Monday, June 10, 2019

Pekudei: It's Always Darkest Before The Dawn (March 9, 2019)

1) Start the job and God will finish it.

It's #BibleStudyCoffeeTime.

Source text: "The Chumash: The Stone Edition, Full Size (ArtScroll) (English and Hebrew)"… via @amazon
2) Bottom line up front, we are living in a scary time, and we need to pray, but we also need to stay in faith, because God only asks us to start.
3) Q has advertised the date of March 19, 2019 as the marker.
We know that Q is a psyop (the good kind - a White Hat psyop).
We know that "disinformation is necessary" (Q's words.)
4) See drops 72 and 128.
Just because Q says a thing, doesn't mean it's true.
5) Yesterday (drop 3010) Q said:

6) Whether the dates are right or off, Q is flagging a time of danger.
7) Simultaneously I am hearing from the Orthodox Jewish community, including members of my own family, that they are scared.
8) "Geula" is redemption.
Two weeks ago there was an international call for Jewish women to pray.
Recall that it was the women who did not sin in the Golden Calf and the women who funded the Tabernacle with their own jewelry.
Women know.
9) We are getting close to my birthday.
10) I was born in the evening just before Purim, just after the Fast of Esther.
11) Each of us has a name that is reflective of our mission.
My name is Hadassah in Hebrew, the second name of Esther, Queen Esther, who revealed Haman's evil plot in Persia (Iran) to annihilate the Jewish people.
12) The object of this coup, you must know, is primarily to annihilate the Jewish people (the religious Jewish people) and conquer the Holy Land of Israel.

America is what stands in the way of that happening.
13) The fast of Esther begins on March 20, 2019.
(13th of Adar II, 5779)
14) In ancient times, Queen Esther, the Jewish woman who married the Persian king Ahasuerus, told her people to fast for three days before she would confront the evil Haman, the mastermind of the secret plot to kill us.
15) Spiritually the world is in a dark place and we are in that time of prayer now.
16) You may be asking yourself how it is that these crazy people (AOC, Ilhan Shmilhan, etc.) are somehow getting away with all this stuff but we know, Biblically, that this is what happens before the Great Redemption.

The bad people seem to be winning.
17) Back to this week's Bible reading.

Yesterday in synagogue we read
--Exodus 38:21 - 40:38
--Kings I 7:51 - 8:21.

The census, the Holy Tabernacle, and the Shechina (God's presence).
18) The real Biblical census involves community members who 1) meet age criteria (20+) & 2) r counted by contribution.

Exodus 38:26: "One bekka per head...half a shekel according to the holy shekel for each one who goes through the counting, from 20 years old and upward"
19) God's presence does not rest in the Holy Tabernacle until it is fully complete.

Exodus 40:17-38 (commentary in the Bible listed in #1, p. 539)

"Until every part was in place, no part had the status of a Tabernacle."
20) Why is this important now?

Because the Holy Land will also be complete and restored to its Biblical boundaries.
21) Israel is not divisible by man.
22) How do we get to peace in Israel?

Exodus 39:33
23) Exodus 40:17-18: "The Mishkan (Tabernacle) was set up" - "Moses set up the Mishkan."

Why does the Bible repeat itself?

This never happens without a deeper reason.
24) Stone Bible, p. 535, commentary explains. (Link to buy in Tweet #1)
25) "Moses had not had a share in the actual work of the Tabernacle, God wanted him to have the honor."
26) "Seeing how heavy it was, he asked God, 'How can anyone?'" (e.g., lift it)
28) Therefore, the Bible states in the passive voice, "The Tabernacle was erected," to imply (that) although Moses tried to erect it, it stood up by itself, miraculously."
29) Patriots.
30) The traitors are going to try and take us down.

Just do your part.

God will do the rest for us.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.