Saturday, June 29, 2019

The Vital Importance Of Government Communication In This Undeclared Civil War - Notes 6/29/2019

Yesterday I started a discussion on the Federal Communicators listserv regarding why the gov hadn't responded to a sitting Member of Congress calling  U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement and U.S. Customs and Border Protection "radicalized, criminal agencies". 

These are law enforcement agencies - making this seditious. 

The saga with the Federal Communicators Network has been interesting and difficult as I have been involved with them since I started working for the government in 2004 and take great pride in being a government communicator (all opinions are my own). 

I have organized events for them, recruited best practice speakers, and when they were almost dismantled in 2012, I worked with an unbelievably awesome team of volunteers to re-constitute it with a governance structure. 

But I have disagreed with their official refusal to take on substantive issues.  As a result, recently, I was blocked by them on Twitter over my open support for @NSA_QIL2 being a government-backed entity, and calling them out on it. (Admittedly, I shouldn't have done that - it was too much for the level of consciousness we have right now - my bad.) 

In any case, expressed this concern to the listserv about a Congressperson calling federal law enforcement agencies "criminal" - this is an obvious threat to public safety and totally undermines citizens' confidence in government. 

A couple of people said "we shouldn't discuss this here" and there were a couple of other negative comments. But shockingly, a few people stepped forward and said we should discuss it, it has value to discuss.

Keep in mind, my question was not a political one, and I would have asked it regardless of who was running the country. The issue is - if government communicators can't respond to the most basic accusations - what are we doing here? 

No, we don't control what is said by leadership (a fact many people don't understand) - but shouldn't we at least discuss it? 

And then - this was unbelievable - someone said "wait - there is a press conference happening in a few minutes" - and there was indeed a press conference with acting DHS Secretary McAleenan. (My notes are here.)

Not sure as to how the timing worked out on that, but Secretary McAleenan answered all the accusations and nobody seems to have tuned in, picked it up, watched for themselves, or reported on it. Which tells me that the media doesn't want to cover the truth. 

There is a larger point at hand. 

The psychological mindset among anti-Trump people (at least here in DC) is that he somehow isn't entitled to be President, he isn't a legitimate President, "orange man bad," and so everything else just flows from this basic illegitimacy. 

The fact that more than a few people stepped up to say - let's at least have a conversation about how we handle accusations - is a sign of psychological health breaking through this brainwashing. 

I have to tell you that I do not understand why the communication function is so poor during this Administration, to the point where agencies literally cannot clarify what they are doing. Not talking does make you look nefarious. 

To those who criticized me for bringing up the topic, I said - I would defend any agency - and this includes agencies I routinely criticize, such as the FBI and CIA, because we know that despite the bad that exists everywhere, we need them. 

Last point, and as I previously mentioned this is foundational, particularly to understanding the vital importance of government communication 

President Trump absolutely did not decide on his own to run for President, in my opinion. He was recruited by the military intelligence community and has their support.

The reason I believe this is that there is 100% no way that any individual could survive the dangerous cesspool that is Washington DC without the support of the military intelligence community. Even if they're significantly divided in many ways, that base has to be there. 

The arrests are coming, I do believe that as well, but more importantly the public has to be educated and aware as to why those arrests should come, and why President Trump is not the ogre that his detractors want people to believe. 

God bless you all. God bless our great Nation. God bless all branches of the military, all law enforcement agencies, all volunteers, all of you who put yourselves on the line for the rest of us. 


By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain. Free photo via Pixabay