Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Comment on Penelope Trunk's Blog, "Could 9/11 Ever Become A Time Of Celebration?"

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You drop a mention of harboring a Palestinian who supported the overthrow of Israel.

Then you say you’re sort of sympathetic, but don’t ask me any questions, because this is a blog about something else.

As a Jew, where do you stand?

How about as a human being? What do you believe?

If you don’t know what to believe, couldn’t you at least study a little bit before making any kind of statement at all?

You would find that Israel (although imperfect in many serious ways) was settled by Jews who bought the land and who were happy to have a fairly tiny bit of it.

The Arabs in Israel could not tolerate the concept of a Jewish state and so attacked them from the very start.

Note, it was not the concept of coexistence that was a problem. It was the idea of a State itself.

Where before there was…nothing.

What gave birth to Zionism (the belief in a Jewish national state) was NOT racism or even religious conviction. Rather it was the fact that we were routinely RAPED, ROBBED, MURDERED, and EXPELLED from our homes and our countries.

Zionism is about Jewish empowerment. It is about the will to live as a free people in our own land. Israel is a FREE country where there are 1.7 million Arab citizens and just about every political stripe you can imagine, including Arabs in the Knesset (Israeli Parliament).

Israel promotes free speech and freedom of assembly and freedom of life choices, including for people who are gay, who don’t believe in G-d, and who would like to see the Jews wiped off the face of the planet, not to mention off of the land.

The Jews in Israel support the Palestinians, only to have that support turned into supplies for terrorists who literally sit up day and night thinking up ways to murder Jews.

The terrorists say, “We love death like you love life.”

Before you were ever born, millions, millions, millions of people died so that you could live freely as a Jew in the United States.

Not to mention as a Jew in Israel, if that is what you want.

The Palestinian for whom you are sympathetic – well so am I.

But unfortunately he is part of a totalitarian system of hatred.

Anyone, anyone who tries to make peace with Israel is branded a “collaborator.” You can go onto LiveLeak or YouTube and find videos of what happens to them…they get brutalized and dragged through the streets.

Please, think about what you write, before you write it. Think about the impact. Don’t think that you, or your sons, are exempt from the hatred that swirls all around us.

Plenty of people want to see Jews dead, just because we’re Jews, and it’s not about holding an “anti-Israel policy point of view.”

Including Tariq and his father, probably, if they’re leading an anti-Israel movement.

That’s who you had sleeping in your home, and taking your $40.



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