Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Stay Alive - Watch "Game Of Thrones"

You can buy Season 3 on Amazon* Screenshot source here.

Here are 18 organizational dynamics lessons gleaned from GOT. The symbolism of "18" is that in Hebrew, it spells "Chai," which translates to "Life." With G-d's help and intervention, knowing the overt and hidden rules can keep you alive in the modern organization.

1. Organizational conflict is always personal and the closer you get to the top, the more innocent people get hurt by these fights.

2. Leaders take the people for granted, but people only follow when they are inspired.

3. Women are every bit as much the skillful and dirty fighters as men.

4. Leaders always justify their own selfish behavior in terms of G-d, or the people's interest, or the interest of the organization.

5. Only a weak leader has to say, "I am the leader and you must listen to me."

6. The true power very often stands quietly behind and beside the throne.

7. The more confidence you have in yourself, the more confidence others have in you.

8. Beware of people offering "help."

9. We don't like to hear the truth sometimes, but we know it when we hear it.

10. You can tell where a person's loyalties are by their actions, not their words.

11. The worst thing you can take from a person is their self-respect.

12. Bravery and foolishness are not the same thing.

13. Success means making alliances with people you don't like, have fought before, and will likely fight again.

14. A good defense is the best offense.

15. The less a person speaks, the more impact their words have.

16. Constant and disruptive change is the norm.

17. Knowing how to defend yourself is not the same as aggressiveness.

18. A true leader wants to set the people free, not hold them down or keep them prisoner.

* All opinions my own.