Friday, June 20, 2014

An Intern Speaks Out - What Makes A Good Boss (A "10 Things" List)

So we were in the grocery store and my daughter tells me that she likes working for her current boss. (She is an intern at the NIH.)

"What is it you like?" I say. 

I take out my iPhone, ready to take notes. 

"Oh, so now you want to pay attention to what I have to say," she says disapprovingly, shaking her head.

"I like work stuff, so sue me," I respond.

"Well I can't think of all of it now, since you're interviewing me," she says.

But she comes out with her list anyway. 

1. "He sets the stage for what I'm going to be doing - gives me the general idea."

2. "He tells me what the job is very clearly."

3. "If I'm done early, he lets me stop instead of just giving me busywork."

4. "He trust me to do the work. He doesn't stand over me."

5. "He doesn't make a big deal if I'm 15 minutes late once in a while."

The other 5 items on this list came up in conversation, but they seemed important to her as well:

6. "The office is a reflection of his personality, it's consistent and kind of mellow."

7. "He gave me a phone number to call if there's a problem."

8. "We got this email saying that there's a tuition break for employees."

9. "The food is much better there this year."

10. "I like what my office does. It's cool."

It's not a long list, but it's a really good list and I wondered if anyone else wanted to add to it. Maybe we say the same things over and over again, but then again maybe that's what it takes for the lessons of good management and leadership to sink in.

* All opinions my own.