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Cataloguing the Common Characteristics in Allegations of Luciferian Cult-Based Child Abuse

PurposeThis document was prepared in the spirit of the Victims’ Rights’ Movement, to facilitate a law enforcement system that is focused primarily on ensuring redress for those who have been harmed by crime. The method of doing so is to assist law enforcement in recognizing, classifying, investigating and prosecuting a class of criminals which is all the more dangerous for its organized nature and ability to evade justice.
TimelinessAs did President Obama before him, President Trump has declared January 2018 National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Five years ago, well before he was a candidate for office, President Trump declared his concern about human trafficking and the need for the death penalty for those proven to be trading in children.

Moved by the President’s clarity and concern, I note that there is a significant lack of serious discussion and debate over the common themes reported by victims of abuse. These include figures commonly either ignored or labeled…

Oh, The Old Emergency Room

It doesn’t matter why, and everyone’s okay, but we had to go to the emergency room last night.

It was not pretty.

There was a man bent over himself, his face not visible at all. He was crouched over and sleeping. His shoes were nothing but rags.

A few feet away, through the looking glass that is the barrier between the first entryway and the second, a beautiful woman in her mid-twenties sat glassy-eyed on a chair. A man who looked like he could be her father sat next to her. She was wearing her clothes, but covered as well in a white cover-like sheet.

He was patting her upper shoulder, over and over and over, it was meant to be soothing.

But in that way that a woman can tell when another woman has been raped, I knew exactly what I was looking at.

And I turned to my husband and he nodded.

Back in the late 1980s I tried to be a rape crisis volunteer.

They sent me to the hospital to handle my first case, and I saw the victim in the hospital bed, and I turned green and ran very quickly o…

Leaving Eretz Yisrael

It’s painful to say it but I am glad to be home.

The human mind is weird that way.

When I was in Israel I definitely saw myself retiring there. Maybe I still will, who knows. Because it’s holy there.

But in the airport, and on the plane, sexist encounters with Israeli men had me thinking twice.

In the airport I stopped to get a cappuccino (that’s what they call a regular coffee — there’s no half and half, you have to get foamed milk to get close).

A guy lined up behind me, too close.

I turned around and waved my hand between my body and his. “Social space?” I asked, really saying, “Step your body back the hell away from me!”

He responded, in a British accent, “Oh, social distance. It’s different in Israel than in the USA.”

“Yeah, I’m sure,” I said, pretending not to be really, really miffed. I don’t know about you, but I hate it when anyone, male or female, crowds me in a line.

A few minutes later I went back for another one. And again, the same thing happened, just in a slightly different wa…

When We Avert Our Eyes From The Data

Yesterday I had an exchange with someone about the strategic use of social media.

Do they measure engagement? Yes, of course.

Do they focus on content that serves a higher-level communication goal? Yes, again, for sure.

Do they attempt to find out, among their target audience, whether their higher-level communication goals have been achieved? And as part of that, whether social media had any impact whatsoever?

The person did not answer.

I felt bad afterward; maybe my questions were untoward. After all, someone was taking the time to indulge my curiosity in the first place.

But if we cannot have the data, with all its limitations and awkwardness, we cannot trust the results of any investigation.

Having a good understanding of data is fundamental to success. This is true whether you're running a business, investing in a stock, working as a staffer, or even doing something as mundane as going on a diet.

Feelings are not facts, you must remind yourself. Facts stand on their own.

And many facts…

A Conversation Between Roseanne and Sarah Ruth Ashcraft

Like many people I've been reading Tweets by Sarah Ruth Ashcraft (@SaRaAshcraft) lately. Sarah makes some extremely strong claims, among them that she is a survivor of ritual abuse, saw Hillary Clinton at an occult ritual at the age of eight and was molested by Tom Hanks.

The point of this post is not to recap all of Sarah's latest comments, of which there are many, but to point out the fact that she is now conversing with Roseanne Barr online. Roseanne, it should be noted, is the only Hollywood star I know of to openly come out and say that the industry is infested with not only pedophiles, but pedophiles who engage in mind control and ritual abuse. For example:

Roseanne on Satanic Ritual AbuseRoseanne on Hollywood perverts Roseanne on MK Ultra Mind Control; see also herehere, and here You might say that we don't know who Sarah is, but we do know Roseanne. 
And I, personally, find Roseanne highly credible.
Copyright 2017 by Dr. Dannielle (Dossy) Blumenthal. A…

December 25, Jerusalem

At the Western Wall, on the way out, everybody wanted a picture with the graduating soldiers.

We’d visited, and prayed, and cried a lot. With God’s help, these young people protected us, and all the other visitors, too.

The approach to the Wall is dramatic and powerful.

But when you leave in the dark, things start to get a little bit scary.

Israel is a free country; freedom is not the issue.

In the Arab shuk (market), the shopkeepers sold both non-Jewish and Jewish religious collectibles. It was scary and unfamiliar but they treated us fine, even though we dress Jewishly.

I got the distinct feeling that the conflict here is principle-based, not personal.

Here is the thing: I fear the Jews have bigger fish to fry.

Believe it or not, I worry that we are a greater danger to ourselves than our avowed enemies are.

The #1 problem is materialism, scraping away at our souls.

Here is a shop that stands in a newish lavish shopping mall, playing Western pop hits, that stands just outside the Wailing Wall …

On Zionism

The central tenets of Zionism are these:
Jews have a right to statehood in the historical land of the Jews.Jews have a special need for self defense because we are targets.Especially since we are targets, Jews have an affirmative duty to preserve the human rights of others. The Israeli flag is a symbol of Zionism.

It is a symbol of sacrifice.

How many have died for all three beliefs.

Israel has a “mini-Israel” museum and it honors Jewish religion.

Muslims and Christians too.

The central question of Zionism is how far is too far?

What do we do about corruption, extremism, abuse?

These are questions that have to be answered not with words but action.

With a true commitment to the three ideals of the dream.

All opinions my own. Photos by me.

I Want To Remember Tel Aviv

I am here, and I am happy.

With God’s help, forty-six years of tumult over what kind of Jew to be is over. “Chayim Sheli,” it says on the balloon.

My life, my choices.

I love that in Tel Aviv, a photo of the Lubavitcher Rebbe (z”l) is plastered everywhere I go.

I love that there are thick, sumptuous chocolate rugelach here.

In Tel Aviv, they still have payphones.

They make jokes.

They sell pink pajamas for grownups to wear on the street.

They have pride in the Mossad, the Jewish version of the CIA.

Edgy street culture.

Love for America.

Love for its culture.

A special love for McDonald’s.

There is so much to love as a thinking, feeling, creative Jew in in Tel Aviv that it makes my soul scream with pleasure.

I feel that God is close.

There are 613 commandments in the Torah, and all of us can keep some of them, even if none of us can keep all.

He reminds me of this constantly.

I am okay just like the other Jews here are okay. Even if our way of exhibiting Jewish identity does not conform to any known ca…

Some Unfiltered Observations From A Trip To Israel

We’re here to celebrate the wedding of our daughter, to an Israeli young man of Moroccan descent.

But along the way we observe things.

And, each in our own way, we feel a duty to capture them.

Why we do this is unclear. Nobody reads anything anymore.

Trying to make a difference through blogging is very much like trying to roll a boulder uphill.

Maybe it’s out of duty. We know that we are hated, and the hatred feels so unfair. So we try to “prove,” over and over, that the Jews are just like you and me, just ordinary people.

For example, even in Israel, we drink Coca-Cola just like you.

No matter what I write, say or do, though, people will still believe bad things about Jews, about Israel, and about Zionism.

Even if the signs here are trilingual, representing not just diversity but the inclusion of many different pasts into the life lived here in the present.

Maybe it’s for the sake of posterity.

I want to remember that Israelis have a great sense of humor. They are honest and direct. And so an …