Monday, June 24, 2019

Legitimate Concerns About Detention Camps

Let’s look at this for a minute — “Tribune Editorial: Yes, we do have concentration camps - The Salt Lake Tribune” 
The Salt Lake Tribune writes: “People have a moral right to seek a better life, and a legal right to seek asylum. If our border and immigration system isn’t up to the task, that’s not their fault, it is ours.”
They point out: “The people being held there [detention camps] are cold, hungry, dirty and often sick. Children are separated from parents. Children are caring for children. Medical care is not to be found. A few — not millions, but a few — have died.”
Unfortunately the Trump Administration has not effectively countered these statements. I am speaking as a private citizen here but let me try.
The first point to be made is that all decent people want others to have it good too. If you hate other people or think you’re better than them, this is a sign of mental illness.
To say that we can EITHER care about others OR have border security is deliberate false logic.
It is a big world. Our job is to take care of ourselves first. Immigration from other countries has to be done in a way that serves the national interest.
It’s just like if you have a family living in a house. Maybe they have a guest once a week for dinner. If they have a lot of room they may take in an elderly parent or adopt a child. But otherwise they lock the door.
No serious person would suggest that you are cruel for locking your doors.
The question comes up about how we are treating those that have gotten across. This is a problem. We have not handled the situation well.
As soon as someone is here in the country who doesn’t belong here you have two choices. You can either send them back (preferred) or hold them until their status is adjudicated.

If you hold them you have to treat them like a guest.
This thing of separating adults from children is for the protection of the children from traffickers. We haven’t been clear or emphatic enough about that.
If you are running the country you can’t make the excuse that there’s nowhere to put these people. That’s the job.
Then there is the higher level issue of people as a bargaining chip.
It is clear that President Trump’s political opponents want to keep the border open (for drug, sex and gun trafficking) and so they create an unsolvable humanitarian crisis for optics.
But every time the President’s spokespeople talk about this, they come off as condescending.
Surely there is someone who can explain in clear and simple terms the dirty tricks that are being played here, and how we are responding.
Surely the government can get some body cameras and show people exactly what’s happening; ask for input; and figure out how to manage things until all the undocumented visitors have been returned home.
Surely there are lawyers to go on CNN who are more competent than the person who said that toothbrushes and soap aren’t necessary - THAT WAS HORRIBLE.
Done...just sharing some doesn’t seem all that complicated.

*All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.