Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Think Brand First, Moving Forward - Areas Of Focus

Volume I of my collected blog posts (July 2007 - April 2013) is available at the Internet Archive as a free download. It's available under Creative Commons so feel free to peruse and share, with attribution please.

Going forward (Volume II), I want to make clear my intention in writing about branding. Following are the basic areas of interest:
  • How branding works - essentially the principles or dynamics of branding
  • How branding creates economic value - the economic aspects of brand equity
  • How branding affects us psychologically - impact on consciousness as individuals, consumers, workers
  • How branding affects or could affect the work site - opportunities gained or missed, the interplay with organizational dynamics
  • Analysis of decisions that companies and other organizations make about their brands -- good, bad, or indifferent
  • Predictions about where brands are going, connecting with with social trends
  • The impact of communication technologies and trends on branding, particularly social media and transparency
  • The inherent contradictions and paradoxes that crop up with all of the above
  • Looking broadly, the big-picture connections between the topics above.
Should be an interesting journey.