Saturday, December 3, 2016

Why Resisting The Demonization Of Islam Is Key To Bringing The Messiah

Islamic scholar Sheikh Imran Hosein released this short videotape about the election. It is in my view an eloquent statement about what's at stake for all of us today, as we choose between lies and truth, war and peace, good and evil. 

Here is the video. Below it are some highlights, but it's worth watching the short clip to hear the ring of truth in his words.

"I felt that the American people were the most brainwashed on the face of was as plain as daylight that the media in the US, the establishment in the US, TV, radio, newspapers, government agencies, were all demonizing one candidate, doing every single thing they could possibly do to make him look bad, so that public opinion would turn against him.  
"The other candidate, who I considered to be the candidate of war, because those who control power in the US, Britain, France, Germany and NATO, are, in my opinion, lusting for war with Russia and China, because Russia and China are not prepared to bend their knees in submission. 
"These people have an arrogance unprecedented in history. They want to rule the whole world. Everybody must bend down, bow down and submit to them. But Russia said no. The Russian knee will not bend to you. And China said no. The knee of China will not bend to you. War would have been nuclear war, you don't need a Ph.D. to know that." 
"The results of the election in the US indicate that a large number of people in the US are still capable of thinking....they rejected the brainwashing from the media and this is wonderful news. And we now have a result, which first of all, most important of all, has now delayed nuclear war."  
"We don't know for how long this window of sunlight will remain open. We don't know whether they will do to Trump what they did to John Kennedy, to so many others, the airplane falls out of the sky and that's the end of that story." 
"But while this window of sunlight remains, there is hope now that Britain will also refuse to submit to brainwashing. And so to France and Germany, Belgium. And so there must be panic now, panic in the hearts of those who are oppressors.""At this time when we have this window of sunlight, all those who are resisting oppression should also resist the demonization of Islam." 
"I speak as an Islamic scholar, I have been in the field...almost 75 years of age...fairly well recognized around the world, and I speak for Islam. To say that we are a religion like Christianity, like Judaism, authentic Christianity, authentic Judaism, we have zero tolerance for oppression." 
"Unfortunately they have installed governments all over the world of Islam who are in their pockets, the pockets of the oppressors but not the people. And so my response to the election in the US is that we now have a little time, let's use this little time, we don't know how long it will last."
"Let's use this little time to reach out to each other, and come together, in one community of people, across the borders of religion, even those who don't have a religious faith, but who are in opposition to the oppressor, let us come together in friendship and in alliance against a common enemy."

The common enemy the Sheikh speaks of is obviously not a person or nation but rather the organized effort by some to subjugate and control everybody else. While most of us, including me, cannot claim to understand what is going on, the propaganda surrounding the election made it more than obvious. And so does the otherwise inexplicable attempt to silence an investigation into the horrifying scandal known as "pizzagate," which came to light at the same time.

As the Sheikh noted, Donald Trump was elected. Many of us think this was a complete miracle, from beginning to end, especially when you consider the machine that was and is so highly organized to discredit him.

We learned this week, in the Torah reading, about Isaac digging three wells in the land of King Abimelech. The first two were taken away from him, but not the third. The commentary in the Bible said this symbolizes the three Holy Temples of the Jewish people. The first two were destroyed because of strife. But the third will stand, as the age of the Moshiach (Messiah) ushers in an age of enlightenment, when there is no more strife -- when war becomes a thing of the past.

As it says in Isaiah 2:4, in the future God Himself will settle the issues of dispute among the nations and war as a phenomenon will end:
He will judge between the nations and will settle disputes for many peoples. They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore. - Isaiah 2:4
We can bring the Messiah by refusing to contribute to conditions that create war, namely, any attempt to deny other people their inalienable right to freedom and self-determination through explicit or implicit means of control, exploitation and abuse.

U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower once gave a speech, "The Chance for Peace" (1953) where he spoke of the horrors of war:
“Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed."
In that speech, President Eisenhower articulated 5 principles that should guide U.S. foreign policy: 
"The way chosen by the United States was plainly marked by a few clear precepts, which govern its conduct in world affairs. 
First: No people on earth can be held, as a people, to be an enemy, for all humanity shares the common hunger for peace and fellowship and justice. 
Second: No nation’s security and well-being can be lastingly achieved in isolation but only in effective cooperation with fellow nations. 
Third: Any nation’s right to a form of government and an economic system of its own choosing is inalienable
Fourth: Any nation’s attempt to dictate to other nations their form of government is indefensible. 
And fifth: A nation’s hope of lasting peace cannot be firmly based upon any race in armaments but rather upon just relations and honest understanding with all other nations." 
Interesting how President Eisenhower and Sheikh Imran Hosein are saying basically the same thing.


All opinions my own.