WWII, 9/11, ISIS, & “Russiagate” — Milestones in a Project Plan?

The movie The Sum of All Fears centers on a planned “false flag” attack aimed at getting the United States and Russia to attack each other with nuclear weapons.

By artificially creating a war, a movie villain seeks to establish control over Europe. Was the 2016 election part of a similar plan?

The anonymous individual known has #QAnon has repeatedly alluded to the movie The Sum of All Fears. This individual seems to indicate that the election of 2016 interrupted a plan to instigate World War III by pitting the U.S. and Russia against one another, and in the process creating a false narrative about North Korea and Iran.

I wondered about this again the other day as I recalled that last year, on June 15, 2017, an anonymous Twitter user going by the handle @usnjack posted a series of Tweets with a similar premise. I originally posted them online verbatim as a PowerPoint using @usnjack’s terminology, “Stopping the Fourth Reich” (text only version here).

What makes this idea especially concerning is the mainstream report that the late U.S. Senator Prescott Bush, grandfather of George Bush, actually helped the Nazis become the powerful monsters they were. As the UK newspaper The Guardian noted in 2014.
"George Bush’s grandfather, the late US senator Prescott Bush, was a director and shareholder of companies that profited from their involvement with the financial backers of Nazi Germany. 
The Guardian has obtained confirmation from newly discovered files in the US National Archives that a firm of which Prescott Bush was a director was involved with the financial architects of Nazism. 
His business dealings, which continued until his company’s assets were seized in 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy Act, has led more than 60 years later to a civil action for damages being brought in Germany against the Bush family by two former slave labourers at Auschwitz and to a hum of pre-election controversy."
In order to help the reader digest the information, it is split into two parts:

Part I: Former Twitter user @usnjack’s comments, excerpted and adapted for this post (some minor editing has been done for the purpose of legibility and flow).

Part II: Direct statements by Q that allude to “the sum of all fears.”

PART I: “@NavyJack”

The CIA and the Nazis

"Senior Nazi officers were recruited to lead what was to become the CIA during Operation Paperclip. Gen. Reinhard Gehlen persuaded the U.S. Army and then the CIA to sponsor his intelligence network even though he employed numerous former Nazis and known war criminals. 
The German Intelligence Services (BND) were a continuation of the 3rd Reich Intelligence Service."

The Nazis and Fascist Globalism


Why did Hitler lose World War II? Because three nations refused to accept Fascist Globalism…today we see them once again struggling to resist it.
  • The UK, with their #BREXIT referendum.
  • Russia, fighting against the Globalist-led takeovers of the Ukraine and Syria, and being encircled by the forces of NATO in the Balkans and Eastern Europe.
  • The United States, with the election of Donald Trump.

The Muslim Brotherhood and Nazi Germany

"There is a deep historical relationship between the Muslim Brotherhood and Nazi Germany. 
  • During WWII (1941–1945): Hitler used the forces of the Muslim Brotherhood to subsume Eastern Europe.
  • After WWII, under every U.S. administration since John F. Kennedy (1964-present): The United States has used the forces of the Muslim Brotherhood against Russia.
  • President H.W. Bush (~1990): A major element of the breakup of the former Soviet Union was the use of these forces in Afghanistan, Croatia and Serbia.
  • President Barack Obama (2008–2016): These forces, known under various names including ISIS, Ansar al Sharia and al Nusra Front, were successful in creating the “Arab Spring,” causing the overthrow of Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Northern Iraq, Yemen and Syria. Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain systematically overthrew every Arab nation that outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • President Donald Trump (2016-present): With the election of Donald Trump, this Muslim Brotherhood advance has been halted."

The Muslim Brotherhood and Europe

"The European Union is headed by direct descendants of Hitler’s highest-ranking officers. It forces its member nations to import hordes of fighting-age Muslim males from Muslim Brotherhood nations. As such, the forces of the Muslim Brotherhood were once again used by Germany to invade Europe, under Prime Minister Angela Merkel.

We know that the EU has created debt slaves of every nation and individual within the EU. We know that Germany is the “payee” of these debts.

What you may not know is that the EU started as a “free trade” agreement. The nations that signed on did not intend to lose their sovereignty, but the agreement was structured to install dynastic leadership without elections or the consent of the people.

Ultimately, the EU was structured using fascist economics. Economics that would ensure the domination of Germany over the other nations. Economics that would force these nations to surrender to Germany using debt, instead of war as their weapon."

Significance of Nationalist Trade

"Donald Trump ran on the promise of nationalism, pushing back on Globalist trade deals like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

The plans to leverage NAFTA to create the North America Union were codified in secret under President George W. Bush. Heidi Cruz, wife of Senator Ted Cruz, was the financial architect of these plans.

The TPP, like the EU “free trade” agreement, was designed to force the United States to let go of its sovereignty and Constitution.

There was also a secret agreement to start the implementation of these plans under Hillary Clinton as President."

The “Ultimate” Plan

"You don’t fight Russia and America. You get Russia and America to fight each other and destroy each other."

Part II: QAnon References to “The Sum of all Fears”

The second part of this blog consists of quotes directly from QAnon, with the original date of posting, in chronological order. For this section, all material is directly quoted. (Source: qmap.pub)
"Q!ITPb.qbhqo 22 Nov 2017–4:28:01 PM
Iran Deal.
Why is this relevant?
Re-read drops re: NK / Iran.
(Y) What does it mean to be covered in gold?
Which couple was photographed covered in gold?
The public release was a mistake.
Who released the picture?
Who has all the information?
(Y) What does it mean to be covered in gold?
Can you locate one other pic w/ Y head covered in gold?
What does this represent?

Q!ITPb.qbhqo 22 Nov 2017–5:07:59 PM

Where did it end up?
What was the purpose?
Who was suppose to win the election of 2016?
Why was the Iran deal kept from Congress and placed at the highest level of classification?
Meaning, a United States Senator could NOT review the deal but other foreign powers could.
How much money was hand delivered by plane(s)?
Why in cash?
Where did the plane(s) actually land?
What was the cover?
Who paid for BO to attend Harvard?
Why would this occur pre-political days?
Who was the biggest contributor to the CF?
The graphic is the key.
Why does the MSM push conspiracy w/o investigation?
Who controls the MSM?
What does the word ‘conspiracy’ mean to you?
Has the word ‘conspiracy’ been branded to mean something shameful in today’s society?
The world cannot handle the truth.
This pill cannot be swallowed by most.
Risk in painting this picture.

Q!ITPb.qbhqo 30 Nov 2017–12:38:37 AM

Focus on Hussein.
Revelations coming very very soon.
HUMA — SA — Hussein.
HLR (first).
Civil rights attorney.
13th District — Sen.
Hussein v HRC v McCain.
Why is this relevant?
Follow the money pre-pres.
Follow the connections pre-pres.
Why does Hussein travel ahead of POTUS?
Why did Hussein travel behind POTUS?
Think Asia.
Think NK.
What was told re: NK during the past 8 years?
What dramatic shift occurred re: NK post election of POTUS?
Define hostage.
The Sum of all Fears.
Why are sexual harassment claims all appearing suddenly?
What is a pill?
When is it hard to swallow?
How do you remove your enemies from positions of influence and authority?
Define stages.
Define puppets.
Define puppet handlers.
Define proxy war.
Define proxy war.
Define proxy war.
Expand your thinking.
Why is Justice stalling release of c-level info?
Does POTUS control all matters classified?
Have faith.
These people are losers!

Q!UW.yye1fxo 6 Mar 2018–11:30:38 AM

Anonymous 6 Mar 2018–11:24:22 AM



Wait & see.
Re_read drops — you have more than you know.
Eyes in the SKY.

Q!UW.yye1fxo 10 Mar 2018–5:57:14 PM

The Nazi order.
NWO [N does not refer to “New”].
The Sum of All Fears.
Stage SET.

Q!UW.yye1fxo 10 Mar 2018–6:07:05 PM

Nazis and the Vatican Photo

Q!xowAT4Z3VQ 30 Apr 2018–11:51:06 AM

Define the terms of the Iran nuclear deal.
Does the agreement define & confine cease & desist ‘PRO’ to the republic of Iran?
What if Iran created a classified ‘satellite’ Nuclear facility in Northern Syria?
What if the program never ceased?
What other bad actors are possibly involved?
Did the U.S. know?
Where did the cash payments go?
How many planes delivered?
Did all planes land in same location?
Where did the U1 material end up?
Is this material traceable?
Define cover.
What if U1 material ended up in Syria?
What would be the primary purpose?
SUM OF ALL FEARS. In the movie, where did the material come from?
What country?
What would happen if Russia or another foreign state supplied Uranium to Iran/Syria?
What does U1 provide?
Define cover.
Why did we strike Syria?
Why did we really strike Syria?
Define cover.
Patriots in control.
By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are those of the author. Public domain.

How To Get Hired In 2019

Most career articles are boring and repetitive. I'm not going to waste your precious time with bland crap.
  1. Do something career-ish part-time. It really doesn't matter what you do. It matters that you're motivated enough to do it. Developing the habit of success on your own terms is a great way to increase your confidence and grow your skills. Start a business. Become a sales rep. Teach. Write. Make painted denim jean jackets. Etc.
  2. Stand for something. We live in a time when free speech, and consequently free thought, is under attack. Many people scrub their online presence to avoid offending anyone. Stop doing that. Instead, say what you think. Be yourself. (If you are an insane psychopath, don't do this.)
  3. Do something fun every week. I personally like to go to the movies. For me, it's a rare treat to actually sit in the theater, and now you can recline with your feet up. Do you like nature? Go to the park. How about a nice gel manicure? Enjoy it. People who do fun things are people with a happy disposition. Hiring managers like to have happy people around.
  4. Connect emotionally. This isn't the same as having fun. It's about engaging on a human level with the world. Could mean you have a heart-to-heart talk with a loved one. Or maybe you volunteer at a nursing home. Whatever. Stay rooted in the world of people -- get out of your own head regularly. Successful people are tuned in to what other people are thinking, and connecting emotionally with others regularly helps you to develop that skill.
  5. Read, read, read. You have to learn to stay relevant. Again, it doesn't matter what you enjoy, just grow your mind. Once an interviewer asked me: "What's the last book you read?" And my answer was: "I don't read books." No I did not get that job. (Someone else I know got the same question, and answered: "Satan: An Autobiography." They got hired.)
Want to know what kinds of career skills will be useful next year? Think of the 5 C's:
  • Computer-enabled customer service -- everything from programming artificial intelligence solutions, to collaboration consulting, to workflow automation
  • Coding -- anything - everything - eternally useful
  • Cybersecurity -- no sign of the job market letting up there
  • Cryptocurrency/blockchain -- particularly the latter
  • Cannabis marketing for medical use -- or marketing for any emerging product where the positioning is in flux
A final thought: There is always opportunity. The key is to hunker down, focus, stay positive and be willing to change course as needed.

Good luck!

Copyright 2018 by Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. This post is hereby released into the public domain. Creative Commons photo via Pixabay.

Reflections on a Sweet, Non-Forced Rosh HaShanah

We sat at the table and went through the ritual. Fruit by fruit, vegetable by vegetable, blessing by blessing.

In my mind I translated the words and tried to figure out how they fit together with one another.

Nobody cared if I made a perfect table, sat the perfect length of time, wore the perfect clothes to shul or stood in the service perfectly for the whole time.

In turn, or maybe I should say return, I didn't feel the need to rebel against the strictures of religion.

Instead, in shul, I took a cup of coffee and read the book I borrowed from Chabad in Florida.

The lesson that struck me the most was Moshe Rabenu, in Tetzaveh, telling HaShem to write him out of the Torah if HaShem would reject the Jewish people for sinning.

Especially as today is the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on America, I really related to the idea of the leader who cared more about the people than himself. So much so that he would passionately defend them to God, and remove his name from any endeavor where the people weren't redeemed.

It was rainy weather and I did a fair amount of napping, along with the usual reading and studies of current events.

God is good. He made the days feel peaceful.

I am grateful for His kindness, warmth and peace this holiday.
Copyright 2018 by Dr. Dannielle (Dossy) Blumenthal. All opinions are Dr. Blumenthal's own. Creative Commons photo via Pixabay. This post is hereby released into the public domain.

Sexual Trauma & Toxic Shame on Rosh HaShana

Historically victims of sexual trauma in the Orthodox Jewish community have been told, explicitly or implicitly, that while what happened to them was tragic, it was also somehow their fault, and they should keep quiet about it anyway, because their dirtiness would somehow leak out onto everybody else, and somehow pollute the air in the synagogue if discussed, not to mention the Shabbos table, and of course the information about their personal Hell could ruin the chances of them or someone else getting a decent shidduch.

And if you think that all this mental baggage is not continuously being placed on the victims of sexual trauma in the Orthodox Jewish community then you are either living in a very healthy place remote from most other Orthodox Jewish communities or you are less than fully informed.

The fact is that God, in His infinite love for us, cries flowing rivers of tears for the victims of sexual trauma.

On Rosh HaShana, when we present ourselves to Him in fear, because we know we are sinners by nature, and in repentance for the times when we were less than our best selves, we are 100% prone to thinking that the bruises inflicted by other people on our bodies and souls are somehow the result of immodesty. Impurity. Some sort of evil resting in our deepest selves, which triggers “recognition” among perpetrators for whom such behavior is “natural.” And so we should expect they will look for people that exhibit the “typical signs” of a victim (or worse, in this sick way of thinking, “someone who wants it.”)

All of this thinking is false. It is a way for the victim, and the community, to try and comprehend how someone “innocent” could be attacked. So the thinking goes, “they must not be innocent.”


Reality check: There is no way to rationalize sexual assault.

It exists because man (and woman, as there are female perpetrators too) is half-holy and half-beast.

This Rosh HaShana, please look around you and extend your warmth and love to the survivors of sexual trauma who live in your community. They aren’t walking around with a sign on their foreheads. They are as likely to be male as female. And they are judging themselves so harshly all the time it is a miracle if they make it through shul intact.

Or if they show up there at all.
By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. The author hereby releases this content into the public domain. All opinions are the author’s own. Creative Commons photo via Pixabay.

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