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To The Ignorant Bearded Man Who Insulted My Mother For Wearing Pants

My mother’s car was boxed in. It was a very small parking lot, and two cars had parked in front of her.
So she asked the people blocking her to move. One was a construction worker. The other was a very religiously dressed man.

She had gone with my daughter to immerse a new pot in the Jewish ritual bath, called a keilim mikvah. This is a religious requirement, and my mother is observant.

My daughter observed as the religiously dressed man, fully bearded, responded to my mother as follows: “But you’re wearing pants. What are you doing here?”

The way my mother tells it, the man was genuinely puzzled.

The purpose of this letter is not to address this anonymous, ignorant man, who will probably never see it. Rather, I am hoping to reach others who circulate in this man’s world, so that they understand the consequences of such insensitive behavior.

First, it creates hatred among Jews. 
Second, it turns Jews off of religious practice. 
Third, it perpetuates the wrongheaded belief that “you …

For A Critical Review of MAGA Pill

Yesterday there was much negative discussion online on the mainstream media (of course!) of President Trump's retweet of, a site listing his achievements and news about the Administration that was promptly, and falsely, labeled an anti-Semitic conspiracy space
It is worth reviewing (separately) the controversy over "Q Anon," and the discussion over the nature of this mention. In this post I wanted to call for a critical review of the wide breadth of the President's achievements as captured by MAGAPill.

I did not find this site to be anything like what the hysterical headlines claimed. 
It should be noted that ALL of MAGA Pill’s headlines link to actual news sources. 
As always I hope that we can get back to a discussion of facts as facts, and not as political footballs. In an environment where even NBC admits that coverage of the President has been overwhelmingly negative, this listing is a refreshing relief.

We need our journalists. I am seeing a shift tow…