Friday, January 30, 2015

Fighting The Real War On Terror

I always want to get out of the Washington bubble and learn what real people think, so to speak. At times, I'll see sentiments like this:

"The events you see happening in this world are not as they appear. A small group of rich people controls the world, and what they want is a one-world government." 

Basically it's a conspiracy theory. If you add the words "Jewish bankers" after "rich" and subtract "people," the theory becomes an anti-Semitic stereotype.

As it happens, I came across the following sentiment the other day, which relates somewhat to the first one. 

"The only thing preventing world domination by the wealthy is religion."

And another concept:

"There will be a war in the End of Days, eventually followed by Judgment Day."

In my mind I put these ideas together. 

Absent Divine intervention, it is clear that we are headed toward some kind of explosive conflict in the world.

But G-d always creates a method by which we can avert the natural course of events.

Specifically, when we turn toward Him in faith, and pray for mercy, miracles happen.

What if the real war on terror had nothing to do with weapons?

What if people of all faiths and no faiths got together and decided to surrender everything to G-d?

This doesn't mean adopting each other's religions. It means ending religious war, ending war entirely, and turning to the One and Only.

It doesn't sound likely to happen. But we might want to consider, in a world that celebrates conflict, fighting, aggression, and attack - the strength it would take for all of us to put our weapons down. And pray.

All opinions my own.