Monday, June 24, 2019

10 Questions For E. Jean Carroll, Who Has Accused The President Of Rape

Regarding this:
1. You have run a dating advice column/matchmaking service (for many years) but say you’re too traumatized to be in a relationship since the event?

2. Why make the claim, but not press charges, if you have possible evidence?
3. Lingerie next to expensive eveningwear and nobody heard or saw anything from the dressing room?

4. Trump is germophobic - he recently threw someone out of a meeting for coughing. But no condom?

5. Trump is legally astute. Why ruin his career over a fiftysomething stranger? (No offense to fifty somethings, that’s my neighborhood too.)
6. Bergdorf items are extremely expensive. Lingerie is small and prone to theft. They just left it out for random people to try on?

7. You left the coat dress out for 20 years, and then recently put it on for a photo shoot, why?

8. How do you go from being totally responsible for what happened (you said you blamed yourself) to not responsible for anything at all? This even though you went willingly with a stranger to a closed-door room “to try on lingerie” and laughed the entire time, even after he initiated sex with you?
9. Stranger rape accounts for about 20% of attacks and rapists tend to behave serially. Trump started in his 50s?

10. You admit to prior trauma and to wanting justice for other women. You have a dramatic flair. Not to be insensitive, but are you taking something out on him?
I like your advice column and am sorry what you went through. I admire your heart too. But this isn’t the way to help other women. You are hurting the cause of genuine victims by making other people’s real claims look fake.
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