Wednesday, June 12, 2019

A Politician's Grief

1) A war of words.
2) Someone said to me: "President Trump is so un-Presidential, the way he speaks about others. He really lowers the dignity of the office."
3) My response was that to a רשע ("rosho" - evil person) like Joe Biden, it is a good thing to speak the way the President does.
4) What happened to Joe Biden did not happen right away.

Joe lost his heroic son Beau, who prosecuted a monstrous pedophile. Beau gave up his political aspirations to keep the man in jail - only to die after suffering brain cancer.

He was just 46.

5) Decades earlier, Joe's wife and daughter -- Beau's mother and sister -- died in a car crash. 

They had gone Christmas shopping.

They never came home.

7) Names have meaning. 

"Neilah, Hebrew Neʿila, or Neʿilah, in Judaism, the last of the five Yom Kippur services. As the concluding rite of Yom Kippur, the service is the most sacred of the yearly liturgy and is expressed in melodies of great solemnity."

8) "Naomi (נָעֳמִי) is a feminine Jewish name of Hebrew origin. In Hebrew, it means "pleasantness" ....In Judaism and Christianity, Naomi is Ruth's mother-in-law"…
9) "The death of someone you love can shake the foundation of your can become preoccupied with thoughts, memories, and images of your friend or loved one, have difficulty accepting the finality of the loss..."

10) "the emotional trauma of loss has profound effects on the mind, brain, and body. An especially pronounced example is the Broken Heart Syndrome where stress hormones result in abnormal heart movements....this may result in an actual heart attack."…
11) Grief can make us very angry.
12) "Feeling #5: You are angry. SO. ANGRY.

Examples: You are angry at the person who died. You’re are angry at the doctors for failing.....You are angry at God for taking your loved one."

14) In the Bible commentary a couple of weeks ago I read about how Satan operates. 

He specifically targets people who have talent.

People who are at a high level.

People who are inherently decent - like Joe Biden.
15) I can imagine that Joe Biden had this thought, implanted by Satan: 

"My son was PUNISHED for doing the RIGHT thing - for saving children from pedophiles."

And that his ANGER, his FURY at this FUNDAMENTALLY UNFAIR FACT caused him to literally lose his mind.
16) I can imagine that Joe's anger unconsciously manifests itself through his internalizing the enemy - the molester who "took" his son's life - and that it results in Biden's deeply disturbing molestation of young girls in public.
18) Enticed by Satan, Joe Biden - who used to be known as a good man - went the way of the evil ones. The fallen.
19) @POTUS knows this. And so when he speaks to Biden, he speaks not to the grieving man, BUT TO THE DEVIL THAT POSSESSES HIM.
20) For those of you who think I am somehow making excuses for Biden, I am not doing that at all, but rather the attempt is to explain the reality of what we are seeing.
22) "While many tend to think that exorcisms are the stuff of movies and horror flicks, Catholics know better. In fact recently the New York Post reported that the Vatican is calling for more exorcists because there is a global 'shortage.'"
24) "Father Vincent Lampert, the head priest at St. Malachy’s in Indianapolis, Indiana, reports....rampant pornography, illegal narcotic use and the occult has made it easier for Satan to cast his net."
27) We don't have a good enough language to capture the kind of evil that is reflected here.

28) This is a screenshot of part of a photo showing Joe Biden with his daughter in 1985, taking a mock oath of office with VP Bush. 

This is a normal photo.…
31) This is Joe Biden in 2013, the Obama-slicked-up Biden, the sellout to the devil.
32) This is Sasha Fierce.
35) This is normal Beyonce. She has said, regarding the sense of having an alter ego, or turning into someone not herself: "I felt something else come into me." That is the classic description of possession.

36) Barack Obama did the same power-pose as President.
37) In these more recent photos, he literally does not look animated in the same way. It isn't the youth versus old age - it is the spirit in him, which has died.
38) The Devil's Advocate.
39) The real devil.
40) Now you understand that @POTUS was not being cruel to Joe Biden when he spoke of him recently. He called Biden "mentally weak," meaning: "I know that your mind snapped - you succumbed to the Devil."

41) As a man possessed by the devil, Joe Biden -- age 76 -- is not in control of his own faculties.
42) Neither is he running is own campaign. For example, "someone" decided it would be beneficial to say that he attacked @POTUS "76" times, presumably once for each year of his life. 

43) The number 76 is important here.
44) See for example this article in @Salon 

"Biden plans [FUTURE TENSE] to "eviscerate” Trump in Iowa speech: Here are some of the best quotes; Trump will reportedly be the recipient of 76 jabs after Biden's speech is delivered in Davenport, Iowa"

45) "This morning the Biden camp [NOT BIDEN; HIS "STAFF"] issued a transcript of the speech that will be presented tonight and, as CNN host John Berman suggested, it was done to let the president know what is coming hoping to provoke a reaction."
46) Note the emphasis on the word "eviscerate" --

"Former Vice President Joe Biden has scheduled a speech in Iowa tonight where CNN reports he is expected to “eviscerate” President Donald Trump."
47) "Eviscerate: To roast or expose someone so hard that you "murder" a man into oblivion. you leave no bones, no flesh, nuthin'. Once this happens you must never speak of the person again. Their entire existence disappears."

This is how demons think…
48) Demons do not actually exist; they are parasites; they live through symbiosis with the host; for them "I'm melting" is the greatest fear; Jews say about Hitler "Yemach Shmo" - may his name be erased - we drown out Haman's name.
49) To murder someone into nonexistence.

That's not Biden talking.
50) You see how these scripted utterances, reported superficially, are actually much deeper than the #fakenews makes them appear?
52) The number 76, in Hebrew, has the same gematria as the root of the word "eved," or servant "עבד".

Symbolically, Biden is calling @POTUS a "servant."
53) @POTUS response was to say, first, that this is not actually Biden speaking. (“I have to tell you, he's a different guy. He looks different than he used to, he acts different than he used to,")

i.e., Biden is possessed or MK Ultra'ed. Etc.
55) In Hebrew, "tipesh" is spelled טפש - the gematria is 389.

The number 389 has the same gematria as "לשטן" - "LeHaSatan" - To Satan.

Biden is going to Satan.
56) Other equivalences.

שפט - Shafat/Shofet - Judged - Biden will be judged.…
57) "LeHashmid" - "to destroy" - Biden is causing his own destruction or will destroy the United States if elected or will be destroyed as a candidate.

58) "U-LeSimcha" - "and to joy"

Alluding perhaps to joyfully removing an inept candidate from the race, or perhaps the joy that awaits us upon 4 more years of winning. #KAG

59) The point of all this is, it's not a game, it's really a struggle beyond anything I've ever seen in my life, and the players are only "fronts" for the ultimate battle of good versus evil.

Thank you @POTUS and family.
For your unbelievable sacrifice, for us.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain. You can also read this online here.