The Problem With Open Borders

On February 3, 2017, Fox News' Tucker Carlson interviewed refugee advocate Michael Breen, who co-founded and now serves on the Board of Directors of the International Refugee Assistance Project.

No question, IRAP sounds good. According to their website, the project "organizes law students and lawyers to develop and enforce a set of legal and human rights for refugees and displaced persons" and is "nonpartisan."

Similarly, Breen's professional background, as a military combat veteran, would seem to establish that his comments are not those of an ivory-tower academic but rather someone with actual experience among the populations he advocates for.

The discussion between Carlson and Breen is somewhat wide-ranging and I think the latter makes some valid points about the nuances of American foreign policy. In particular he makes legitimate points about due process in particular cases, and more broadly that it is off-putting for Muslims to be told, essentially, that they're good enough to fight for "over there," but that we don't trust them enough to let them into the United States..

But then Breen's argument starts to fall apart, and in the falling apart it lays bare the essence of the problem with an "open borders" philosophy. And that is that liberals tend to confuse feelings with facts.
  • They believe that we have a "moral obligation" to take in a sea of refugees -- Breen's figure was 100,000 a year, at least. But they can't tell us how to feed, house, employ and provide healthcare for the poor people we already have. Nor can they explain what to do with the rape gangs and rioting mobs that are currently bedeviling Europe.
  • Liberals tell us that refusing entry to refugees "only helps radicals to recruit." But the reality is that people join up for a lot of other reasons, specifically the promise of sex slaves, money and glory.
  • They tell themselves -- from the comfort of their "safe spaces" in America's most expensive universities -- that the United States is a bad colonial power, and so our Nation is actually "a state of mind, not a state of geographical boundaries." In other words, let everybody in -- and we'll go to their countries -- and all of us will be very nice and get along.
While Breen seemed like a sympathetic, intelligent and educated character he could not answer the question that Carlson posed over and over again, which is: How is it in the U.S.' best interest to let in a massive amount of people deemed even by the prior Administration to be a threat to the United States?

But there are other questions.
  1. Why has admitting refugees become a moral barometer for American values, while the value of caring for our own population goes ignored?
  2. Why is there such a push to admit populations prone to anti-American radicalism and the establishment of a worldwide Islamic Caliphate?
  3. Why is there such a push to displace people from their native areas and push them into a completely foreign culture with values very much in opposition to much of what Islam actually says?
  4. Why is there such scant attention to the economics of the options involved, e.g. safe housing in the Middle East versus transportation to the United States?
  5. Why, given that there are so many Muslim countries, is there such a pushy narrative going on about deliberately resettling refugees here?
I believe the answer to this question is that there is a deliberate agenda here. I believe that some of the world's most wealthy and powerful people have a pre-existing desire to eliminate the existence of national borders and replace them with a borderless planet governed by the United Nations or some equivalent.

In order to achieve this "open" world, these influencers would need to convince us that preserving one's unique identity is somehow a bad thing. Like the Borg on Star Trek, they seek to assimilate everyone into a generic hodgepodge where religion, history, culture, ethnicity, and even gender is somehow "antiquated," therefore "fluid" and not really real.

They sell us on this idea through Hollywood, which on its personal time is well-known for defiling innocent people through the "casting couch," through organized pedophilia, and through the selling of depraved forms of sexuality as though "there is nothing to see here, move on." I recall a friend who lives there, and who works in the entertainment industry, telling me that "nobody will even touch a project that has anything to do with believing in religion."

Crossing borders, crossing identities, and crossing a person's most intimate boundaries are all inherently connected at the source. Good people are of course drawn to the seeming ideals that such enterprises offer them -- a chance to help the persecuted, a chance to liberate people who are stuck in society's conception of who they should be, and a chance at true personal freedom from the "shackles" of those who would lock them down in the prison that is morality.

This is not to say that one should take an extreme position, of course. But it is to point out the very evil hidden agenda that hides behind the seemingly liberatory phrase, "Open Borders." What will we say when we are micro-chipped for our global slave masters, who know where each of us are, who cannot be fought because they dominate everything, and who can take everything from us at a moment's notice?

There is something else here, and I'm going to say it although my fellow Jews will find it unpopular. The modern White Nationalist movement is not the same thing as the German Nazis of World War II. While it is true that there are anti-Semites wherever you go, and disproportionately among this population, my sense is that their core issue has nothing to do with eliminating Jews at all. Rather, they are questioning why exactly it is that every other population seems to be privileged, while the celebration of Western culture, of Whiteness itself, has become a kid of sin.

Is it a coincidence that the Obama administration for eight years fomented the rise of radical Islamic terrorism; disregarded actual radical Islamic terror attacks and refused to call them what they were; steadfastly looked the other way on illegal immigration in so many ways; yet insisted, over and over again, that "White extremists" were the problem?

When President Trump ran for office, it was the Democrats who insisted that anyone -- like me, the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors -- who supported Trump was a Nazi. They insisted this and even paid people to get violent at Trump rallies, as documented by Project Veritas, because the Trump movement itself didn't provide any juice for the narrative.

Is it the "Nazis" who have been calling in threats to Jewish community centers nationwide these past few months, or is it somebody else trying to make the Jews afraid?

One has to ask these questions. At the President's inauguration, was it the so-called "Nazis" who were smashing in windows and setting fires in the streets? Or was it the paid anarchists who want to create continuous chaos and strife, all in the name of "tolerance," "love," and "diversity"?

If memory serves me correctly, wasn't it Richard Spencer, a White Nationalist walking peacefully in the street during the Inauguration, who got his face punched in by a demonstrator--not the other way around?

Has it not been the violent protesters (many paid, I think) who have called President Trump a "fascist" and in so doing have denied free speech to anyone who disagrees with their agenda?

Did Nazis ever threaten to overthrow the administration of President Obama? I don't recall that at all. And yet Madonna, a member of the music industry elite, talks about wanting to "blow up the White House" while Sarah Silverman, also an elite member of Hollywood, talks in very similar terms. 

Why are so-called feminists marching with the radical Islamist Linda Sarsour, who would have them flogged under Sharia law for not covering up as men dictate?

Here is how this looks to me: There is a very radical agenda afoot here, very well-financed and skilled with the tools of propaganda. 

The people who are promoting this agenda have sold it through-and-through to a massive number of people, innocent and good Americans, who only want to pour out their goodness to others in the world less fortunate. 

These good people decry any form of hatred and pride themselves on their tolerance.

What they need to see, or at least need to question, is the incongruity between the stated ideals being presented to them, and the actual facts on the ground. 

Good people need to think a lot more critically about who is trying to motivate them to do which thing, and whether something more surreptitious is going on beyond the appearance of "join us and help people."

It says in Isaiah 66 that at the end of time, all good God-fearing people will join together and serve the Lord as one. I believe we are headed very much toward that day.

What is required at this time is for good people to take their biases and blinders off. Let's call out hatred for what it is. Let's not allow bad people to get away with it.

But for God's sake, let's also stop scapegoating people who are not the real enemy, because we have been brainwashed to believe that we must never go beyond what the mainstream media narrative tells and sells us through CNN, 24/7/365.


All opinions my own.

Digital Engagement As Customer Service

Exciting is what big brands do. But for the government, digital engagement needs to be about one thing and one thing only: providing outstanding customer service.
  • You aren't trying to grow "brand awareness."
  • You aren't trying to capture market share.
  • You aren't trying to build a brand premium.
No, what you ought to be doing is carrying out the mission, and digital engagement (a.k.a. "social media," although this term really covers everything to do with the online experience) is actually part of that -- not separate from it.

Within the government, for a lot of reasons, I sense that digital engagement has significantly shifted and that the focus is now far more on customer service than it is on content-sharing. As follows:
  1. Operational Focus, Not Branding Focus: For a long time, branding was a "hot topic" for agencies, principally because they felt like their "image" was "disjointed." At this point, after having worked for the government for more than a dozen years I think we have established that the image thing is not going to come together, and that the time and effort spent worrying about how you look is far less worthwhile than time and effort spent actually getting the job done well.
  2. Partnership Focus, Not Standalone Focus: Because the government is funded as a series of individual entities -- programs, offices, agencies, Departments -- because people want to keep their span of control -- and because executives are distinguished by the types of initiatives they can claim, the tendency has always been to stand up "your" program, fund it and grow it. However, in recent years there has been a massive shift towards partnership efforts, partly because money is tight but also because agencies have recognized that there is an additive effect (one might say "co-branding") when two or more agencies work on an effort together, or when there is public-private-academic investment in a worthy and profitable social goal. When it comes to digital engagement, the axiom is that you want people talking everywhere about information they got from a single source. So the fewer jumps and clicks to get authoritative data, the better: Partnership portals are an excellent opportunity to reduce the burden on the customer.
  3. Interoperability: For a lot of reasons, the government is moving towards the standardization of data such that multiple information repositories can be made to speak with one another. This is important because from a customer service point of view, the citizen often wants to find information that is in the government's possession, and they don't want to have to search in a million places to get to it. The focus should be on making it easy for people to find what they're looking for by ensuring that the data they seek can be "mashed up" from a variety of sources into a single searchable space.  
  4. Stamp of Authenticity: In a  virtual world, people look for information where they look for it, or where the search engine takes them. And it is therefore important to provide them with assurance that the data they are seeing is valid. Offering a code stamp that can be affixed to genuine government data is another kind of customer service that is inextricably bound with digital engagement.
  5. Video Demonstrations of Customer Service Scenarios: People nowadays do not read. They do however watch, they scan, they go to videos, and they absorb instructions well through instructional modules. If you have a form that you want people to fill out, or if you expect them to undergo a certain type of government process (e.g., and interview) having videos readily available online cuts down on the customer's confusion and anxiety and helps them comply with what's required.
  6. Instant Access To Customer Support: The concept of offering instant help through chat, artificial intelligence, and customer support is a given in private industry, but still challenging for agencies. These forums make it possible for the busy and impatient taxpayer to get the help they need without a hassle and are also a necessary ingredient in the totality of a digital engagement strategy, both when it comes to employees and when it comes to outside inquiries.
  7. Customer Feedback: It goes without saying that people should be able to rate the quality of their experience with the government in a public, transparent way. This incentivizes agencies to offer better service and builds up trust and accountability with the public -- a "win-win" on both sides. While some may worry that people will take the opportunity to "trash" the agency, it is more likely that such "trolls" will only annoy other users, and given the opportunity such users can "upvote" or "downvote" others' feedback, as well as comment on it; official answers can also be marked with a star or similar icon.
The roles associated with the new digital engagement environment are similar to the traditional one: high-level sponsor, executive (leader/strategist), digital lead (oversight and team manager), contracting and project managers, web and social media experts, writers and designers, and administrative support. Ideally, also one would have an individual on staff fluent in taking both qualitative and quantitative metrics from customers so that progress towards clearly articulated goals can be assessed.


All opinions my own.

We Must Be Willing To Ask The "Crazy" Questions

  • He first became widely known during the election, for being fired from the Huffington Post as a contributor when he wrote an article about Hillary Clinton's health.
  • He has been in the forefront of researching the widely controversial scandal known as “Pizzagate.”
  • He is also an advocate for investing in bitcoin and gold currency to avoid the potentially disastrous consequences of what he believes may be a forthcoming currency crash.
Below are my notes on his video from today, February 1, 2017. It is his most important video to date, because he ties together a variety of threads that have so far mystified me and I presume many other people. I am therefore sharing my notes on it with you – most of which is directly quoted.

Please note the following as you read:
  • Seaman states repeatedly that these are not his personal views, but rather that he is sharing with the viewer what he has learned.
  • He also notes that he has endured repeated character attacks and harassment for sharing this research.
  • He believes this only lends further credibility to fact that there is something here, something that might go much deeper than initially expected.

Here are the basic themes Seaman covers in today's video, which he states can freely be mirrored by others, re-uploaded, and so on. He notes that he is not doing this research for the money.

  1. Anthony Weiner
    • On January 31, the Wall Street Journal and others reported that federal authorities are considering child porn charges against Anthony Weiner.
    • His laptop reportedly has 650,000 emails that are critical in unraveling the pedophile ring outed by Pizzagate revelations.
  1. Hillary Clinton network occult references – leaked emails.
    • Hillary Clinton Wikileaks emails – reference to sacrifice to Moloch – pagan god. People used to make sacrifices to Moloch to appease this pagan entity.
    • John Podesta emails – hundreds of references to pizza – unusual that he is receiving invitation to attend spirit cooking hosted by Marina Abramovic, whom many consider to be a Satanist.
  1. Illuminati - “Worship The Light” - Satan/Lucifer
    • Traces lineage back to before Biblical times. Consider themselves pre-Adamite race. Pre-Biblical race.
    • Believe they came from another planet. That they're a rival race known as homo capensis, not human beings, significantly higher intelligence.
    • Over time, their bloodline, through breeding with human beings has been diluted.
    • No special properties or powers. Hillary Clinton just a human being.
    • They do not worship the Judeo Christian or Muslim God. They worship Lucifer. Attempts to link it to Judaism or Islam are misinformation to keep people off the scent of what they actually believe.
    • They consider the Biblical tale of Noah's ark to be a tale of their extermination. They believe that God was summoned to wipe out their race, which has DNA which is non-terrestrial. They consider the Noah's ark story to be an act of genocide against their species by the Judeo Christian God. That's why they hate Christians, Jews and Muslims because they don't like anyone who worships God. It's one of the things they hate most.
    • They have a very different view of the stories in the Bible because they believe Satan has enlightened and protected them throughout time. They see God as something which tried to exterminate them and failed. So this is why they are anti Judaism, anti Christianity, and anti Muslim. This is why they want to see innocent Muslims and Christians suffering, because they hate the belief in God.
  1. Pizzagate
    • Researchers puzzled by photos. Not just fetishizing children, but also cheeky, seemingly mocking the rest of us, ha ha ha, so funny, we're victimizing you, we're preying on you and you don't even realize it.
    • Although it's kind of a tangent, some looked into accounts of young Hollywood celebrities and found unusual level of interest in pizza iconography.
    • So what is really going on here? What is all this stuff? Pizza is code language for children, child sacrifice, child abuse. Use it as signal that they're in on the joke. Different species, enlightened, that Satan protects and awards them riches and financial and political success.
    • They believe human beings are inferior species that needs to be depopulated. Pushing GMO foods, high level of corn (contains pesticide), not something humanb eings should be consuming, have us all on high fructose corn syrup, soft drinks, candy – want us consuming junk food because they want a weaker population.
    • They want war and strife because they do want to depopulate the planet before we use up its resources. They want to turn it into an illuminati paradise, apparently, where there are far less human beings alive, but the human beings around are slaves and indebted servants to the Illuminati master race.
  1. Antarctica
    • Understands that later on this year, members of this cult, members of this cabal, will use their contacts within the mainstream media to push one of the biggest false flags of all time. They are going to push for the notion that we have attained disclosure, that aliens exist.
    • They are going to push for something like that to drive the public crazy and hopefully distract the public from these pizzagate concerns. They think that the revelation of other species will be enough to distract the American people. Tend to disagree, but what I've heard is that they're going to focus on Antarctica.
    • There's been some weird discoveries over there, possibly some architecture that changes our understanding of human history.
    • If you wonder why some top U.S. politicos have been going down to Antarctica recently, the official explanation is that they're checking out the ice sheet (that it's melting). You can do that by checking out photos or through their aides. It's definitely not the most exciting place for Newt Gingrich or for some of these senators to be visiting. There aren't exactly great steakhouses and great cigar rooms down in Antarctica, so why are these DC politicos going down there. There will be a focus on some incredible discovery, something found in Antarctica.
    • Not saying the claim is necessarily bogus, but it's going to be a distraction from this Illuminati, this cult, this cartel of politicos and bankers which has existed continuously for at least 400 years and arguably much longer than that.
  1. Why They Harm and Kill Children
    • It's not purely sexual. They harm and kill children because they believe Lucifer and other demonic entities actually assist them when they make a sacrifice and that certain kinds of abuse unlock psychic energy.
    • So for example before passing a new big law or starting a war they will make a sacrifice.
    • But this stuff is apparently real, we don't know how far down the rabbit hole goes.
    • I suspect significant collusion with the media to make this sound like a joke for the past 30 years when it's rife in Hollywood, and it's rife in DC.
    • There was a story on Russian state television the other day (RT) about how this is starting to come out in Germany, weird and occult and sadistic practices at some of their military locations. Something closely tied to governments, people who believe in this crazy stuff and who consider themselves Illuminati, a rival race and who consider human beings inferior and a blight on the planet, want us in debt, powerless servants.
    • He thanks God for Wikileaks that we now know some of this stuff.
  1. Justice
    • There is a group that contains some top US government officials and officials from other Western governments that formed when they learned the full extent of this stuff. Basically they are pushing for immediate public disclosure, tribunals like they had at Nuremberg. They want these people hunted down and brought to justice.
    • This group includes top U.S. Government and top EU and UK officials.
    • Once they found out that there was something here, they decided that this will go on for no longer, this will no longer be a part of Western society, we're going to shine a bright light on it and we're going to bring justice to it.

In my opinion, you don't have to believe one word of this video at all. But it does help to put things that I personally am seeing into a framework that begins to make sense:

  • First, it is clear that there are those who actively seek to foment global unrest, civil war, racial divisions, and other kinds of strife. At every opportunity to make peace, they only seem to want...more fighting.
  • Second, it is clear that ordinary people are very well able to get along with each other regardless of their race, their religion, and their gender. And they want to do this. They want to live in peace, make a decent living, love their partners and children and grow old together. Nobody normal desires to go to war, and yet “somehow” there are always instigators whipping up tension between Christians, Jews, and Muslims.
  • Third, it is clear that our economy is shredding itself from the inside. Unemployment, underemployment, debt, homelessness, food insecurity, teenagers prostituting themselves for food (and pimping out their friends), rising levels of human trafficking, meager savings account, a fragile dollar and a manufacturing sector that has dramatically declined as versus other Nations all point to a crisis in the making.
  • Fourth, somehow, despite all the law enforcement resources that have been brought to bear against human trafficking, it still persists. Even the government has been lax in stopping its own workers from viewing child pornography on work computers. Given that most people have a strong negative aversion to such behavior, this does not make sense even on the level of instinct.
  • Fifth, it seems that no matter how hard one tries to search for the hidden truths that seem to underpin our society, it is impossible to get a straight answer. If the truth is obscured, then someone in power wants it obscured, and this much is supported by the many people who have died under suspicious circumstances while researching matters that threaten those in power.

On a broader level, when you understand “Pizzagate” in the “big picture” it seems this scandal is not at all about crazy conspiracy theorists with nothing better to do than obsess about pizza shops. Rather it is about the growing awareness that our planet is indeed in great danger.

It is also a hopeful story in that there are at least some people committed to the search for not just truth, but justice.

The only way out of any mess, I believe, is to commit ourselves to a rigorous process of inquiry that leaves no stone unturned and no theories off the table. Particularly today, we have a great deal at stake. I do believe that we must save ourselves from the few bad people who seek to control, dominate, enslave and deceive the innocent masses who trust them.

Thank you to the selfless researchers who risk their very lives in the quest to save the rest of us.

All opinions my own.

"Get With The Program"

  1. If you are a federal employee, are calling for "resistance" and think you will spend the next four years throwing sand in the gears while on duty, you are stealing from the taxpayer and should resign now. 
  2. No matter who you are, you have no right to physically attack people who wear "MAGA" hats, to knock their teeth out, and to beat them with pipes. If you do such things, you should be arrested and put on trial for assault. 
  3. Similarly, you certainly don't have the right to go on social media and, God forbid, call for President Trump's assassination. If you do that, you should expect a knock on your door from the Secret Service.

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