Saturday, June 1, 2019

Bechukotai: Repairing the Tear In Mass (June 1, 2019)

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1) It’s #BibleStudyCoffeeTime
June 1, 2019

Main reading—Leviticus 26:3 - 27:34

Supplemental reading—Jeremiah 16:19 - 17:14

[Repairing the tear in mass]…
2) If you want to have some reference points, we will pick up on several earlier threads. (Again not necessary.)

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3) How do we make amends was the question from@nyalace earlier this morning.

4) Talking about sin as a rupture in mass, and how there is no time, and you must correct the mistake. Even if you have to come back. 
5) The Bible portion this week is superficially God telling the Jews that if they act right thy will be rewarded and the opposite too.
6) But the Bible doesn’t waste words and so this is obvious.
7) The deeper meaning is that the Bible is telling the Jews, but really the whole world, that every action generates a reaction — nothing occurs in a vacuum.
8) Good deeds, backed by fear of God, generate good results - the world prospers.
9) Bad deeds generate two kinds of problems. Dysfunction (suffering) and the requirement to repair (repent) the fissure you have created in the spiritual cloth that holds the world together.
10) God being beyond all limitation and description does not “need” our fealty. He created the world as an act of love.
11) The love is akin to the mother and father’s love for the child they bear. Before the child is born and knowing that the child’s life is not predictable nor is any life easy.
12) We cannot fathom this type of love except in a very limited way. “I love you and therefore I am giving you the chance to grow, even though it will involve pain.”
13) The point is that sin cannot go uncompensated for.
14) Often people say to a victim: “Move on.” This is not possible.
15) The victim has been fractured and the fracture is a break that requires a cast and money to pay the doctor and sometimes the imprisonment of the tormentor and if the legal system so permits and decides - capital punishment.
16) You will not be able to escape your bad deeds.
17) In this life or the next life the debt will be paid.
18) Many of us come back again and again (myself included) and there is no such thing as time. The wound from the past life exists until you fix it.
19) Just to read a bit from the portion.
20) “Bechukotai” - in my laws - a “chok” is a law that can not necessarily be understood by us but to which we are bound nevertheless.
21) God is telling us to obey without getting it. It’s ok not to know.
22) Lev. 26:13 “I am HaShem, your God, who took you out of the land of Egypt from being their slaves” — we were slaves to the occult, which ruled the land.
23) Nobody is truly free, you either serve the occult or God.
24) Lev. 26:27-29 - “If despite this [punishment for sin] you will not heed me....YOU WILL EAT THE FLESH OF YOUR SONS; AND THE FLESH OF YOUR DAUGHTERS WILL YOU EAT.”
25) The hunger of the cannibals is a punishment for their rebellion against a God. They are forever starving; they turn upon their own for nourishment.
26) All the stuff about cannibalism is real.
27) The occult worship the trees.
28) They try to get strength from nature (God’s creation) not God.
29) Supplemental reading, Jeremiah 16:2 “As they remember their children, so (they remember) their altars and their idol-trees beside luxuriant trees upon lofty hills.”
30) They aren’t just about a healthy respect for the planet.

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