Monday, August 12, 2013

Some Thoughts On "What Does The Boss Want" - 5 Things

1. See things from boss's point of view - yes!

You don't have to drink the Kool-Aid but try to understand their perspective.

2. Communication - yes, qualified. 

Boss wants to know where you are getting stuck. Boss wants status of project. Boss especially wants to know about crises and how you are managing them.

3. Passionate - not so much. 

Boss does not need your passion so much as your absolute motivation and engagement to deliver results against what THEY are passionate about.

4. The stepping stone issue

I take it for granted that any employee is looking to advance and so the key is for employees to align their ambitions with the boss' success. 

For example of you want to be chief editor of the magazine, show how you can get the writing team organized without exercising direct authority. Boss will be happy to let you take on that responsibility - one less thing to worry about - feather in your cap.

That said - the boss is the boss. You should never try to undermine them or steal the limelight.

5. Stay positive even in bad times.

Joel Osteen gave a great sermon today about the woman who said "all is well" even though her son was dead. She was speaking in faith. She believed that G-d could resuscitate him. Believe that the workplace can be revived. Don't spread negativity.

I love these two positive words from those who do work for me:

"Will do."

Saying "will do" shows that you are a loyal soldier. Be a loyal soldier and your boss will help you further your own career down the road, by mentoring you, inviting you to meetings and to join projects, and giving you that critical reference letter.

* All opinions my own.