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Why Do Jews Run Away?

There's really no other way to say this, so I'm just going to put it out there.

When you preach a certain set of values, but practice a completely other one, people pay attention and get mad.

A yeshiva education cost about $25-30,000 in after-tax income per kid when we sent our kids to school. Now the cost is probably higher.

What are you getting for the money?

When we sent our kids to school, we really looked to the yeshiva to teach them how to be religious. Both of us worked full-time, not just to afford the yeshiva but also kosher food, summer camp, and the higher cost of living in walking distance to the shul.

In the younger years the education went well. There was a lot of emphasis on the emotionally positive aspects of yiddishkeit. But as the kids got older, the school began to "teach to the test," and Chumash became yet another exercise in anxiety over grades.

We were fortunate to come from a family with solid values. Our grandparents, and our parents, had va…

Transcript: Testimony of John Ramirez, Redeemed Satanist

ALL MATERIAL QUOTED: This is a transcript of video testimony by John Ramirez, who says he was saved from a lifetime of serving the devil. I believe that he is telling the truth about his experience even as I believe that there is only one God, who is omnipotent and cannot be personified. This video is not and should not be construed as an endorsement or condemnation of any religion or belief system, with the exception of Satanism and all its offshoots, which are fundamentally evil. – Dannielle (Dossy) Blumenthal
Background I grew up in a neighborhood where I witnessed my first murder fetching milk. It was 3 meters from me, they shot the guy 7 times, it was young boys. I saw murder after murder after murder.

To survive in the streets of the South Bronx you had to be a killer, you had to be a murderer. You had to be smart, you had to be smart.
Early Satanic Training From my father's side, there were only witches and wizards. We were immersed in witchcraft. We had a contract, an all…

We Are Living In Surreal Times

The other day—after someone decapitated an animal and dumped it on an employee’s front porch—the media reported that @DHSgov sent out a memo warning its employees to keep a low profile.
We also learned that @PressSec went home after being expelled from a restaurant, but her in-laws did not and the proprietor of the first restaurant organized a protest over there.
Florida’s attorney general was verbally attacked at a movie theater.
@RepMaxineWaters told the public that @POTUS Cabinet should know “no peace,” and then after coming under fire from her own party, said she had meant no harm and was only concerned for the children.
I used to work at @DHSgov and the staff there surely has varying political views but also surely is living in fear and anger at the way that certain domestic terrorists have characterized them as terrorists themselves.
Separately I have been reading about @fema camps especially since someone who lives on a military base told me she saw cots laid out in anticipatio…

Federal Communication, A National Security Imperative

Someone is trying to provoke a civil war, "soft" or otherwise, in the United States. Rep. Steve King recently stated as much and his comments received wide coverage. Certainly the insanely provocative actions of anti-Administration protesters lend credence to the theory. In just the past week or so:
New York State gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon called Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) "a terrorist organization." Someone posted the names of their employees and then the domestic terror group Antifa went a step further by posting their home addresses. (This is the same group that has been blocking entry to an ICE facilityin Oregon.)Protesters confront Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen as she eats dinnerat a Washington, D.C. restaurant. Then they protest outside her home.Press Secretary Sarah Sanders is thrown out of the Red Hen, a restaurant in Virginia, by its owner who then continues the tirade at the next restaurant her family visits.Rep…

It’s Not A Mitzvah To Look Disgusting

Like many of you, perhaps, I have about five thousand pairs of black pants complemented (not complimented, because they’re all sort of baggy and gross) by pretty fair number of shapeless black skirts.
When I wear the the baggy pants, my husband sometimes calls me “Reb Dovid” because he says I am dressing like my great-grandfather, a”h, who was a rabbi and who dressed very simply, in the Lithuanian style, because he was always learning Torah.
Reb Dovid. for the record, was Rabbi David Garfinkel and he was my favorite ancestor who I never met. This is principally because he was so humble and thoughtful about other people. A famous story about him is the time on Shabbos when the non-Jewish maid spilled the Shabbos wine and he knocked over a cup also to spare her shame.
The second thing I love about my great-grandfather is his classic statement: “Just don’t make the world worse.” In a world where everyone wants to be a super-wealthy, super-influential, world-saving superstar by the age of 15…

Ben Szemkus & James Alefantis Talked Pizza...Literally. Pizza Crust. (Transcript)

In February 2007, Ben Szemkus (pronounced SHEM-kus) went to what he would later describe as a "very weird party." He now thinks it was a recruitment event for #NXIVM. Here he discusses it. “The Tanster” is the interviewer. Ben Szemkus is the interviewee.

T: "You're telling people that you went to a cult mixer in 2007 and there were 3 high-ranking Democrats there who are to my knowledge extremely connected to Hillary Clinton and Keith Raneire, I do not know everything about the subject, but I hear he was run out of Arkansas--I hear he's *from* New York. So the question there, is for how long has Keith Raneire been doing nice things for Hillary Clinton? And what are those nice things?"

BS: “ Well I remember that dude from the, uh, there used to be those stupid, what was it like, uh, not factory direct but there was these dumb commercials back in the 80s—that I remember, like the USA channel real late at night that I remember, uh, but you could see him on these …

Ben Szemkus: Guests At A 2007 NXIVM "Mixer" Allegedly Included Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin, James Alefantis, Eric Schneiderman, & Stormy Daniels

If you don’t have patience to read all this: See interview #1 here, posted May 29, 2018 and interview #2 here, posted June 9, 2018. May 15, 2018 This is the date that Szemkus recalls attending “a strange party” (the NXIVM mixer) in 2007.
May 21, 2018: Blog Post & Comment“I recently spoke to a man named Ben Szemkus who attended a mixer in Hamden, CT 2/07. He said that his friend took classes at Yale and she invited him to attend a gathering in the apartment of a young woman.” —  “TheTanster

Below the blog, an individual identifying himself as Szemkus posted several comments, which appear below. They are unedited except for paragraph breaks added for readability.  “As I am watching the recent news there is the arrests of Allison Mack and Keith Raniere Leaders of the NXIVM Group.
“A sense of intrigue prodded Me to look deeper into what is going on and how the alleged Sex Clut might have gotten to where it is now. Something which gave Me weird senses of Deja Vu looking at photographs…