these countries are very concerned about their children!

McAleenan - DHS is working with partner countries to share intelligence to stop human smuggling at the source

McAleenan - HHS identifying facilities in Texas and Oklahoma - teenage boys a focus - unaccompanied minors

McAleenan (my paraphrase) - DHS wants to keep families together and children away from smugglers who steal them

McAleenan - “the supplemental is for the humanitarian mission”

McAleenan - “it’s more about the pull factors” than weather (don’t know what “pull factors” are)

Looking for “continued reduction in numbers” which should address “capacity” - focus is on “the criminals who are profiting from it”

The press conference is over.

This sounds exactly like the DHS/CBP I know very well.

Thank you to these selfless law enforcement agents and those who are helping them.


Opinions are the author’s own. Public domain. Free stock photo via Pixabay.