Thursday, April 18, 2013

8 Branding Opportunities Most Marketers Ignore

Screenshot via Improbable Research

1. Receipt: What does it look like? What does it say? Even the lack of a receipt can mark your brand, as at Whole Foods where you can get one automatically.

2. Pre-Recorded Telephone Message: How does it sound? Does it drone on and on? What does that say about you? BOR-ING!

3. Cashiers: Are they thinking human beings or just drones? People like to chat when they're checking out, can your staff make conversation?

4. Seamless Experience: Does every point of interaction focus on solving the customer's needs? Or is the entire shopping experience stove-piped? (My favorite is when customer service starts explaining why bad service is not their fault.)

5. Third-Party Republished Information: Other websites are taking your data and aggregating it with similar providers. Or you are getting rated. Are you collecting information about how you appear on these sites? People may trust them more than you. (Please tell me you aren't writing your own reviews.)

6. Garbage: Do you recycle? Do you respect the community around you? People notice everything not just what you want to portray. I took this photo behind a popular deli that shares its trash facilities with its neighbors. Due to the parking situation, many customers have to walk past the dumpster to get to the food. The repetitive experience of park - dumpster - food leads to an association in the mind, rightly or wrongly.

7. Causes: What do you care about, sponsor, promote? It says something about who you are.

8. Employee Reviews: What is it like to work for you? To be interviewed by you? Vault and Glassdoor are sharing that information with the world.