Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Purim 2018: Seeing The Light Of Redemption

Sharing a thread I posted yesterday, 2/27/2018, on Twitter: "Starting a thread to talk about the nature of revelation, and its connection to the arrival of the Messiah, which we are seeing now, in our time." 

We assume that people don't know how bad things actually are, because if they knew, then they would stop it. 


The truth is that the mind cannot handle too much truth at any one time, especially truth of a disturbing nature, but also truth of the positive kind.

In spiritual terms, truth is light.

Creation begins with God separating the light from the darkness.

Before Creation, the Universe was a mixture such that Heaven and Earth were indistinguishable.

God created a thing, then, called "Heaven" and He separated from a thing called "Earth." These of course are the spiritual and physical planes of existence, and there is a continuum that runs in between.

Genesis 1, Verse 3: "And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.

Light is the distinguishing feature that made the "formless," "empty" earth meaningful and useful. "God saw that the light was good." "God called the light 'day.'"

In the English language, when someone provides insight into a thing - when they help us understand it - we say that the person "shed light" on the matter. Understanding things is good.

But there can be such a thing as too much knowing.

We are told a kabbalistic tale that "four men went into paradise," meaning they meditated heavily and reached Heaven-they saw Truth. Only 1 (the sage Rabbi Akiva) emerged intact. Of the other 3, 1 died, 1 lost his mind, and the other became a heretic.

All of this runup is to say - don't lose faith. God is coming. God is already here.

You may have heard that Google is on a censorship rampage. But before you freak out about this, consider: What does it do to the reputation of Google, and Twitter, and Facebook, too, when they are seen as censoring free speech?

Ask yourself why they would come out of the shadows, so to speak, and tip their hand.

The answer, in my view, is that somebody is running scared.

Why did Lynn de Rothschild announce that she is deleting her Twitter app? (The app, mind you, not the service itself, which leads one to wonder if she knows the difference, or whether she thinks we are just fools.)

Others have said, and I think it is true, that powerful people like to play a game.

They don't want to win outright, so they do things to level the playing field in false ways - like letting us have elections. Social media. Freedom of the press, such as it is.

But the entire game-playing process, for elites, is premised on the belief that they will necessarily win in the end. Because they are superior.

By all accounts, when Donald Trump won the American election for President in 2016, the elites fell backward in shock.

The President (has) said about us, "the people are wise." 

Sheriff Israel says that the lions don't follow the sheep. 

Who does Sheriff Israel hang out with?

The fact that there is such a frantic race to monopolize the narrative with one side of the story - to use children to do it - to censor the voice of the opposition - and perhaps, horrifying as it may sound, to stage or exploit tragic events - is evidence.

If this is a game, and we are pawns in it, the pawns are turning the tables.

If this is a game, they are the architects of their own demise. 

Because with God's help, what is happening, ever so slowly, like a frog that has been boiled in water and is now being returned to proper room temperature, is that the people are, one might say, "seeing the light."

The more lies they throw at the people, the more we see "The Great Awakening" for real.

Let's talk about current events.

Followers of #QAnon are not shocked to see the words "occult pedophile elites" in a sentence anymore.

God help us, we have even come to learn the word "reptilian."

There is a website, which I hope you will check out, that contains some extensive documentation on the subject of taking our country back from these weird sick f---s. If you're interested, please start here.

Our military is comprised of incredible human beings.

Our Presidents are heroes too. 

Yes, even the ones who did bad things, also did good.

Our law enforcement community puts their lives at risk every single day, and never gets the credit.

What is happening to save our planet exists because of God, who is coming for the victims (of abuse). 

He has awakened the sleeping giant that is the United States of America.

The sick freaks who thought they could get away with murder were completely wrong. 

So wrong.

God has only allowed them to exercise the pretense of winning, so that you would have free choice.

Tomorrow night (author's note: tonight; this blog is being posted 2/28/2018) is the Jewish holiday of Purim, when we celebrate the fact that the evil Haman's plot to annihilate the Jews was revealed, and the kingdom of Persia was restored from the silent corruption that had overtaken it.

Believe me when I say that in this long and awful war, this toxic war, this decades-long effort to destroy the nuclear family, to turn women into men and vice versa, to ensnare and enslave the children, and violate them, and kill fetuses - God will fight the final battle.

Believe me when I say that the tools that they have tried to use against us, will be turned in full upon them.

And in the beautiful and prosperous times to come, those who acknowledge and serve God in fear and in faith and in love will all come into the light.

Do you think it is an accident that they just discovered proof of Isaiah's existence, in Israel? 

What did Isaiah prophesy in 66:23? 

There are no accidents, or coincidences. 


Copyright 2017 by Dr. Dannielle (Dossy) Blumenthal. All opinions are Dr. Blumenthal's own. This post is hereby released into the public domain. Photo via Wikipedia.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Just Step Over The Dead Bodies

It wasn’t what they said at the event. It was what they did not say. The gloomy feel to the room of professional federal communicators.

Technically, it shouldn’t have been that way. The overall numbers — meaning, the annual U.S. Office of Personnel Management Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey results — show that federal employee morale has increased since President Trump took office, by 2.1 points.

According to the Partnership for Public Service, which conducts an annual “Best Places To Work In The Federal Government” analysis each year, this increase is the largest jump annually in the history of the rankings. (They also note that the increase in morale continues a trend that began during the Obama administration, e.g. the trendline is up for three years running.)

But agood researcher has to go beyond the overall numbers and look at individual Departments and agencies. There, the picture is decidedly more mixed; for example NASA employees are apparently the happiest and most engaged in the federal government, whereas employees of the U.S. Secret Service are the most miserable.

And from my little tiny perch in my tiny little corner of the world, it sure looks like a lot of federal communicators are leaving the civil service. Leaving in their wake employees more likely to express positive views.

Maybe I am biased. But as somebody said recently on Twitter (and sometimes I do ask myself if I’ve “forgotten how to read,” as others seem to be doing, if I’m sitting here quoting Twitter to you) I trust my personal experience, observation, and intuition as a source of data. And especially given how progressively consolidated, corporate-owned and manipulated the media is, it would be foolish to form opinions based solely on the headlines.

A favorite topic of conversation between me and my older daughter is “gut instinct.” When should you trust it? How do you know what is it trying to tell you? And are those instincts, particularly fear instincts, worth listening to?

You can look at it from both angles, I always say. On the one hand we really do have “The Gift of Fear,” and there are definitely people who give off such a scary and creepy vibe that even their photos warn me to stay the hell away from them.

On the other hand, though, fear and worry frequently also exist in a way that is disconnected from environmental signals. In other words, we learn to be afraid and we can also learn how to retrain our brains to stop seeing danger everywhere.

But what I saw and felt in that room triggered more than just my gut instincts. It did not set off my fear. What I experienced, today, was an acute sensitivity to the people who did not make it into the room.

I was feeling the absence of my colleagues who dedicated several decades of their lives to the cause of making government-speak just a little bit more understandable.

And while I was wowed at the show of strategic and technical prowess I witnessed in today’s remarks, I was saddened for the government’s loss of sheer, no-bullshit institutional knowledge and attitude.

It is possible to do communication at a very human level, incorporating all the tools of the trade, and still never scratch the surface of what it is that the public actually wants us to do.

If we are looking for a metric for federal communication success, we only need to ask one question, as Gallup did in 2013:
How much trust and confidence do you have in the agencies and departments of the federal government when it comes to carrying out the functions of the federal government — a great deal, a fair amount, not very much or none at all?
Back then, 52% of survey respondents answered in the affirmative: either they felt “a great deal” or “a fair amount” of trust in the federal government’s ability to do its work.

Instead of figuratively “stepping over the dead bodies” of accusations left unanswered, questions that linger, and communicators that leave wordlessly from the civil service, we would do well to add that question to a quarterly, statistically viable poll administered by the government, for the public to answer each year.

Where you have satisfied customers you have employees that are satisfied, too.

The federal government would do well to adequately staff the federal communications function, and to support and empower its practitioners to deliver the information that people want and need to hear.

Truthful, accurate, timely, relevant information.

All the time.

Information that others can rely on for its validity, clarity, and completely nonpartisan nature.


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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Heeding The Call of God

This post originated as a Twitter thread after hearing just a few minutes of "Weekly Wisdom" by Pastor @KeithBattle, WPGC 95.5 FM, Sunday, February 18, 2018. Please note that I'm not promoting any specific religion here, only that we learn good things from wherever we can. 

The sermon was about the succession from the Prophet Elijah to the Prophet Elisha (I Kings 19:15-20).
In a nutshell: God tells Prophet Elijah to anoint the farmer Elisha to succeed him. Elijah throws his cloak around Elisha, who leaves his oxen abruptly, and says - let me check with Mom and Dad then I'm coming.

Pastor Battle explains the deeper meaning behind this event in a way that is meaningful to me as someone who wants to do God's will.

  • Elisha had no idea that he was going to succeed Elijah. Frequently, the person who is called to a Godly task is called unawares.
  • Elisha was a simple farmer. So to be called by God, Ivy League schooling is not required.
  • Elisha was doing something when he was called: he was plowing the field with his oxen. God changed his direction. An object in motion remains in motion - it can turn. But if you're idle, it's hard to get you to do anything.
  • Elisha was so excited to be called by Elijah. But first, he checked with his parents. People should be suspicious of those who call them to some higher duty, but don't want to give them the chance to check in with loved ones.
  • Elijah gave Elisha a little time to absorb the news. When you're asking someone to take on a big task, you have to give them that time and not expect them to just jump.
  • For Elisha to take on the task, he had to leave his home. When God calls us to do something, we have to accept that it will mean giving something else up - something, someone, or some place.
  • Being fixated on a particular place can be a form of idol worship.

Hope you enjoyed these words, which are words of wisdom, inspired by the Lord. May you spend your day in meaningful pursuits.
Copyright 2017 by Dr. Dannielle (Dossy) Blumenthal. All opinions are Dr. Blumenthal's own. Photo credit: Comfreak via Pixabay (CC0 Creative Commons). This post is hereby released into the public domain.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Jewish View of Redemption

The Rambam, Rabbi Moshe the son of Maimon (1135-1204), known to most as Maimonides, was a world-renowned Jewish theologian and secular scholar who  codified "13 Principles of Faith" for the Jewish people, also known as the "Ani Ma'amin" prayer, meaning "I believe."

The thirteenth prayer expresses one's belief in the future resurrection of the dead and is understood to refer to the Messianic Age.

We do not know exactly what will happen during this time, though we do have a general belief that Redemption will involve a large-scale war and that during the conflicts to take place, the "mixed multitude" (Erev Rav, godless/faithless/"fake" Jews) will be destroyed along with the faithless members of other religions who blindly hate the Jews.

It is not necessary for Jews and Muslims to be at war. During his lifetime, the Rambam at first lived in peace under Islamic rule in his native country of Spain. Even when Muslim extremists took over, and he was forced to flee, he wound up serving as physician to Sultan Saladin, the renowned Muslim military leader.

The contemporary conflict between the groups known as "Palestinians" and "Zionists" is not fundamentally a religious one, either. Rather, it is a political conflict between a group that is viewed as part of the larger Arab nation (Arab and Muslim are not synonymous, although they can be) and a group that most fundamentally seeks the physical safety of the Jewish people in the Jewish homeland.

From a Jewish point of view, there are two Messiahs who work in succession. The first achieves "political and military" redemption and is known as "Moshiach Ben Yosef." The second returns Israel to a holy religious state and is known as "Moshiach Ben Dovid."

Knowing how Jewish people think of the Messianic Age, and also how Muslims think of Israel, can alleviate a great deal of unnecessary debate. The Qur'an is very clear that Israel is the land of the Jewish people, not for political reasons, but for religious ones.

In other words, theologically, Muslims who disagree with Israel in its current form have a fundamental problem with Israel as a Zionist state, not Israel as a Jewish one.

May God bless us with peace on Earth very soon.
Copyright 2017 by Dr. Dannielle (Dossy) Blumenthal. All opinions are Dr. Blumenthal's own. This post is hereby released into the public domain. CC0 Creative Commons photo by Geralt via Pixabay.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

On Social Pollution, Decontamination, & The Political Nature of Slowing Down To Think

Reprinting today's Twitter thread. 

1) Starting a thread to share some thoughts on social pollution, decontamination and the political nature of slowing down to think.

2) "Social pollution" is NOT used here in the partisan political sense, e.g. detecting right-wing opinions. (You can read all about that here in a 2014 column by now-FCC Chairman Ajit Pai.)

3) "Social pollution" IS used here to mean the deliberate flooding of the population with mental stimuli.

4) Related: When you yell at someone, it stimulates an anxiety response and paradoxically they can no longer think.

5) Related: When you flood the body with processed food ("junk food") you are basically throwing a lot of toxins at it. They're addictive, they take time to eliminate, and you get withdrawal symptoms when you try.

6) We are addicted to social pollution. "Facebook Was Designed To Be Addictive."

7) Let me add that I care nothing about sports or the Olympics.

8) In any case, part of social pollution is this frantic rush to take in information -- you are now REQUIRED to "keep up. " Of course if you CANNOT POSSIBLY do so, then you feel "inadequate" and your self-esteem suffers -- further addicting you to the noise.2 likes

9) It is as though we are all rats on a treadmill, running, running, running, running, running, running, running, running, running, running, running, running. And if we stop running, running, running, running, running, running, running, running, running, running, running...

10) ...if we stop running on the treadmill we get "dinged" by Facebook. "Hey you there," they say. "Remember when you shared THIS?"

11) You get beeps and reminders and emails and texts and promo codes and all that marketing jazz, and with every one your body lights up. "A message!"

12) This treadmill-running translates into the workplace. What percentage of your day do you spend on email? 30%? How about IMs, texts, phone calls? What happens if you don't answer right away?

13) Our minds are so full of unnecessary noise.

14) The noise is not just unnecessary. It is harmful. Do we really need so many "technology updates?" Computers, phones, software? Accessories? Do we need to constantly buy things? "Well what else should we do?"

15) Amid all of this pollution created by the society in which we live ("social pollution,") it becomes literally impossible to slow down and reflect unless we do something deliberate to make that happen.

16) "Recharj," which is a "Modern Mediation And Nap Studio," appeared on “Shark Tank” and I immediately loved this business, which is actually the exact same thing as visiting my grandparents (may they rest in peace) before we had so much social pollution.

17) I remember visiting them so well. Amid a childhood mostly lost to my memories, I can feel and smell and touch and taste the broken country sidewalks and the roads without any street signs.

18) I remember walking with absolutely zero adult supervision, with no Google Maps to guide me, for hours and hours at a time.

19) There was a time I didn't need to have White Noise playing in my earbuds. It was quiet outside.

‏20) Even until the late 1990s, even in New York City, it was possible to have some quiet.

‏21) There was a time when I used to write papers for school using old-fashioned books (you know, the printed and bound kind) from an old-fashioned library (one that contained actual books) that had an actual wooden card catalog.

22) At the University of Maryland Library they have a cafe that has a card catalog and the card catalog holds Splenda.

23) I remember when I was little and had time to Think Great Thoughts.

24) And I also remember when we would get together on Shabbos (Sabbath) and have real and actual conversations that did not feature people looking under the surface of the table to check their email.

25) I met someone the other day to go over a project and the person had no less than 25,000 windows open on their computer and 50,000 things on the desktop and insisted that their email be open THE ENTIRE TIME because "something might happen."

26) The level of stimulation is so toxic to our bodies that it has produced "attention deficit disorder," now considered an actual medical illness for which people take mind-altering medication.

27) The level of stimulation is so toxic to our bodies, which are, yes, related to our minds that nearly 1 in 5 Americans -- 40,000,000 has "anxiety disorder." And that's DIAGNOSED -- it doesn't count the "normal" anxiety that most of us feel every day.

28) The polite term for "social pollution," of course, is "information overload."

29) But a neutral term like "information overload" disguises the fact that it is absolutely intentional. Producers of information deliberately seek to sway public opinion through repeated and massive exposure to their particular messaging.

30) It goes without saying that political figures must master the art of persuasive rhetoric in order to win votes, and so they will most definitely do whatever they can to extensively infiltrate the human mind, qualitatively and quantitatively.

31) It goes without saying that people with hidden agendas -- basically, political figures who are not overtly seeking political office -- are going to try and flood the public with information to have their way. This is just common sense.

32) In an environment where social pollution (a tactic as old as time, but technology has made it ever the toxic) is rampant, it is an act of rebellion to physically and mentally decontaminate oneself.

33) Others have shared so many good ideas here on Twitter over the past day, as we have talked about this subject. But really, all you have to do is imagine that you're doing a thorough housecleaning of the mind.

34) So many times, I've thought about meditating and decided that I don't have time to do it. Never realizing that meditating is an act of freedom.

35) Here's a funny thing that happens when you think about slowing down: You see all the ways that your free will has been taken away through what MUST be deliberate, if "subconscious," information overload.

36) What happens when you use public wi-fi? You get the Terms of Service.

37) How many people actually read the Terms of Service? Or are we so FRANTIC TO GET ONLINE that we just say "Yes, I Accept." What choice do we have, anyway?

38) How many people have actually read a proposed piece of legislation carefully? No time, right? You read about it on the news, or maybe you don't really follow this stuff at all. IT'S A LAW - IT AFFECTS YOUR LIFE!

39) I could go on and on. But the fastest way to screw somebody over, really, is to tell them, overtly or covertly, to "just hurry up and sign." And then they've signed it!

40) There is no value in a population that is not allowed to think. They are, effectively, a robot army.

41) And I have found that usually, when I slow down and actually read something very carefully, listen attentively, or even watch a video closely, it is NOT ONLY enjoyable BUT ALSO so much nuanced than I originally thought.

42) You see this all the time with children who are out with their caregivers for the day. The child is tugging on the caregiver's arm, and the caregiver is vacantly responding, but really their eyes are in their phone.

43) What does it do to a child's capacity to pay close attention, to slow down and listen, when they have never had the experience of empathy?

44) What does it do to the child's ability to reason, and contribute, and develop a unique perspective on the world, when "schooling" means they are RUSHED to GAME a well-screened and politically corrected standardized test?

‏45) Maybe the people who DON'T send their kids to school and DON'T let them use iPhones are right.

46) Maybe people are right when they decide to live "off the grid."

47) I know this. We have lost something very dear to us, something very political, and it is something I most definitely had as a child.

48) We are, collectively, socially diseased.

‏49) We must recover our freedom.

‏50) Absent our freedom, no matter what laws they pass, no President or Congress can give us a better life.

Copyright 2017 by Dr. Dannielle (Dossy) Blumenthal. All opinions are Dr. Blumenthal's own. This post is hereby released into the public domain. Creative Commons (CC0) image via Pixabay.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Does Hollywood Popular Culture Promote Human Trafficking?

Reprinting a thread I shared yesterday, February 12, 2018 on Twitter. Minor typos have been corrected and links added.

1) By the grace of God, who breathes life into me and into all of us each day, and who seeks our return to Him, starting a thread to talk about the role of #Hollywood #popculture in both revealing & normalizing #humantrafficking -- specifically, the sexual slavery of girls.

2) Thank you to @SaRaAshcraft @cronsell @LizCrokin @MarkDice @Fulcrum__News @Cernovich @JackPosobiec @Thomas1774Paine @ThomasWictor @CraigSawyer01 @PGHowie2 @TheLightReports @ImperatorTruth @seanhannity @reallygraceful for their info, insight, inspiration & courage.

3) The basic premise of this thread is that #Hollywood is one-third of a global mind-control triad -- media, entertainment, politics -- and whoever plays the game (as @5Strat said) gets to participate.

4) Also the basic premise of this thread is that within every poison there is also the vaccine, and this is deliberate. As David Seaman @davidseamanweb (@Fulcrum__News) said, they believe in the notion that it's a game, and that the game should have rules and be "fair."

5) @SaRaAshcraft, alleged survivor of a mind control cult called Children of God, validated the concept on Twitter that "they" see this as a game.

6) As we have this discussion I want to be careful about "them." Who is the enemy here? Is there a single one? The term "globalist" has been coopted by those who seek to brand researchers as nutty "conspiracy theorists." So let's stick with "powerful elite"--

7) --on the premise that there is ONE interconnected (even if loosely interconnected) "powerful elite" in which everyone pretty much knows who the other players are. In my mind it's like the fashion or music industry -- those in the know, know who to know.

8) Side note: @MarkDice (expert on this subject generally) has written a book called "The Illuminati in Hollywood: Celebrities, Conspiracies, and Secret Societies in Pop Culture and the Entertainment Industry." Worth reading.

9) Also a side note: I hope to one day be a Professor of Human Trafficking Studies, and let me put that side note into context.

10) We in the United States are currently at war, the war that has no name & deliberately so. The treasonous keep it silent to pretend they are upholders of order. @realDonaldTrump @POTUS does not speak b/c to come out with it quickly & radically would destroy. #qanon

11) #Hollywood is fairly open about portraying to us the war that we are in, and to what end. Numerous shows come to mind. @TheHungerGames most prominently.

12) Remember we assume here: It's a game. There are rules. They make the game "fair" by telling you in advance, so that you can't say you didn't know. @TheHungerGames is a message.

13) @TheHungerGames is about a dystopian future where the public is controlled by an unseen hand and manipulated and mollified by an odd and manipulated entertainment "industry" working with the government.

14) Let's look at popular culture and see what other messages we might be receiving, that are deliberate in some way as part of a sick game. That we are also blinded to, because we assume that #Hollywood is organic.

15) What message do we get from @LucyTheMovie (Scarlett Johansson), @atomic_blonde (@CharlizeAfrica) and @RedSparrowMovie (Jennifer Lawrence)? Combined: Females sexualized by spies & trained to dissociate -- turn around & fight their handlers.

16) #Hollywood often portrays wars whose terms are unclear to the average person. Consider: @TheWalkingDead and #FearTheWalkingDead. What, actually, is the virus?

17) It could be a literal one (as in every movie about a worldwide biological outbreak) or it could be a metaphoric one - someone wants to depopulate the world. Where have we heard that before, conspiracy theorists?

18) @TheWalkingDead and #FearTheWalkingDead could also be about the impetus for our war, which (depending on how you think about it) is a national war for independence fron traitors, or an international one for same.

19) When we say that people are "infected" -- what do we mean?

20) When we see that people are "bitten" in the neck and that their blood comes rushing out, and their guts and all of that, what are we seeing?

21) When we see that the "zombies" can only be stopped with a knife right through the center of their foreheads, what are we seeing?

22) As others have pointed out, most of us are innocent of anything remotely resembling the bizarre occult symbols we are getting from Hollywood. If you're like me, you watch and go, Hmm, what's that all about?

23) But someone does know. Someone is in the know. And the question is, what do they know? Are they just reading comic books for inspiration?

24) If you look at @TheWalkingDead and #FearTheWalkingDead (not to mention vampire shows and movies) through the lens of occult ritual abuse, and if you look at Apocalypse type movies, things look very different.

25) What you start to see (also in movies where "aliens" with "superior intelligence") are "invading" the earth) is a narrative within which ordinary humans, who fear God and want to live normal lives, are essentially fodder for some very bad people.

26) These bad people rely on a continual supply of "fresh blood" or "fresh meat."

27) From a human trafficking "quality control" perspective (here we go back to the marketing analogy), they are looking for girls who are as pure as possible -- as young as possible (yes, infants) and virginal.

28) Let's take one moviemaker as an example: If you watch alleged peophile Woody Allen's movies, what you see is that you are being roped into his pedophilia.

29) Remember Dylan Farrow's account of how Woody Allen molested her? "He told me to lay on my stomach and play with my brother’s electric train set. Then he sexually assaulted me."

30) Remember the scene in Annie Hall where Diane Keaton is having sex with Woody Allen, AND SHE IS DISSOCIATING?

31) I believe I read somewhere that it is a psychological principle of criminal justice that the criminal cannot help but leave clues to the crime. We see this theory very clearly with Woody Allen.

32) Watch "Crimes and Misdemeanors" or "Irrational Man." These are movies about a good guy who commits a crime, and he can never wash his hands clean.

33) And now that the fantastic New York Times has become the Fake New York Times, notice that they have run "The Smearing of Woody Allen." Media and Hollywood work hand in hand.

34) Let's talk for a minute about @rosemcgowan, and then I have to go.

35) Rose McGown is of course the first #HarveyWeinstein victim to come forward, assisted by @RonanFarrow, brother and staunch supporter of Dylan Farrow, son of Mia Farrow, who suffered from Woody Allen's betrayal with...his adoptive minor daughter.

36) In some sort of sick and cruel way, I believe that #Hollywood is "accessing" @rosemcgowan's mind control programming to use her as a diversion from the predominant issue at hand, which is the worldwide trafficking of minor girls.

37) I believe that @Oprah is part of this scheme...notice they always take credible people and somehow "turn" them. Another example: @WhoopiGoldberg. @DaveChappelle has tried to warn us about this repeatedly, in subtle ways.

38) In any case, if you watch Rose McGowan on YouTube being interviewed by @therealroseanne (~1999) you can see that you are looking at a completely different person than the one who recently threw a fit in Barnes and Noble.

39) Rose in the Roseanne Barr interview, from the perspective of 2018, looks like a mind control victim. Her responses are programmed. Her character is full of affect. She is a "personality," not a person.

40) And you see the same thing in the Barnes and Noble encounter with a transgender person, who I believe was paid to show up, but you can draw your own conclusions. Rose is exaggerated in her manner. It doesn't seem real. The cursing, the shoulder shrugs: It's shtick.

41) If there is a "they," then "they" know that it is very impolite and politically incorrect to question or challenge the self-proclaimed originator of the #metoo movement. I don't have the citation right now but find it strange that --

42) Rose intimated on The View, responding to Joy Behar, that she was the victim of a pedophile (IN THE REPORTEDLY PEDOPHILIC SEX CULT WITHIN WHICH SHE WAS RAISED, CHILDREN OF GOD) but had plotted 20 years to take down Weinstein, who attacked her once.

43) It is almost as if someone threw Weinstein out there as a HUMAN SACRIFICE to divert our attention from something much worse. THEY USE HOLLYWOOD.

44) Important to remember is this: If you question the narrative in this way, you are automatically branded as a conspiracy theorist. Why is that?

45) In the academy we would call this doing "a close reading" of a text, in this case a popular culture text. But some readings are simply not allowed.

46) Do you remember that video that sounded like John Podesta saying "I'm Your Father," the one that left many of us traumatized for weeks? I transcribed that and put it on my blog and it got 5,000 plus views - then removed it because it made me so upset.

47) Imagine the level of mind control, dissociation, and triggering experienced by a child raised in a mind control cult. (We also recall here that John and Tony Podesta look virtually identical to the police sketch of the kidnappers of Madeline McCann).

48) Dr. Sue Arrigo talked about being mind controlled and then used by the US intelligence community as an advanced kind of spy. So did Cathy O'Brien. We see these narratives in #Hollywood. Is this an accident?

49) "We will tell you, but then we will tell you that we didn't tell you" seems to be the message. "WE ARE YOUR FATHER."

50) If there is one thing I know, it's marketing. This is more than marketing. This is propaganda-->mind control. Because if you can control someone's mind, make them dissociate, and then access the portion you want, YOU WIN.



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