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On The Karmic Debt Owed By The Jews To The Muslims

There is such a thing as karmic debt in this world. It carries from past lives into this one. It operates at the group level and at the individual level. You can owe it even if you didn't do anything wrong - meaning that someone got hurt as the result of your actions, even if they were justified.

My personal belief is that the current rampage of radical Islamism connects with a karmic debt owed by our forefather Abraham to Ishmael and his mother, Hagar. 

If you remember the story in the Bible, Abraham slept with Hagar, Sarsh's servant, to conceive Ishmael. He did this because Sarah was thought to be too old to bear children. 

If Sarah had not conceived Yitzchak, Ishmael would have gone unchallenged as Abraham's only heir. But of course G-d had other plans.

Let's think about this for a moment, about the pain and karmic debt incurred by Abraham and Sarah toward Hagar and Ishmael. 

Hagar had no right to self determination. Her body belonged to both Sarah and Abraham. Like every woman for most of history, she was part of a system of legitimized institutionalized lifelong rape.

Ishmael could have brought her respect and status, but with Yitzchak's birth it was just the opposite.

They tell us in school that it is not for us to question G-d or the greatness of our forefathers and foremothers. But it is possible to ask questions. That is the whole point of recording the stories. There is a way to ask but still retain faith.

Bottom line. What happened to Hagar and Ishmael is indescribable. They went from being part of Abraham's camp to being cast off and abandoned. 

For this, we the Jews owe the Muslims a karmic debt. For all the shame and humiliation they faced, we owe them extra respect to compensate. For being forced out of the encampment, we owe them to stay off of their land and show respect for its integrity - meaning don't infiltrate, set up bases, attack their culture, etc. 

When we live in truth from a spiritual point of view the bloody differences we see on Earth will dissolve and we will usher in a golden era of world peace and prosperity with no more need for fighting.


All opinions my own.

The Orlando Massacre, 613, Warning

Well I just lost an entire post about this, which is probably not an accident. I will share the following but keep it brief.

- saw an incredible number of 613s in a single hour just before the Orlando massacre 

- previously felt such sightings were a warning 

- news headline on 6.13.16 on USA Today said "MASSACRE"

- Shavuot connections -

-- We count 49 days of Omer in the days leading up to Shavuot; 49 people murdered

-- Killer first name was Omar (Omer, Omar) - Hebrew word is "to speak" - G-d spoke the Torah and he spoke words of death 

-- Killer last name was Mateen - Shavuot is holiday of Matan Torah - the word means "giving" - again he perverted giving into taking lives

What does this mean to me?

- The 613 sightings, which predated the attack and have continued (including this morning), are a warning 

- It conveys different kinds of warnings, with varying meanings, at different times, but the unity is 613 - basically faith that HaShem keeps His word and will save us, but only if we keep faithful to the Torah 

- The Torah here is understood broadly as basic principles for Jews  and includes the 7 Noahide laws for all humankind. It's not about fundamentalism or fanaticism but an attitude of faith and submission to the Creator, and serving only Him. Doing the best you can.

- We read the Book of Ruth on Shavuot. Ruth was not Jewish but adopted Judaism as her own. We don't proselytize other nations but we do recognize the greatness of people who serve G-d truly.

- The threat from ISIS is deadly real and represents a total contravention of G-d. The embodiment of evil. We cannot use a strategy of offering love to terrorists.

- More trouble is coming. We need to prepare ourselves spiritually by uniting with one another and refusing to fall into the trap of evil, which is hate. We must avoid all leaders who preach hate. They are the devil.

- My own personal opinion is that the attack occurring at a gay club is G-d's way of telling us once and for all to stop the violence, discrimination and hatred against gay people. The love of one human being for another is not the abomination described in Leviticus. (I do believe promiscuity is an abomination however no matter who practices it with who.)

- It is time to look beyond the narrow confines of our material loves and what we can see with our senses. The world is spiritual in nature and physical things, including our bodies, are a temporary illusion.

May G-d have mercy on me that I should speak the right words at the right time in the right way for the right benefit.


By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. Public domain. All opinions my own. Photo by andrefeo via Pixabay (Creative Commons CC0).

Peace - Not Passivity

Peace is achieved through the exercise of strength. Not by thinking like a passive, angry, powerless victim. Check out this brief clip and tell me what you think.

All opinions are always my own. 

Revolution of Peace (fragment)

A note to myself -

Problem - local cultures of hate seeking global domination through acts that instill fear.

Solution - a global culture of peace, respecting local cultures of peace, accomplished through a war against war itself. Including attitudes of tolerance and courage.

Peace is not passivity.

(Opinions are always my own.)

On The President's Refusal To Name Radical Islamic Terror

President Obama just gave a press conference explaining why he won’t use the term “radical Islamic terror.”
Here was a great opportunity to finally answer the question on everyone’s mind. Which is whether he has so much sympathy toward Islam that he cannot consider America’s interests objectively in this case.
His response: Using the term “radical Islamic terror” is actually dangerous, he said: “It won’t make us more safe, it will make us less safe,” because our enemies will use it as a propaganda tool. They will say such a label acts to “validate” the idea of a religious war.
Coming from the most image-conscious, message-aware and brand-savvy American leader of all time, this argument was specious at best. Nobody knows better than the President that radical Islamic terrorists turn everything we do into a propaganda victory.
The President also knows that naming the enemy is the only way to defeat them. After all he frequently names Republicans as the cause of the roadblocks he experiences in Washington.
There is no way to manage a problem effectively until you name it. The President knows this. After all, we name sex offenders, even though the overwhelming majority of sex offenders are male. Does this naming turn men into victims of discrimination?
Of course not. Because once you name the problem, you automatically create two categories: those who are part of it, and those who are not. Americans are an incredibly fair, even generous people and we know that a hateful subculture is not at all equivalent to the culture as a whole.
The President has no problem naming "radical right-wing extremists." We all know what type of people he means when he says that. Of course — a type of Republicans!
So his refusal to do so is disingenuous at best.
The President took the focus off the victims of terror. He avoided the rightful anger Americans feel, their sense of vulnerability and lack of protection. Instead he said, ISIL is getting weaker — believe me because I say so. So stop attacking me.
He delegitimized those who oppose his refusal to name radical Islamic terrorists, by questioning their motives. He said that those on “the other side of the aisle,” e.g. Republicans, and in particular a certain Tweeting Presidential candidate, seek to win points by politicizing the issue.
He played the military card, insinuating that anyone who questions the President is actually devaluing the way in which they risk their lives for the rest of us.
President Obama did everything to avoid the fundamental issue, which people on all sides of the aisle can see. And that is that radical Islamic culture, which has complex historical roots and is not easily divorce-able from religion, frequently praises those who use military force to do religious work.
If radical Islamic culture did not marry religion and killing, guns would not be so appealing. And yet the President scales down the issue to one of excessive gun rights.
The President implies that naming the enemy is un-American. He says that such an approach “doesn’t match our democratic ideals.”
Really? I thought one of our most democratic ideals was to speak the truth freely!
While it is true that hate is wrong and we should avoid it, the President avoids the fact that others hate us and that some have turned a particular religion into their calling card.
He says that naming the enemy would create a religious war that doesn’t currently exist. But in fact his refusal to name the enemy is making matters worse, because people perceive that he cannot be trusted to handle the problem objectively.
Instead of directing his outrage against those who act as dictators, the President says that if we do so we will tarnish the honor of Islam.
But the terrorists are the ones tarnishing it!
Mr. President, with all due respect, it is crucially important that you stop spinning narratives and start telling it like it is.
Radical Islamic terror.
It is a cancer on humankind.
Time to name it and obliterate it completely.
All opinions my own.

5 Ways to Answer the Question

No matter what you do for a living, if you run a company you will at some point have to answer questions from the public. Might be an investor, a partner, an employee, a journalist, a customer, or even a member of Congress.

Now this may sound obvious, but most of the time people have better things to do than sit down and contact a company with their concerns. So if they're exercised enough to write to you, there is probably something significant on their minds.

And while you may think it's easy to simply respond, here are a few tips that may help you build your reputation for integrity and customer service by handling public inquiries effectively.

1.Mechanics: Acknowledge the inquiry. Give the question a ticket number. Answer within a reasonable period of time. Make it clear to your customer when they should expect to hear from you.

2.Basic Content: When you answer the question, get to the point immediately. Make sure you answer all the questions or comments the person raised. Keep responses short and provide links to further information. Don't answer more than was originally asked.

3.Scope: Be thorough.Go the extra mile to offer alternatives, options and resources. However, don't speculate about things you don't know or can't back up.

4.Attitude: Talk like a grownup talking to a grownup - not condescending and not robotic. Be respectful. Be compassionate. Explain your reasoning or the basis for what you're saying. Take responsibility as appropriate - some complaints simply have nothing to do with you.

5.No-Nos: Do not ask your technical experts to write. Check for spelling errors. Even a minor error makes you look unprofessional, careless and untrustworthy.

Here's the most important thing to remember: Be present. Focus on this person, this inquiry, this moment in time.

Think about how they will feel when they read your response. Imagine that you botch it and your customer is completely furious - vowing never to do business with you again.

Or, the opposite - they are surprised and delighted by the personalized, professional, comprehensive answer they got from you. At your humanity, your intelligence, and most of all your accountability to the brand promise.

People have such a short attention span these days; they demand instant gratification; it's hard to keep their business.

Focus your answers on keeping the customers you have.


All opinions my own.