Friday, June 14, 2019

Kellyanne Conway and the Hatch Act


Respectfully I think the President should offer a subject matter expert who can explain why he is not abiding by the OSC recommendation to fire Conway. The Hatch Act is absolutely sacred. /1 

To say “it’s her free speech” without referring to a legal opinion is to demonstrate a willful disregard for the rule of law.

To say “call me when it’s jail time” is contemptuous of all those who do still take the Act seriously. /2

The central thesis of the Trump presidency is that one political party is leading a coup against the Nation. And as such its actions are disingenuous in nature.

If this is the argument, then it should be made publicly and openly. /3

However, if this is not the route the President wants to go right now, he should accept the ruling of independent legal experts, headed by a Trump appointee. /4

Otherwise we have a situation where the opposing party, if elected, will do the exact same thing, and you may as well dismantle the Hatch Act and abandon the pretense of law altogether. /5



In response to those who say that the OSC is being partisan, I am reading the letter and this just is not true. /6

Henry Kerner is a Trump appointee. /7

Conway in effect stated she did not care what the law said. Do we now want all 2.1 million federal employees following her example? /8

Conway used her platform not to say that the opposing political party is undermining the rule of law, but to take cheap shots. /9

Her comments are not just partisan, but they are actually hyper-partisan. They are the actions of a campaign staffer. Which is fine, but she is subject to a different legal framework now. /10

Again, whether or not other people got away with it isn’t the issue. The issue is what’s happening in the here and now, and it will have a ripple effect on absolutely everything else. /11


1) The Hatch Act and @KellyannePolls 
- picking up the discussion.

Part I is here. 

2) Let's pick up some of the stray tweets that were outside the thread but belong here. #1 the Hatch Act matters, and #QAnon says that he/she/they have not violated it. A FOIA would substantiate this claim - the WH counsel had to answer for them.