Monday, November 19, 2018

USAgov for Researchers

It is difficult to find official government information. Perhaps one solution could be to use – jump from topic page.


  • Main page:
  • Icon: TBD
  • Topic name: Public Information
  • Description: Get official information on government data, statistics, audits, reports, federal court cases, file a Freedom of Information Act request, and more. 


Content: similar to - do a grid:


  1. Court Cases – Search Federal court cases – link to –
  2. Official Data Sets – Search –
  3. Inspectors General reports –
  4. GAO reports –
  5. FOIA - – the portal already exists
  6. Fact Sheets – I don’t think we already have a super-portal, but we could create a search that crawls individual agency sites in the beginning (e.g. State,
  7. Press Releases – same as above
  8. Historical Research – similar to NARA
  9. Government Photos – we could aggregate government photos in one place (perhaps start with Flickr)


This page would be enormously helpful to anyone seeking official information or validation from the Federal government.


It seems there already is a “For Media and Partners” page on USAgov with feature articles


However the researcher is likely to want to find their own data and then curate stories out of that.


It seems like we already have the data and the sites. Not too heavy a lift to bring it together.


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