Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Don't Let Your Brand Become A Free-For-All

Free-for-all brands quickly become garbage dumps. Photo by McKay Savage via Flickr.

I used to support a Brand Enforcement Unit, client-side.

People tried to sneak stuff past us all the time, and sometimes they succeeded. We enforced external.

At every layer of the organization it happened. A pitched battle for independent symbolic expressions of brand.

Posters, brochures, websites external and internal, names and acronyms, even comic books and frisbees.

Watching how the battles went down you would think they were fighting for real estate.

Actually - yes they were. And often they got away with it due to lack of unified and enforced brand standards.

People understand that your name and the way that name is portrayed means everything. It is the beginning of organizational reality.

So even if something is "wrong" at the start, with enough repetition it becomes "right."

That is why there can be no exceptions when it comes to brand enforcement. 

The minute you open that door, armies invade.

* All opinions my own.