Thursday, August 14, 2014

Here, Let Me Check That Tweet For You

Today I was thinking about work, and how some people just find it easy to roll through it, just take the money and run. I wasn't ever one of those people. 

It's insane to watch from the outside, actually, because I work in the government and very often the people who do best are quiet, they have some kind of passion outside of the job, and they do what they need to do without getting worked up about it. 

They know that the red tape can kill you if you take the time to get tangled.

But I have never been too bright. 

And so here is a story, a true one about an experience I had some years ago with Twitter.

There was a crisis that day, I recall. I'm a dramatic sort and the crises always marshal my attention.

"We've got to Tweet about it," I told my boss at the time. "Say something!"

So she crafted an artful status. Much thought went into those few words.

It had to go to her boss for approval.




By noontime still no word.

I don't know what we ever did with those precious little characters. 

Maybe we framed them or put them on a little piece of paper and stuck them in a fortune cookie.

The world never got to hear those strategically communicative thoughts.

Did anyone die? No.

But it would have been nice to send the Tweet out without so much thinking about it. 

We could have saved a bad story from getting worse.

* All opinions my own.