Monday, August 26, 2013

Fear G-d, Not People

Monday morning and I realize my attitude toward work has changed. It is still an important part of my life. But for the first time ever, a sense of balance is settling in.

After you spend enough time visiting an ailing person in the nursing home, you finally wake up. Because you see all the once-powerful people now too weak to eat their food.

A job is only one part of your life's mission, and that mission is directed by the One above.

I have avoided thinking about G-d; the subject made me feel uncomfortably powerless. Yet the side effect of that too often was a victim's mindset: I feared people.

When I turn my faith toward the right source, the fear of people drops away, and I feel like a victor, actually. While I remain happily Jewish, for the change in attitude I credit the inspiring television sermons of Pastor Joel Osteen.

When I simply acknowledge, praise and thank G-d for all the good things in my life, the power of faith powers me.

There is a musical rendition of the Jewish prayer we are supposed to say on waking: "Thank the King for restoring my soul." I love it.

Or, you can think of it another way. As Osteen puts it: "If you’ll keep your trust in God, He promises that no weapon formed against you will prosper."

Have a great day everyone, and whatever your beliefs, stay strong!

* All opinions my own.