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A Comment On :"Are Government Agencies About To Undergo Rapid Evolution?"

1. Extreme Scenario - Positive: Government voluntarily becomes astronomically more transparent and uses the changing paradigm as an opportunity to learn and evolve. The public reacts with dismay at some of what they learn and successfully demands reform, but ultimately trust in government is increased as reform is undertaken strategically and at a measured pace. 

2. Extreme Scenario - Negative: Government defends more and more against public demands for increased transparency. The public reacts with dismay, causing trust levels to decrease. When change inevitably is brought about, it is painful all the way around. 

 3. Likely Scenario - Hybrid: Some forces in government move toward increased transparency, others against. Some in the public try to reinforce the positive, others are angry and suspicious no matter what. Process not optimal. Outcome not clear. 


(Opinions are always my own.)