Sunday, June 23, 2013

On The Verge of A Major Breakthrough (New Slideshare Presentation - June 23, 2013)

Just posted this new presentation at SlideShare, but the gist of it is this.
A lot of us are stovepiped right now in functions that seem disparate: knowledge management, employee engagement, internal social networking, organizational development, human capital, knowledge management, project management, communication and branding. 
In the very near future, sometime between 1-3 years, I foresee that all of these disciplines will converge into one overarching function -- something like "enabling employees to drive maximum value for the organization, while enriching their knowledge and social networks, with minimum hassle." (We need a shorter title.)
We will need to put them together in order to adapt to an extremely rapidly-changing marketplace where the brand is the organizing principle for a very fluid group of people, geographically distributed yet tightly knit.
We will see that the neglected discipline of internal communication becomes the linchpin for all of these functions, not so much directing it as facilitating an efficient working relationship between them.
The key difference between this vision of the workplace and today's early models for social networking & collaboration: The architecting of community is intentional and brand-centric, and the brand radiates from the inside out. Productivity is the outcome, but a carefully developed and sustained corporate culture is the beginning.
Whether you're into branding or not, you might find the presentation useful.
Related reading: Employees First, Customers Second by Vineet Nayar and also see Prof. Gary Hamel's Also see this World Bank case study using Jive, one of a variety of products trying to capitalize on this new way of working (no endorsement expressed or implied).