Thursday, November 10, 2016

Just When BDS Died Down For Five Minutes

...just when BDS died down for five minutes...a new wave of anti-Semitic accusations (of course) is spewing like vomit across social media, including LinkedIn. Some of the following is pretty rampant, some is not, but all of us should be aware. Seems no matter what ideology you espouse, there is antisemitism growing right alongside it like a weed.

1) THE GLOBALISTS ARE JEWS WHO WANT TO RUN THE WORLD: George Soros actually turned against the Jews in the Holocaust, collecting our property for the Nazis), and actually went into Israel funding anti-State nonprofits to try and overthrow that government, because PM Netanyahu represents defense and security against the Arab terrorist threat. In reality, the people who are accused of masterminding a one-world government are non-Jewish as well as Jewish; Israel has never overtly or covertly had the operation to do anything but stay intact and secure. -- this is coming from the anonymous "FBI agent" on 4Chan who claimed that he was aware of so much corruption that it would "bring down the government," but also anywhere you see mention of "neocons" (and there is TONS OF STUFF ON THIS) you see related material about Israel's outsized influence on American foreign policy and how we're somehow moving the chess pieces in Israel's favor. Of course, all countries try to move the chess pieces in their favor, but somehow if Jews do it it's automatically uniquely suspect.

2) THE WORLD IS RUN BY A JEWISH BANKER FAMILY CALLED THE ROTHSCHILDS: Antisemites claim that "the Rothschilds" are worth 500 trillion, which is fascinating since there is only 250 trillion in the world. This is supposedly 80% of the world's wealth. (Maybe they believe that Jews are also wizards and witches who make money like magic...but then if Jews could manufacture money they probably wouldn't waste their time defrauding government food stamp programs. Just a thought.) Forbes estimates the true wealth of Benjamin de Rothschild at $1.65 billion.

3) EPSTEIN WAS WORKING WITH ISRAELI SECRET INTELLIGENCE TO BLACKMAIL PEOPLE: Epstein is the pedophile sex trafficker who allegedly kept logs on his "clients" for later use as blackmail; Epstein was backed financially by Leslie Wexner of The Limited. It may be true that Israeli secret intelligence services somehow used Epstein to videotape the clients for later blackmail. This is a common tactic in all countries' spy operations and is called using a "honeypot." -- this is coming from KKK types, not people genuinely interested in studying sex trafficking rings, and it's just starting to happen

4) JEWS RUN INTERNATIONAL PEDO RINGS AND THEY KILL WHOEVER INVESTIGATES: International sex trafficking is an enormous business involving both Jews and non-Jews alike. Years ago there were Jewish sex traffickers operating in Israel who "imported" women from Eastern Europe to work in brothels. That practice has long since been illegal. Doesn't mean Jews aren't gangsters, but there is no evidence we own this business. -- this tends to come from KKK types

5) ZIONISTS RUN EVERYTHING: The word "Zionist" is used as a way of masking antisemitism. This is not to say good or bad things about Zionism, but the reality is that many Jews are not Zionist and in fact many are openly anti-Zionist. -- this is coming from both Arabs and KKK types

6) THE MEDIA ARE ZIONISTS WHO RUN EVERYTHING: The media are usually pretty anti-Semitic so I find it hard to believe we are a cabal that controls it. -- from KKK types

7) THE JEWS WHO CLAIM TO BE JEWS ARE NOT REAL JEWS: this is an elaborate historical composition claiming that the real Jews are now gone, and that a group of fake Jews has taken over (mass conversion of the Khazars, satanists, you name it), and this is why we are not the real inheritors of Israel. Obviously this is not true, we know who we are, but there you have it, they repeat it over and over. -- this is coming from both Arabs and KKK types

8) THE TALMUD IS A WORK OF EVIL -- This is related to the negative stereotypes that circulate among KKK types about rabbis, and Jews, and the supposedly dastardly plans they have for everyone else.
I have found that you can engage some of these people, but others are just set on hating. Invariably those people haul out chapter and verse from the Torah in a weird distorted way.

In my view the best thing you can do to negate hate is to be a very proudly Jewish Jew, out there and INFORMED. If you have the money it is well worth it to invest in a Jewish education for yourself and your children, and to stay informed about current affairs and discussions on the media and social media. MOST PEOPLE ARE NOT ANTI-SEMITES. But those who are, can exercise a disproportionate influence by playing into people's fears.

All opinions are my own.