Saturday, August 23, 2014

Inner Shame, Your Greatest Career Asset

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I hate vampire shows, but for awhile they were a monster, moneymaking trend. 

A few years ago, Maureen Dowd wrote about her long-ago "suppressed" passion for these fanged fiends (sorry!) in her New York Times column. She concludes:
"Sometimes the thing that’s weird about you is the thing that’s cool about you." 
And she offers some career advice:
"What needs to be nurtured is the stuff that’s different, that sets you apart from the pack, rather than the stuff that helps you blend in."
This is Branding 101. Relevant differentiation. Positioning.

She says:
"Let your freak flag fly."
Mary Lambert is riding the trend with her song "Secrets," which just hit the Billboard charts.

Here are some of the lyrics, via When I heard them on the radio I was literally startled.

"I've got bi-polar disorder/ My shit's not in order/ I'm overweight / I'm always late / I've got too many things to say/ I rock mom jeans, cat earrings / Extrapolate my feelings / My family is dysfunctional / But we have a good time killing each other."

Celebrating dysfunctionality is why Justin Batemen is having a new moment.

As is Melissa McCarthy.

I love the show Married on FX, which completely celebrates the dysfunctionality and married life.

Plus it's about my friend, whose husband is the producer, who said, in a recent interview about the show:
"Nick Grad [President of Original Programming at FX] took me out for a long sushi lunch and really pushed me to do something really personal. And that lead to 'Married.'"
There are tons more examples. I could do a dissertation on Penelope Trunk and her inner struggle over giving up a promising career to be a full time mom, to overcome an admittedly screwed up childhood.

Twenty years ago Queer Nation was ahead of its time with the slogan "We're Here! We're Queer!"

Remember that?

Screenshot via Windy City Media Group
Now is the time.

Whatever you are, just be.

* All opinions my own.