Friday, March 13, 2015

"The Pie Gets Bigger When You Share"

I always think we are better off when we share. I have never thought it possible to do otherwise and survive.

What should we share? Our feelings, especially. Our truthful beliefs. Our authentic presence in the moment.

What should we share? Our information, if we can. What is useful to others. The tide that lifts all ships.

What should we share? Our creativity. Wthe best of ourselves, our gifts.

Why don't we share more? Because we have learned not to trust one another. Because we think there is only one pie. And that the pie gets smaller the more guests you have at the table.

The opposite is true. The more you share, the more the pie expands.

A very wise Chief of Staff told me this once, before I truly understood the importance of the statement. Like with all true statements, it remains a principle for life.

We aren't happy unless we share.

All opinions my own.