Monday, June 24, 2019

Here To Defend The President

1) Monday, June 24, 2019. 
I am here to defend the President. 
2) The main story in today's paper, top of the fold, is "U.S. Reversal on Iran Strike Confuses Allies." We have a photo from Iran.

They don't know what is coming next.

Militarily, that's a good thing.
3) The other main story is Erdogan is going bye-bye.

Erdogan is major bad.
4) The sub-primary story is about Amazon having too much power.

We are winning.
5) You don't get your New York Times news from independent reporters.
You get it from institutional investors.…
6) The New York Times is substantially foreign-owned, by a nation that has helped itself to drug, gun and sex trafficking profits by crossing our borders at will. 
7) This is E. Jean Carroll (@ejeancarroll) in 2006. She has accused the President of rape.…
8) Rape is penetration without consent.…
9) How do you know if someone consents?
10) You can have them sign a contract.
Or even just shake hands on the deal. 
11) Most people just use their judgment. 
12) According to E. Jean Carroll, Donald Trump did not jump her in an alley in the middle of the night. 
13) She characterizes him as an acquaintance. 
14) Some acquaintances are a little crazy. 
16) Most of the time, it is not for us to judge how consenting adults act out their consent.

In this case, someone has come forward to accuse the President of rape, and so it becomes an issue for public debate.
17) If I were a man, and I were flirting with a near-total-stranger, and I suggested she go to an isolated place with a closed door in a sudden way, and she did that --

I would take it for consent.
18) If I were a man, and I took this near-total-stranger to an isolated place with a closed door TO DO SOMETHING SEXUAL (try on lingerie), and I "tried something" with her, and she LAUGHED AND KEPT ON LAUGHING --

I would take it for consent. 
19) Mature adults look at their actions and question them. Regarding the 3 minutes she allegedly spent with Donald Trump in a dressing room where they had sex, E. Jean Carroll did just that.
21) Obviously Carroll regrets what she did. But that does not make it rape.

Consent cannot be withdrawn retroactively.

The male participant in this scenario can only read the communication that is expressed.
22) Does this mean that any woman anywhere alone with a man is asking to be raped?

That, of course, is insane.

But it does mean that people make choices, express their choices, and are responsible for expressing them.

Carroll clearly and vocally and physically said "yes."
23) Does this absolve Donald Trump of any guilt, if this is true?

Morally, who am I to judge that?

I wasn't there.
25) President Trump's enemies play an absurd mental game. 
26) They construct a fantasy of moral excellence and then suggest that President Trump should hold to that standard when they themselves fall woefully short.
27) But this isn't even about comparing alleged rapist with alleged rapist.
28) This is about a ruthless criminal gang that plots the overthrow of the United States. 
30) These people do not have the good of our country at heart.
Every day, with every word and every deed, they burn the American flag. 
31) They leak our secrets to foreign nations.
They promote border invasion.
They attack border enforcement agents as terrorists.
They pimp out children to the highest bidder.
They kill people who tell the truth about what they are doing.
They are the definition of evil. 
32) I had a friend once who told me about how to stay safe on the streets of New York, where a guy once followed her: 

Act crazy. 
33) God has not picked a perfect man to save us from these criminals.
35) If you came here looking for moral absolution I am not going to provide it to you.

But if you claim to know the truth about what happened in each case with President Trump, you're lying.
36) All of this is only one person's personal reasoning, as to why she continues to support President Trump, even though he is accused (he says FALSELY) by a number of women of sexual misdeeds ranging from gawking to rape.
37) I do support all victims, and I do not condone crimes against women, men, or children, no matter who commits them.


*By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.