Thursday, February 27, 2014

Breaking The Coding Glass Ceiling

Computer programming is one of those skills we should all learn from birth. Photo by Graham via Flickr.

In the checkout line today, the cashier made a comment about how her job left her brain-dead.

I said, "In college I was a cashier too. I was so poor I ate Balducci's muffins for breakfast, lunch and dinner."

She said, "I'm an English major, so what can you expect, right?"

"Learn to code," I responded.

She said, "I minored in Japanese."

"Well then, your other choice is to join the CIA."

Personally I don't know how to code. I keep telling myself to learn, but unfortunately I'm too busy blogging.

Seriously, knowing how to code is critical to getting your foot in any door. You may never even use it. But lacking the literacy puts you at a major disadvantage.

For a lot of reasons women avoid learning code. It's the same as financial literacy. We have the vote, we have a checkbook, we have access to education, but it's almost like we shoot ourselves in the foot.

And then we see the price of groceries...or get hit with some other shock, and we wish we had taken the time to learn while we could.

So - learning to code does not make you "a guy." It does make you one very smart cookie.

If you're interested in learning more, these are some online and DC area resources that may be helpful.* 

Note: If anyone wants to sponsor a daytime event or meetup locally, or has expertise they're willing to share with someone in the process of learning, leave a comment. Some of the options available (meetups, free training requiring travel) aren't workable for moms who need to be with the family at night.