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Purim 2018: Seeing The Light Of Redemption

Sharing a thread I posted yesterday, 2/27/2018, on Twitter: "Starting a thread to talk about the nature of revelation, and its connection to the arrival of the Messiah, which we are seeing now, in our time." 
We assume that people don't know how bad things actually are, because if they knew, then they would stop it. 

The truth is that the mind cannot handle too much truth at any one time, especially truth of a disturbing nature, but also truth of the positive kind.

In spiritual terms, truth is light.

Creation begins with God separating the light from the darkness.

Before Creation, the Universe was a mixture such that Heaven and Earth were indistinguishable.

God created a thing, then, called "Heaven" and He separated from a thing called "Earth." These of course are the spiritual and physical planes of existence, and there is a continuum that runs in between.

Genesis 1, Verse 3: "And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.

Light …

Just Step Over The Dead Bodies

It wasn’t what they said at the event. It was what they did not say. The gloomy feel to the room of professional federal communicators.
Technically, it shouldn’t have been that way. The overall numbers — meaning, the annual U.S. Office of Personnel Management Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey results — show that federal employee morale has increased since President Trump took office, by 2.1 points.

According to the Partnership for Public Service, which conducts an annual “Best Places To Work In The Federal Government” analysis each year, this increase is the largest jump annually in the history of the rankings. (They also note that the increase in morale continues a trend that began during the Obama administration, e.g. the trendline is up for three years running.)

But agood researcher has to go beyond the overall numbers and look at individual Departments and agencies. There, the picture is decidedly more mixed; for example NASA employees are apparently the happiest and most engaged…

Heeding The Call of God

This post originated as a Twitter thread after hearing just a few minutes of "Weekly Wisdom" by Pastor @KeithBattle, WPGC 95.5 FM, Sunday, February 18, 2018. Please note that I'm not promoting any specific religion here, only that we learn good things from wherever we can. 

The sermon was about the succession from the Prophet Elijah to the Prophet Elisha (I Kings 19:15-20).
In a nutshell: God tells Prophet Elijah to anoint the farmer Elisha to succeed him. Elijah throws his cloak around Elisha, who leaves his oxen abruptly, and says - let me check with Mom and Dad then I'm coming.

Pastor Battle explains the deeper meaning behind this event in a way that is meaningful to me as someone who wants to do God's will.

Elisha had no idea that he was going to succeed Elijah. Frequently, the person who is called to a Godly task is called unawares.Elisha was a simple farmer. So to be called by God, Ivy League schooling is not required.Elisha was doing something when he was c…

The Jewish View of Redemption

The Rambam, Rabbi Moshe the son of Maimon (1135-1204), known to most as Maimonides, was a world-renowned Jewish theologian and secular scholar who  codified "13 Principles of Faith" for the Jewish people, also known as the "Ani Ma'amin" prayer, meaning "I believe."
The thirteenth prayer expresses one's belief in the future resurrection of the dead and is understood to refer to the Messianic Age.
We do not know exactly what will happen during this time, though we do have a general belief that Redemption will involve a large-scale war and that during the conflicts to take place, the "mixed multitude" (Erev Rav, godless/faithless/"fake" Jews) will be destroyed along with the faithless members of other religions who blindly hate the Jews.
It is not necessary for Jews and Muslims to be at war. During his lifetime, the Rambam at first lived in peace under Islamic rule in his native country of Spain. Even when Muslim extremists took …

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