Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Communism and Child Cannibalism In China (Warning: Links To Sensitive Images)

Warning. This link takes you to sensitive images showing fetuses being prepared as food. I hope someone can prove the story is fake.… /1
There are a number of articles on this from a few years ago. Under Communism this is literally what fetuses are - aphrodisiacs.… 

To the liberal researcher it’s just a cultural thing. They missed the memo don’t eat human flesh.…
Communist economic policies (the Dems are Communists right now) led to famine and “multiple outbreaks of cannibalism in the communist Soviet Union, China, Cambodia, Ethiopia, and North Korea.” /5


Addendum - From an occult perspective, one might ask whether the people of these nations were starved on purpose, to get them to become cannibals.
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