Monday, March 23, 2015

"Why Do You Care?" The Walking Dead S6 E5

TWD characters Rick and Jessie (screenshot here from an earlier episode) have electric chemistry. He is the sheriff of Alexandria. Her husband is beating the crap out of her. And the whole town knows it.

Yet when he asked her to let him help, she responded: "Why do you care?"

This question, to me, is more than just an exchange. It is the entire premise of the show.

Why do you care?

Rick asked this of Carol previously.

She said, my husband beat me, too. So you know why.

She said, I know why you care. I see the way you talk to her.

Why do you care?

In the world of TWD, you actually have to ask that question.

Because it's not possible that you would care organically.

It is a generational comment, the question Xers ask.

Why do you care? 

The assumption being: Caring is normally not possible, absent self-interest. 

And even if you have a reason to care - I am still suspicious.

A powerful question. A loaded question. One that tells us a lot about the person (and the reference group/generation) asking it.

All opinions my own. Screen capture from "The Walking Dead" dated 3/9/2015.