Thursday, June 20, 2019

Never Again Can Happen Again

The banality of evil. That is the perfect phrase for those who silently stood by, enabled, and yes, perpetuated all of this.

I think I had cognitive dissonance - didn’t want to believe, couldn’t believe - that non-cult-involved people could be so disgusting, but unfortunately, they absolutely can be. 

This “concentration camp” stuff has really hit me hard.

That anyone on the planet can seriously make this comparison, to me, moves the conversation to an altogether different level.

What this whole thing has proven, to me, is that “Never Again” is just a slogan. People will absolutely help the Nazis if it keeps their money flowing.

Oh and by the way — the media is always the justification. “But they reported that...” Our country should never be in a position where Deep State + corporate interests dictate national opinion. That REALLY IS fascism.

I suppose I have to go through this recognition, which is painful, to get to the other side and approach the subject matter with the gravity it deserves.

We are not in game mode. What people believe really does determine foreign policy. 

That in itself is both shocking and horrifying.

I do believe these people will stop at nothing to keep us from being free. They will use every trick in the book, including creating fake news for us to react to, and claiming that actual news has been faked.

Free your mind - turn to God. He will help you.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.