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10 Characteristics of Mob Thinking on Social Media

It never ceases to fascinate me how certain topics go viral on social media whereas others do not.

Just like with branding, it is of course possible to artificially induce a "high" on a certain topic, at least for a time. But in the end a craze has to have enduring value on its own merits.

As most of us know, here are some of the kinds of topics that tend to attract a lot of interest: amazing talent; brands, shopping and coupons; celebrity news; cooking or decorating; family-related/relationship-oriented issues; heartwarming stories; holiday-themed updates; information of a specialized nature; opinion, well- or humorously articulated; shocking information; social awareness or activism; tragedy; unity of diverse people; violence caught on video; and of course, weird news.

Less well-understood is the way groups think collectively on social media. In other words, how does social media act to create a collective consciousness among members who interact around shared interest in …

10 Most Relevant Trends On Brand-Building For The Future (Brief)

My thoughts in response to a question posed on Quora.
Social responsibilityBuilding via social media Co-creating the brand with your audienceProtecting the trademarkDisintermediating retailEntrepreneurship from homeSmall business communities of interest helping one another with the brand Integrating personal politics with buying behavior Using your brand as a vote for a causeDomestic manufacturing, nationalism, protectionism  _____ All opinions my own.

One Day You're In, The Next Day You're Out

I've been thinking about Kellyanne Conway, and why she openly confronted President-Elect Trump over hiring Mitt Romney as Secretary of State. Not quietly, and not just once, but multiple times.

It's like, she hasn't even been hired yet. Is she trying to get herself fired?

Because I may not know very much about the world, but here is one thing I do know. Your job, when you're working for someone, is not only the job itself but also to have their back. You don't have to agree with what they do, and you can tell them so in private -- in fact I would argue that's it's your sacred duty to do so.

But it's absolutely unheard of to break ranks like she did, in public, and expect to continue working for the person or the team.

Even if she had a strategic reason, even if her motives were to support him, it was wrong to contradict his message to the world.

So it may very well be that while Conway was "in" for a period of time, her social media outburst a…

Don't Rock The Boat

I may have shared this previously but a colleague (in government) once warned me that "they only hire people they can control."

At the time I was so much more naive than I am now, and I'll be honest, the words went into my head but they didn't really register.

My thought as she spoke was something like, Maybe she is telling me the truth, but that sounds absolutely crazy.

As it turned out this friend had a lot to share after many years of civil service. In her weary brilliance, cynicism and relentless positivity despite all the obstacles thrown her way she was one of the gems. But I meet fewer and fewer people like her.

One thing she said sticks out in my mind, and this was around the time the Obama administration was starting up. She said that we were looking at the "invasion of the pod people," and when I looked at her like "what are you talking about?" as I did not know who the "pod people were" she said, "The Stepford Wives, you …

Time For An Amazing Uplifting Song - Enjoy


"See Something, Say Something" Goes Both Ways

When I started working as a public affairs specialist at U.S. Customs and Border Protection, part of the Department of Homeland Security, our message was nonstop "stop terrorism."

It was 2005 and people were still very shaken up after 9/11. I remember we spent a great deal of time trying to reassure people that we had robust security measures in place. We had a system, and so we were able to avoid the economic disaster of literally having to open up every single commercial cargo container as it arrived here.

Even the CBP officers were terrified. They feared being "the weakest link." They would say things like: "I have nightmares of being the one who didn't catch the next 9/11."

Every outreach campaign I worked on felt hugely important. I worked on the effort to end human trafficking at the southern border. A brilliant colleague made up the tagline: "Death Is Not The Way To Save Your Life." Together we made the posters.

The effort quickly cau…

The Astonishing Hypocrisy of “Fake News”

President Obama lied, openly, intentionally, and repeatedly, to the American public and to Congress in order to make sure that a nuclear deal with Iran was struck. His speechwriter, Ben Rhodes, called this “the narrative.” Rhodes explained that most reporters are twenty-somethings who will basically believe anything released through the D.C. “echo chamber.” So it was the White House itself that pushed “fake news.” They ran the story that gun shops were selling firearms too loosely, that guns were then used to commit crimes, and so stricter gun control was a must. This was Operation Fast & Furious, and it was promulgated through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. By virtue of the fact that he was murdered and two F&F guns were found at the scene, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry effectively ended the scheme. Many months of investigation ensued, but in the end President Obama invoked executive privilege. We will never have the full truth. In 2012, Ambassador Christoph…

Engage Employees In The Weeds, Not The Clouds

Typically organizations measure employee engagement rates to find out "how well we're doing." Also typically most employees are nearly or totally checked out of the job, with reputable polling companies like Gallup putting the proportion at 70%. Think about that: In an economy powered by emotional and intellectual capital, fully seven out of every ten people would rather be somewhere else. The fact that most workers are disengaged from their jobs is mirrored by the level of actual or contemplated disengagement from marriage. We know that almost 50% of first marriages in the United States (and more than 60% of second marriages) end in divorce, but how many spouses are "checked out" of their relationships well before the marriage ends? In November 2015 the Institute for Family Studies found that more than 50% of currently married respondents to their national survey (3,000 respondents aged 25-50) have "thought about divorce at some point" and 25% had d…

On The Handwritten Notes That Won An Election

Can it be only a few short years ago that my bosses talked about "Twittering?"

That it took 5 hours to approve a single Tweet, which had to go through a "workflow?"

Shaking my head.

The "business case" required.

Agony and hand-wringing.

Confusion about metrics - is it "reach" or is it "impressions" or "total exposures" or what?

I know, let's make ourselves look good - by only sharing good news! In a peppy voice?

Or, let's talk to ourselves a bit...with "grip-and-grin" handshake photos taken at our latest event.


Call me controversial but I think it's safe to say that this is the first presidential election won on the basis of...Tweets.

What made those Tweets compelling?

It wasn't the fact that the candidate quoted himself a lot.

It wasn't the whirring blades of the helicopter overhead.

It wasn't that he landed in some remote part of the world, and gave us moment-by-moment updates about t…

French News Report Re: Global Pedophile Criminal Networks (English Subtitles) -- Not Political, A Video For The Skeptics

All opinions my own.

The Psychology of Problem Avoidance

There is an old story my husband likes to bring up about when we lived in Riverdale, NY many years ago.

I was walking home from work and saw a bunch of kids on the street fighting.

For some reason I can't recall, I actually went up to the kids in the hopes of breaking up the fight. My memory of the events is too hazy to remember specifics. But I remember telling my husband about it and he said, "Are you crazy?!!! Stay away from trouble!!! Are you looking to get beaten up?!!!"

If you aren't familiar with Riverdale, it's a city in the Bronx where there are some good neighborhoods and some bad neighborhoods and even the kids can be scary dudes. We're talking individuals and gangs, whether they're formally known as gangs or not, and you really don't want to be messing with trouble voluntarily.

It came up in my mind because why do I get involved in things that aren't my problem? Why was I so vehement about the election, for example? Why am I so obsesse…

Communism Presented To Us As Democracy

Earlier I posted a cryptic message that I wanted to explain a bit more clearly. The question was, what do you call someone who promises to protect you, but beats you when you dissent? I was rushing and did not mean to freak anyone out - the point was to draw a parallel between our human right to live free of abuse -- a subject I care very deeply about, and communism.

Let me explain. When a person is being abused, the person abusing them (whether a parent or a partner or a caregiver) often pretends, at least at first, to be caring for them, when in fact they are manipulating the person to be under their thumb. This is communism in a nutshell. Because under communism, freedom of thought is only acceptable to serve the "interests" of the group. Individual rights are not acceptable, period.

(This was the experience I personally had in yeshiva, where you either believed and were "one of us" or you didn't and were ostracized...fortunately there has been some progress …

There Are Many Ways To Lie

I have worked for the federal government since 2003 across half a dozen agencies and not once has anyone ever instructed me to lie.

Not once.

But there are many ways to lie. What used to be merely disingenuous on the government's part -- a way to avoid controversy, maintain credibility, and try to look good -- has now become downright dangerous.

For in the space of just a few short years, all of us have developed an incredibly sophisticated vocabulary when it comes to decoding the signals and symbols of communication.

In the past, we woke up in the morning and we read the newspaper on the train. Some of us watched the morning news or listened to the news highlights on the radio, driving to work or school.

Not anymore.

The ubiquity and power of social media means that people consumes information continuously. It used to be shocking that people check Facebook in the morning before they brush their teeth. Now there are some who actually do this while having intercourse.

Times have changed.


Become a Brand-Driven Organization - Without Breaking The Bank

Applying the principles of branding can help any organization increase its effectiveness, whether it operates on its own or as part of a larger corporate brand. Moreover, by involving employees in such a way that they are empowered to act, leadership is freed to focus on policy and process requiring attention.

What Is “Brand-Driven” and Why Is This Concept Relevant?

Brand-driven organizations are uniquely effective at aligning strategic direction with implementation. This requires business savvy to increase value while optimizing efficiency and cutting costs. To be effective, they focus on creating a customer (stakeholder) experience that is well-defined and consistent across all touch points. These individuals include everyone who deals with the organization.

What Is The Connection Between Branding and Corporate Culture?

When an organization operates according to the principles of branding, the employees are empowered to make decisions based on the values associated with the brand. Thi…

5 Impressions From Talking To An Arab Muslim Woman

This morning I had the opportunity to speak with a woman from overseas, an Arab Muslim. She was kind enough to answer some of my questions, and then she asked me a few.
The conversation itself was not all that enlightening in terms of the Q&A. But what did strike me were the unspoken things. First and foremost, and I know this is obvious, ignorance is a tremendous barrier to intercultural understanding. It is simply not possible to form all of your opinions from reading or watching the news, movies or TV. You have to talk to people to really understand and you probably also have to study history to an extent. Whatever I know, I don't know enough.Second, I know there is this idea that Muslim women are oppressed. Clearly many are. But I think there is a large and silent middle, don't know how secular, that simply is not. True this lady wore the hijab (but many religious Jewish women wear wigs or total head coverings too, so what does that prove?). She spoke in a way that sa…

Who Is George Soros? Judge For Yourself

"George Soros is the most dangerous man in the world because, just like the crazy megalomaniacs in old fifties movies, he is deceiving everybody into believing that he is altruistic, when in fact, he is using his Open Society/Shadow Party to undermine the very fabric of American society." - Human Events,"George Soros: Demagoat" Key Points His ultimate goal is to end the concept of national sovereignty in favor of a global economic system characterized by open borders and central regulation.He has spent billions of dollars promoting this agenda through various proxy organizations in the United States.He has brought about the downfall of foreign governments through various means including currency manipulation and propaganda.Soros contributed substantially to get President Obama elected and to Hillary Clinton's campaign.He prefers to work invisibly. 60 Minutes Interview (1998) Here are some key points from an interview #GeorgeSoros did with 60 Minutes' Jim C…

The Day I Decided To Just Be Myself

There's really no point to this blog post other than to share a single thought that seems important to me.

Ever since I was a little girl I always got the message that I was a fairly repulsive person to be around unless I was a) smiling b) performing and c) cute.

It's not like anyone ever said those things to me, but certainly I could see which behaviors got me attention of the positive kind and which behaviors didn't.

I learned that when I was angry, nobody wanted to talk to me.

When I was depressed, I was like a cancer that others didn't want to catch.

But when I was up there on stage -- and I do mean literally, on stage, playing piano or performing in a play or even giving a speech at the tender age of 10 to a national audience -- well for those occasions I was well worth paying attention to.

I learned that when I posed for photographs, I was immediately transformed into an interesting person.

I dreamed of being a fashion model, which I'm sure comes as no surp…


Sing along with me..."Dayenu" (translation: "it's enough")
If Hillary would blame the FBI for the fact that she committed crimes requiring FBI involvement...Dayenu.If the DNC, the Clinton Foundation and George Soros were funding and organizing anti-Trump riots in secret...Dayenu.If Hillary pretended to make a concession speech while signaling with her outfit the "purple revolution" against Trump's presidency, with George Soros...Dayenu.If HIllary would have colluded with the mainstream media and the pollsters to portray herself the winner...Dayenu.If the Democrats would have stolen the primaries from Bernie Sanders...Dayenu.If Hillary would have conspired to portray Donald Trump as a serial sexual abuser while concealing her own husband's history of rape and sexual abuse, and intimidating the women who accused him...Dayenu.If Hillary would have conspired to conceal her life-threatening health problems with a "note from the doctor" cit…

Making Wealth Infinite, Together

We are living, right now, in the Messianic age. This is "a future time of universal peace and brotherhood on the earth, without crime, war and poverty." (Wikipedia)

The United States has a special role to play in bringing this age about -- one nation under God. No matter who we are or where we come from, all of us are in it together.

We also understand, uniquely, that generating wealth is the key to spiritual freedom. In this we have evolved. Where in the past money was considered evil, today we understand that abundance frees you to focus on what really matters in life.

At this time in our world's history we are on the cusp of universal abundance, which can bring universal peace. We can make it happen with technology. We need to free it up for common use, along with the instruction manuals. Meaning, let's unlock the gates to knowledge and make it free for all.
Imagine a world where homes could be constructed within days, not weeks.Where nutritious food was freely dispe…

The Entitled Generation Is About To Wake Up

I took this photo of a Veterans Day display last night at a local university. Happy Veterans Day to all. Thank you and respect to those who served and to their families.

I have never served in the military and cannot conceive of the sacrifice.

Looking at the respectful display honoring those who gave their lives for our Nation gave me pause. And I stood there.

Suddenly I overheard a student talking to someone on the phone. She was walking briskly past me. I could hear her loud protestations.
"I don't understand! How did Trump win? I'm so FRUSTRATED!" She really looked agitated. I think I did not realize, until that moment, how upset many people are about the results of the election.

Perhaps I missed the obvious signs. Here is a photo I took on November 9, the morning after the election, that pretty much sums up the mood on the train in D.C. (It should be noted that Hillary got 98% of the vote here.)

On CNN there was "Lily the protester" who in a span of 58…