Friday, June 21, 2013

The end of corruption is followership

I have told this story often.

When I was little we used to drive these long distance trips to see the family.

My dad did the drive all alone. Me and my sister in the backseat. Mom in front on the passenger side.

Sometimes when it was 2 or 3 a.m. I would wake up. I could see my dad's reflection in the windshield mirror. A few times I saw him nodding off.

And I would go, "Wake up, Daddy! Wake up!"

"Oh," he would startle awake and open his eyes. And pretend he had never been sleeping.

Followers must hold leaders to account. More than that we set the agenda. Often we think that the opposite is true, that we are helpless victims of whoever is in charge.

But the reality is quite different.

There was a woman protesting in Brazil. The policeman stood in front of her and sprayed her entire face with pepper spray. I saw the picture on CNN.

The "standing man" protest in Turkey was similarly televised.

In Israel the wife of a cult leader protested the treatment of infants and children, was beaten by a mob and her story made the media.

And in the U.S., many are questioning what exactly the safeguards are against unreasonable search and seizure, even in a heightened awareness of national security concerns.

These are all the actions of followers. These are not anarchists or subversives who want to overthrow the government. They are part and parcel of the system itself, and they are holding their leaders accountable.

The best defense against corruption is not sleeping while your dad drives over a cliff. It is waking up and tapping him on the shoulder.

*As always all opinions my own. And I very much love my dad.