Sunday, August 18, 2013

10 Ways Technology Will Change Your Personal Brand

1. You will master the art of selective connectivity - meaning, you'll be reachable when you want to be and you will use this selectivity as a display of power.

2. You will develop the ability to switch tools rapidly and without excessive handholding.

3. You will develop confidence to question the usefulness of the tools even as others are more fluent in them - to see beyond the gobbledygook.

4. You will consider the world your workspace and disavow a dedicated office, chair and door.

5. You will create your own work:life balance, because technology will make it too easy to work all the time.

6. You will master technology programming to the point where it really does become your virtual assistant.

7. You will network virtually as never before, and it will be hard to tell your work colleagues from your business partners.

8. You will routinely be ranked and rated by the people who interact with you. Your composite score will determine your employability.

9. You will be empowered to start a new business as never before, and disrupt the entire marketplace.

10. You will be largely self- and community-trained and schools with teachers and walls will become a thing of the past.

* All opinions my own.