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Let Go In Order To Fly

Sometimes you have to let go in order to fly. Shed the branding stuff to spend more of my personal time on citizen research. WHOO!

Transcript of Jacob Wohl/Laura Loomer Periscope (February 24, 2019) - Rush Transcript: Attributions Need To Be Validated

Transcript of Jacob Wohl/Laura Loomer Periscope (Rush Transcript; Attributions Need To Be Validated) February 24, 2019
JW: All right. For some reason Periscope cut out on us.Yeah, should we just pick up where we left off, because everybody always just—
LL: Watch the previous Periscope before and you can get the update but essentiallywe were talking about Ilhan Omar and how we're here on the ground in Minnesota.
LL: Ilhan tonight is in Tampa, Florida speaking at the fundraiser for the Islamic Relief, which has been designated as a terrorist organization, they had their accounts shut down by HSBC because of terror financing.She was speaking side by side next to one of the officials for the Islamic Relief, the largest Islamic charity in America, who has called for the killing of Jews and posted threats about Jews, so you know this woman is not sorry for being a Jew-hater.
JW: You know one of the things that I -- that I learned today is I went into the community…

Federal Communication Is National Security

I was thinking about this idea that “federal communication is national security” today (that in a way, it is similar to cybersecurity) and developed the below logical flow as a way of thinking about it. 
Clearly, the post raises more questions than it answers. That's okay with me.   _______________ 1. Disinformation is a tool of war.“There can be a continuing struggle to define the national and international debate/discussion on terms favorable to one side, causing a clash between the competing narratives of the actors involved. This is often what is referred to as the ‘battle of the narrative.’” - Commander’s Communication Synchronization Joint Doctrine Note (JDN 2-13), pp. ix-x “Insurgents are not constrained by truth; they create propaganda that furthers their aims. Insurgent propaganda may include lying, deception, and creating false causes…. point out the insurgency’s propaganda and lies.” - U.S. Counterinsurgency Field Manual (FM 3-24), p. 5-82. The threats posted by disinforma…

First They Came For The Muslims

We tend to look at things from our own little corner of the world and I suppose I am no exception.

Over the past few years, hate crimes against Jews have spiked, and my focus as a Jew has been on my own community. "You feel the hate rising," said one Jewish person in France, where hate incidents increased by 74% in 2018.

Here in the States, earlier this month a yeshiva in Monsey, New York was torched, with swastikas spray-painted outside. And last Friday night, Jewish residents of Bushwick (Brooklyn), New York were sitting down to Sabbath dinner at a local synagogue when somebody smashed the windows.

This of course is not a laundry list of crimes. I could go on and on about the kids who threw pennies at my daughter's friend in school. The catcalls when we went on vacation in Florida. The sinister, not friendly "Shalom" aimed at my husband more than once.

I could talk to you about the synagogues that are sending their members out on patrol, every weekend. The sec…

Horrible Managers Do These 5 Things

"First, Let's Fire All The Managers," cried Gary Hamel in 2011. Soon, endorsed by no less than the Harvard Business Review, the idea of "de-layering" caught on, and "cutting the fat" often means shedding highly paid executives, from Starbucks to Coca-Cola. However, as Hamel pointed out, the role of the manager is not the problem. Rather, issue has to do with the faulty, hierarchical system that produces them, "a top-heavy management model that is both cumbersome and costly."Why are so many managers so horrible that Hollywood loves to poke fun at them? (Office SpaceHorrible Bosses)? Typically, it's because there is a role conflict inherent in their jobs: Their true customer base, the people who hire and fire them, consists of organizational leadership. As such, the needs of their employees -- the human beings they are supposed to manage to productivity -- are instantly superseded by anyone higher than themselves.This reality, which one …